A/N: Ok yes it was rushed I have to admit it. I was tried of the story and just wanted to end it.I feel kind of bad about it, but I just couldn't think of anything else for it. So I have two suggtions I will take one a contest between my readers. You wright what you think the last 3 chapter should be like and I will pick one. Your prize You can put this story on your list of story you have writen and your chapter will be add. my e-mail address is on my homepage here. dracolovAtyahooDOTcom.

My other suggtion isn't as fun, but if you dont want to take part in the contest just give me a suggtion of what you think I should add. IF more people just give me suggtions I may rewright the ending by adding 3 chapters, but I just need a new jilt of ideas for this story I am plum frash out.