Story 2:


"We've been traipsing around out here for over two hours now and haven't seen a damn thing. I say we pack it in and go back to the hotel. It's freezing out here." Sam said as he jumped on the spot and rubbed his arms trying to get warm.

"Quite you're whinging Sam. It's not that cold."

"Dude, the weatherman forecast snow tonight."

"For it to snow, you usually need clouds." Dean replied, gesturing towards the sky. "Take a look, nothing but clear skies and a bright full moon."

"There's a bunch of cumulus nimbus gathering on the horizon, or are you just choosing to ignore that fact so we can freeze to death."

"Cumulus nimbus? Come on! You're seriously banned from watching the weather channel from now on." Dean scoffed and trudged off, his torch sweeping the ground in front of him. Sam crossed his arms and refused to move. Dean turned around and sighed at the sight of his younger brother once again gearing up for a fight.

"Come on, Sam."

"No, Dean. I've had enough. I'm cold, tired and hungry. Plus we haven't seen anything to indicate we're even in the right area. There has been absolutely no sign of tracks and we've covered at least two miles already. Let's just admit it. Lycans are a myth, they just don't exist. It could easily been a really big wild dog or a timber wolf that woman saw. Let's go back to the car. Please."

"We thought vampires were just a myth and what'd you know their real. Why not werewolves too?"

"Uh… Because this isn't TV. It's real life. Admittedly it's a weird real life, but not so weird that when the full moon rises guys all over America morph into hairy dog people, tearing their clothes from their bodies and run amuck. It just doesn't happen. Werewolves do not exist!" At that moment, a piercing howl cut through the growing tension between Dean and Sam.

"What was that?" Sam asked moving closer to Dean, obviously freaked.

"Maybe it's that giant wild dog you were talking about. You know, the one that's six feet tall and can walk on its hind legs while chasing down and attacking someone in the street? Don't worry Sammy; I'll protect you from the gigantic puppy." Dean teased pouting his lips and baby talking.

"Ha ha. You're hilarious. Fine. We'll stay for one more hour. And we're running back to the car. Anything to get warm."





"Let's go then."

"Okay then. After you."

"Okay." Dean said and started to head off again as the moon passed behind the first cloud.

Suddenly a rush of air passed Sam and a dark furry shape knocked Dean to the ground in front of him before disappeared into the woods ahead.

"Jesus Christ. What the hell was that?" Dean exclaimed, picking himself up and brushing him self off. He pulled the gun from its sling across his back and aimed into the woods where the shape had vanished.

"I don't know." Sam replied looking into the darkness of the woods. "There it goes!" Sam shouted pointing at the shape darting behind the trees.

"I got it." Dean pulled the trigger. "I think I hit it in the leg. Let's go."

Suddenly a twig snapped behind them and another furry shape appeared, barrelling into Sam and knocking him down before he could get out of the way. The shape tumbled forward, onto its feet and sprung up into the air, planting its feet in Dean's stomach knocking him to the ground and sending the gun flying, but not before he managed to get a shot off. The shape continued to tumble head over feet past Dean, seeming to alter its size as it went. The shape landed on top of the gun and turned to point it at the two brothers as they struggled to get up.

"Move and die, hunters." A calm female voice echoed in the darkness. The cloud moved past the moon, illuminating the scene below it.

"Holy crap! You're a girl." Sam exclaimed.

"A very naked girl." Dean added, staring at the naked female form before him.

"Don't move. You, shirt and pants, NOW!" She demanded indicating for Dean to remove his clothes.

"No way, sister." Dean protested.

"Do it or I'll shoot you." She commanded, levelling her sights at Dean's groin and cocking the gun.

"Why me?" Dean complained as he removed his shirt while Sam smiled to himself.

"Throw them at my feet. And don't try anything or I'll shoot your brother." The girl threatened, aiming the gun at Sam.

"Okay, okay. Let's all just chill out for a minute." Dean said, panicking at the sight of a gun pointed at Sam. He tossed his T-shirt at the girls' feet and she picked it up without lowering her sights from Sam. She used the shirt to cover her chest, torso and part of her upper thighs, aiming the gun with one hand.

"The pants."

No way." Dean objected again.

"Just do it." Sam interjected.

"It's freezing out here. You give her your pants." Dean whinged.

"She doesn't want my pants; she wants to get into yours." Sam replied, being facetious.

"Cute." The girl sighed. "Okay then. Give me your pants. She said to Sam. "Or I'll shoot him." She trailed the gun to aim at Dean again.

"Shoot him. I don't care." Sam replied, stubbornly.

"Hey!" Dean protested.

"You've had me traipsing all over these woods in the freezing cold. I'm not going to die of hypothermia because of you. Give her your pants!"

"You didn't have to come." Dean replied becoming annoyed.

"I'd love to leave you two alone to sort out this lovers tiff you seem to be having but I'm kinda in a rush- SO CAN IT!!!" The girl shouted, her voice turning into a guttural growl, shocking Dean and Sam into silence. "Forget the pants. Toss me your belt and your knife." She ordered, pointing the gun at Dean's black leather belt and the knife threaded on to it.

Dean complied, removing his belt and throwing it at the girl's feet. The girl picked up the knife and put a small slit in the side of Dean's t-shirt.

"Hey, that's my favourite shirt." Dean protested as the girl tore it in two and pulled the top third over her head so it covered her chest. She pulled the rest of the t-shirt up over her hips, pulled the belt around her waist and folded the top edge over to stop the material from slipping down.

"Not any more it isn't. Now it's my favourite mini-skirt and matching top. What'd ya think?" She said taking her eyes off the two boys for a second to see if the skirt and top covered everything up. "I can't believe you shot me." She exclaimed, poking at the through and through gunshot wound in her upper arm. "Only one other person has ever managed to shoot me before." She turned back to Sam and Dean, looking from one to the other, and for a moment recognition showed on her face. "Your brothers aren't you?" She asked knowingly.

What's it to you if we are?" Dean replied trying not to give anything away.

"It's nothing to me." She said turning back to study the aching wound in her arm, trying to avoid their stares.

"I can hear you thinking about moving and I wouldn't recommend it, kiddies." She said, moving at lightening speed to get behind them. "Up."

"Where are we going?" Sam asked as the girl pushed them forward.

"You two geniuses are going to drag that poor innocent girl you just shot out of the woods so I can put her in the cage on my truck." She replied.

"That's no girl. I saw it through the scope. That's a werewolf and I'm not going anywhere near it unless it's dead." Dean protested stopping in his tracks. The girl replied by shoving him harder than he thought was possible for a girl that size.

"Yes you are. See, I was going to wait until she shed and was out of the woods again so I could drive over, pick her up and shove her in the cage, but you two morons shot her while she was in her werewolf form so she's stuck that way until the adrenaline wears off and she's way too heavy for one person to move. So now you're both going to have to drag her out of the woods and load her up for me." She finished explaining as the wind kicked up. Suddenly she looked worried. "Let's go, and quickly."