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Since the book "Universe of the Four Gods" had been closed, Tamahome and Miaka had been happily married for eight years. In their first year of marriage they had a son. Miaka quit high school when she found out she was pregnant, and Tamahome finished college and they moved out to a remote town where they could see the stars, near Takas family farm. Tamahome got a job at the museum in town.

Tamahome and Miaka were now happily expecting their second child. However for Tamahome, or Taka as he had become to be called, fate had other plans.

Chapter 1: Disbelief

Miaka stood in the kitchen, anxiously awaiting Takas return from work; he was late. She was very worried--Taka insisted on walking to and from work, and the road he walked on was very dangerous. There was an accident at least every week.

She heard their son playing in the living room, waiting for his father to come home. Their son was seven years old, and his name was Saiaihoshi, but his parents usually just called him Hoshi. He was a quiet child and was very good with money, always saving his earnings for a special toy, or just to count it for fun, consequently making him very good with math. He counted his money in the living room, waiting for the familiar sound of his father's keys in the door.

"Hoshi, I'm sorry dear but its time for bed. I know you wanted to wait for your father to come home, but he's late and you have school in the morning," Miaka said from the kitchen as she looked out the window for any sign of Taka coming up the hill.

Hoshi sighed and said, "Okay, I'll go get ready for bed" And he proceeded grudgingly down the hall to his bedroom.

Miaka smiled and continued looking out the window, then she spotted a figure coming up the hill and she ran to the door and threw it open, happy and concerned. Why was he so late?

"Tamahome! Where have you been?" she yelled.

"Are you Mrs. Sukunami?" said the shadowy figure.

"Yes, who are you? Where is my husband?" Miaka asked, stopping before the man.

"I am the chief of police.I have some news concerning your husband. Will you allow me to come in and explain?," the man said.

"Yes, I suppose, come in." Miaka said

"Thank you."The man said, following Miaka into the house. She led him to the livingroom, and sat down on the couch.

"Please understand that what I have to say may not be easy to hear." Said the man.

"Just tell me what has happened to my husband." Miaka said.

The man sighed heavily and said, "While your husband was walking home from work this evening he was..hit by a drunk driver." He paused, he looked very uncomfoferable and nervous, and continued softly, "He was killed upon impact."

"What?! That's impossible! No! Taka!" Miaka cried, and fell to the ground weeping.

Hoshi had been standing outside the room since the man had walked in, when he heard what the man had said, his heart fell. When he heard his mothers cries he immediately ran into the room and embraced his mother, shooting dark looks at the man for making his mother cry.

" I have contacted your family; your brother is on his way," said the man.

"Thank you, sir," Hoshi said and stood up, brushing his tears away. He knew he had to be strong for his mother, so he told himself to never cry again--he had to be the man now.

"He can't be dead... No, he's not! He's not dead! He promised that he wouldn't leave me! He can't be dead!" Miaka yelled, hysterical as she hugged herself tight.

"Mother, ; Uncle Keisuke is coming to pick us up. We should get overnight bags," Hoshi said, holding his mother.

"We're not going anywhere, Hoshi. We're staying here; your father will be home any minute," Miaka said, her voice shaking.

"Mother, father's gone. Please come and help me pack for you," Hoshi begged, pulling her towards her room. He looked at the man and silently pleaded with him to help him. The man saw him and took her other arm and helped Hoshi get Miaka in to her room.

"By the way my name is Kai Okawa," Kai said to Hoshi.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Okawa. My name is Saiaihoshi, but most people call me Hoshi," Hoshi said.

"Nice to meet you, Hoshi. Now let's get your mother sat down and we'll pack your bags."

"That's what I was trying to do, sir," Hoshi said, thinking that this man must be blind--he thought it was obvious what he was doing.

"Right; of course," Kai said, embarrassed. This kid was smarter than he looked!

They managed to put Miaka in a chair in the living room, and went to pack clothing for a few days. Hoshi quickly, and neatly, packed his mothers and his own clothing in to a large bag. He made sure all the lights were off and all the doors were locked, and then went to the living room to wait for his uncle to come pick them up.

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Far away in the realm of the gods, another being was in shock over the sudden death of Tamahome. Suzaku was in anguish; his priestess was tearing herself apart over Tamahome's sudden death. The great god felt his strength weakening--the love that those two shared was the strongest he had ever felt, and it was now broken. He knew he had to send someone to take care of her--one of his other warriors--but who to send? Four of his warriors had already been reborn as children and had no memory of Tamahome or Miaka, so that left Tasuki and Chichiri. Tasuki was busy running his gang, and wasn't very good at comforting others when it was needed.

So Suzaku chose Chichiri, hoping that he would be able to help his priestess, and knowing Chichiri was the best at helping others with the loss of someone. He summoned Chichiri to Mt. Daikyokuzan so he could speak to him.

"Chichiri, I have summoned you here because Tamahome has unexpectedly died and I fear for my priestess. She is in turmoil over her beloved's death, and I fear that she may take her own life, if not now, in a few years. Will you enter her world just as Tamahome did, no memories of her, but knowing you have to do something, or look for a person? Will you save Miaka?"

"Yes, Suzaku, I will save her, but how will I find her if I do not remember her, no da?" Chichiri asked.

"You will know by pure instinct. As soon as you see her, your memories will come back and you will know what your purpose is. I am glad you are willing to save her. Keep her alive, Chichiri, she has to live as long as she was destined to."

"I understand. Send me to Miaka. I will keep her safe, no da," Chichiri said.

Suzaku nodded and Chichiri was surrounded by red light and was reborn, as a baby, into Miakas world. As he grew up, he had this feeling as if he were meant to do something. He grew up and became a renowned business man, but even though he was rich, he wasn't happy. When he was a teenager he had taken his father's car and crashed it, and received a long scar across his face for his mischief. Since then people took one look at that scar and either stared or looked away in fear or disgust. He became a lonely man, and cared only for business, and money.

Miaka had barely made it through the next few years, her son and new daughter kept her going. Hoshi had to grow up very quickly, and was soon taking care of his sister and the house. His mother had decided to go to work, hoping that it would help her to forget. Keisuke helped as much as he could and he gave Miaka a job at his recently built museum. He knew that it didn't help much, but Miaka refused any other help, she simply smiled and said, "You've done enough for us already." Keisuke continually prayed that Suzaku would send help, and then soon somehow knew that help was on its way. He anxiously waited for the help, knowing it was the only way to help his sister. Miaka spent her days in a shadow, always praying that she could join Tamahome, never knowing help would soon come.

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