A story of a new life


A boy with shaggy black hair and bright emerald green eyes sat on a swing in the local park, the park had long since been abandoned as it was very late at night but the boy didn't seem fazed. He swung slowly back and forth slowly, his face blank but inside his mind and emotions where in turmoil.

'How could this of happened?' he raved in his mind, you see three days ago something had happened that nobody could have predicted. Three days ago this boy had died… How you ask? Well it was actually his 'beloved, kind, caring' Uncle that preformed the killing blows before locking his in his 'room', the cupboard under the stairs, and left him to die; but this wasn't the really unpredictable thing that occurred, no what was, was what happened after little Harry's soul had fled his body.

A/N: This is just the prologue don't worry the chapters will be much longer! At least one reveiw before an update!