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Chapter 3: Acceptance

Tamahome felt as if he were floating. He tried to open his eyes and all he saw was white. What's going on? He thought. Where am I?

"I see you have come to Tamahome." said a familiar voice to his right.

"Suzaku? What's going on?" he asked, seeing the red god through the mist.

"You died Tamahome."

"What?! How?! Miaka how is she? How long has it been since I died?" Tamahome cried.

"It's been two years in your world." Suzaku said calmly.

"Two years?! What the fuck?! How could I have been out so damn long? Miaka... What about Miaka? You better not have left her alone for so long you bastard!" He yelled tears streaming down his face.

"Please refrain from speaking to me like that Tamahome. There's nothing you can do now. I sent Chichiri to look after Miaka and your children." Suzaku said.

"Why didn't you just send me back?" Tamahome yelled.

"I may be a god Tamahome but I can't bring a person to life twice. I'm sorry Tamahome, but it's impossible." Suzaku said.

One week had passed since the incident at the museum. Chichiri was helping Miaka move out of her apartment. He had purchased a large house for them in the country. The house was in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town being thirty miles away. Hoshi had not taken the news that they were moving away with someone he didn't know very well, but kept his opinion to himself. His main reason was because since this mans sudden appearance his mother had become less depressed and spent more time taking care of him and his sister. Tania however had no idea who these scary people were. She cried every time Miaka tried to pick her up, or even talk to her. Tania began to stay by Hoshi's side constantly, making her mother distraught that her daughter had no idea who she was. Hoshi was very mad that his sister was acting like this. While he was helping her to pack he pulled her aside.

"Tania, listen. That woman is our mother. She loves you. Try to let her get close to you please for her sake." Hoshi said, he said as simply as he could, annoyed at the two year old.

"But brother, I don't know who she is. She never around house, was she?" Tania asked, confused.

"She was Tania; she was just too sad over Fathers death to spend time with us. She's your mother. Go to her from now on, not me." Hoshi said firmly.

"But she scary. Who is man?" Tania asked.

"She's your mother. Stop coming to me for everything Tania. The man is Mothers friend. He's helping her recover from father's death." Hoshi said.

"Did she forget she had us?" Tania asked innocently.

"Shut up Tania! She would never!" Hoshi yelled, slapping her, regretting the action immediately.

Tania screamed and cried out, making Miaka come running.

"Hoshi what did you do to her?!" Miaka asked, hugging Tania.

"He yell at me, Momma! He hit!" Tania wailed, remembering what Hoshi had told her.

Tears came to Miaka's eyes, Tania knew who she was! "Hoshi why did you yell at her?" Miaka asked.

"It was a misunderstanding mother. I told her who you were. I told her about Father. That's all." Hoshi said calmly, and resumed packing.

"That doesn't give you the right to hit your sister. You know better than that Hoshi." Miaka scolded.

"Yes Mother. I'm sorry." Hoshi said.

"I accept your apology. I'll be outside helping Uncle Chichiri." Miaka said, and smiled at Tania.

Tania smiled back, deciding she liked this person called "Momma", and allowed her to pick her up.

Miaka went outside to Chichiri who was putting things in a moving truck.

"Chichiri! Come here!" Miaka called.

Chichiri climbed down from the truck, surprised to see Tania in her mother's arms.

"Hey, Tania. How are you guys doing? Just about done packing, no da?" Chichiri asked.

"Yep. Hoshi's just about done with his and Tania's room. My room is packed, so we're nearly ready to go. Tania this is your Uncle Chichiri. He's a friend of mine, and your Daddy's." Miaka said.

"Chichi!" Tania squealed happily, forgetting that a few hours ago she was terrified of this man.

The adults laughed at Chichiri's new nickname. Tania laughed too, not knowing what was so funny.

"So when are we leaving?" Chichiri asked.

"I hate to drive at night, so we should leave in the morning." Miaka said, and set Tania down in the grass.

"I can always drive, no da." Chichiri said.

"I guess so..But I'd rather sleep in a familiar place tonight." Miaka asked.

" It's a long drive though." Chichiri said.

"I'll drive, Hoshi can sit in the middle. Hopefully Tania will let you hold her for a long time." Miaka said.

"Chichi!" Tania shrieked and flew into Chichiri's arms.

Chichiri quickly grabbed her out of the air and pulled her close.

"Please don't do that again Tania, you nearly gave me a heart attack, no da." Chichiri said laughing.

Tania smiled at him and held him close, and soon fell asleep. Miaka smiled and took the child from his arms and they went inside to get the remaining boxes.

Later they sat down to their last meal in the tiny apartment.

"Are we setting off early mother?" Hoshi asked.

"Yes we're setting off early in the morning; we want to get to the place by tomorrow afternoon." Miaka said.

"What about school? Where will I go?" Hoshi asked.

"Chichiri has been kind enough to hire a tutor for you; we're too far away from any town with a school." Miaka said.

"Oh. Mother, may I be excused? I'd like to call my friends and tell them I won't be at school."

"Of course, go right ahead." Miaka said, and took his plate.

"Thank you." Hoshi said and got up from the table.

Miaka cast a worried look at her sons retreating back.

Tamahome curled up tight into a ball, crying silently.

"Tamahome, crying isn't going to solve anything. Get up now, and act like a Celestial Warrior.

"This can't be happening. Why did I die?" Tamahome shouted.

"A simple twist of fate. There was nothing I could do about it." Suzaku said calmly.

"A twist of fate?! A fucking twist of fate!" Tamahome shouted.

"Yes Tamahome, a fucking twist of fate. Now get over it and learn to accept the fact that you're dead, and there's nothing you can do about it. Now get up. You have a choice to make. Which world will you be reborn in? Give it some thought before you say anything, your mind is clouded by grief. You can wait here until you are ready."

The mist disappeared and reviled a comforterable room with a large bed and overstuffed furniture. Suzaku disappeared and Tamahome lay down in bed, over come with grief.

Miaka quickly cleaned the remaining dishes and put them in a box that would be loaded in the morning. She then had the feeling that she was being watched. She looked around and saw no one, so she shrugged it off, dried her hands and went into the living room where the kids were playing and Chichiri was reading a book.

"Alright everyone, time for bed." Miaka said and picked Tania off the floor and took Hoshi's hand and led them down the hallway to their bedroom.

After she had put the kids in bed she went back to the living room.

"Um, Chichiri, where are you going to sleep?" She asked.

"I'll sleep in here, no da. Of that's alright." He said.

"Of course. Well I'm off to bed, 'night." She said smiling and went to her room.

Chichiri watched her retreating back with longing, wishing he could follow her…He shook his head What am I thinking, no da? I'm supposed to protect her, nothing more he thought.

Tamahome didn't know how long he spent crying but soon Suzaku reappeared.

"Tamahome you must accept the fact that you are dead. I'm sorry. If it will make you feel better, I summoned Tasuki to come and be with you until you decide what to do."

"Suzaku, how can you just ask me to accept the fact that I'm DEAD?!"

"Because that's the fact of the matter, you are dead. I'm sorry. Both you and Miaka have to come to terms that you are dead, and you can't go back."

"I thought love was the strongest force in the universe? How fucking strong can it be when we've been separated again and again? Tell me that Suzaku. How fucking strong?!" Tamahome yelled.

"It is strong, but even love can't bring a person back to life. I'm sorry. I'll leave you with Tasuki, maybe the sight of an old friend will help." Suzaku said and disappeared.

Tasuki appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey, Tama long time no see." Tasuki said.

"I'm dead Tasuki, who will take care of Miaka?" Tamahome said.

"Suzaku sent Chichiri to help her, she'll be fine, you know how he is. He'll take care of her, like he took care of all of us. I'm sorry man. Think how Miaka must be takin' this, she's gotta raise two kids on her own." Tasuki said, putting his hand on Tamahomes shoulder.

"I forgot she was pregnant before I died. Have you seen the kids?"

"Yea, Suzaku showed me 'em. They're great. Your son looks just like you, and ur little girl is an angel." Tasuki said.

"I have a little girl?" Tamahome whispered.

"Yea, she's real cute. Ur son helped a lot after she was born. He's a li'l money hoarder like his dad." Tasuki laughed.

"D'you think I could see them?" Tamahome asked.

"Sure, man." Tasuki said and the mist formed into a t.v screen.

Tamahome saw Hoshi and Tania playing in the bare living room of the apartment, with Chichiri reading a book and occasionally looking over at the kids. The screen moved to Miaka cleaning up in the kitchen and packing the last of the dishes.

"They're moving?" Tamahome asked.

"Yea, Chichiri got them a house in the country. She had it rough man, after you died." Tasuki said quietly.

"C-could I see what happened after I died?" Tamahome asked.

"Are you sure you wanna see that?" Tasuki asked hesitantly

"Yea, Tasuki I'm sure, please." Tamahome said.

"Okay, man. Of you're sure." Tasuki said, and the screens image changed to the night of the accident, when Miaka anxiously waited in the kitchen for his return.

He watched in horror, overwhelmed with sadness as Miaka suffered alone. Then he felt hope when Chichiri showed up and he saw his family begin to recover.

Tamahome then smiled for the first time since he died, knowing his family would have each other, then frowned when he realized he wouldn't be there to see it, he knew he couldn't spend eternity in front of this screen, and yet he couldn't bear to look away.

Tasuki frowned, how could Tama accept he's dead, he loves his family, and Miaka way to much. "Suzaku must be nuts." Tasuki muttered.

Miaka and Chichiri quickly piled into the truck early the next morning. Hoshi was in the middle, Miaka was driving and Tania was asleep in Chichiris arms.

Miaka took a quick look back at the tiny apartment where she had spent much of her time overwhelmed with sadness and grief. Tears filling her eyes, she got into the truck and left another home behind.

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