Hi, it's me, The Writer with No Name. I'm back, with my second story. Before I continue, I'd just like to say a few things.

First, I just want to say that this story, as well as the previous one, take place in an alternate universe; my Zelda fanfics are based on my own version of Ocarina of Time. In my AU, the storyline plays out in a similar manner to the game, but with a few differences, some of which I mentioned in the note on my first story. I apologize for any confusion.

Second, for all new readers, it may help if you read my first story, "The Legend of Zelda: Legacies," but it isn't absolutely necessary. I always try to write every story I do so that anyone, even someone knowing NOTHING about the Zelda universe, can read and understand it.

Next, my policy on flaming. As before, I would deeply appreciate it if no-one flames me. I welcome genuine, constructive criticism, with comments to help me improve my work. But flaming is just plain mean; I have never flamed anyone before, and I don't plan to start. I would truly appreciate the same courtesy from my peers.

And, finally, the disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda and all related characters are property of Nintendo. I own only the original characters and places in the story. This is a non-profit work of writing, created for my own entertainment.

Thank you all for reading my story. I deeply appreciate the positive response I got for my first story; I hope you all enjoy this one, too. That said…on with the show!