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Because I'm A Girl: Part 8

You should have told me that your feelings had faded;

I had no idea, and I continued to depend on you.

Although I say I hate you now, I'll be missing you,

Because I'm a girl, to whom love is everything…

Kagome's feet pounded on the hard road as she ran faster than she had ever run before. She never remembered running this fast, not even when she had won the 100m sprint in seventh grade. Her heart was pounding in her chest, yearning to be free from all the pain.

She had no idea where she was going, but she had a hunch he would be waiting for her there.

"Where is he?" she whispered looking up to Miroku.

"He's waiting for you. You know where to go, don't you?"

Kagome's mind raced, trying to remember every conversation she had with Inuyasha. It felt like waking up from a deep sleep when she came to realise where he would be.

"Is he… there?"

Miroku nodded smiling sadly. "But, Kagome-sama, be prepared for the worst."

"For what?"

Miroku didn't reply but pushed her out of the door.

Kagome came to a slow stop as she stood in front of the entrance to the motor race tracks. She closed her eyes listening to the sound of the engines running and tyres on the rack track. Yes, Inuyasha had to be here.

Kagome hesitantly entered the nearly abandoned tracks, watching two motorcyclists race against each other. She made her way to the top of the bleachers, wishing that the motorcyclists weren't wearing the helmets so she could see their faces. She could feel him, somewhere in the stadium. As she sat on the cold metal seats, her gaze fell upon a man wearing dark sunglasses sitting on the sidelines throwing a ball at a dog.

Her body moved down the bleachers towards the man. As she got closer, the face became familiar. She shook her head unable to believe it as her footsteps brought her closer, tears falling from her face.

A soft breeze caressed them both, allowing a paper lying by the man's side to fall to Kagome's feet. Kagome bent down and picked up the paper, turning it around to gaze at her photo. She recognised the photo from when they first met. The perfect photo.

Her hand covered her mouth suppressing a sob as the puzzle pieces fell together.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this, Mr Takahashi?" the doctor asked shaking his head at the determined young man sitting across him.

"I have to."

"It's a miracle that you're a match, but she is on the list, and as soon as a matching donor becomes available, she can get her sight back."

"I understand, but how long would that take? It could takes weeks, months, maybe years for all you know! This is the only way."

The doctor heaved a sigh and pushed some papers towards Inuyasha. "Then I'll need you to sign these forms."

She was already under the anaesthesia by the time the nurses wheeled him into the operating room. This would be the last time he'd see her, wouldn't it? His only regret would be that they never had a proper goodbye. Inuyasha wrapped his hand around Kagome's limp hand and gave it a soft squeeze.

"How are you doing Inuyasha? Nervous?" the doctor asked peering down at Inuyasha.


"Are you sure you won't regret this? This is a pretty big thing you're going to lose. Will you be able to adapt to a lifestyle without your sight?"

"I won't regret anything," Inuyasha whispered. "She deserves this, a chance to see, more than anyone in this world. At least I know that she can be happy. She didn't choose to lose her sight, so she'll always be in pain. But I'm not going to cry because I love her."

The doctor nodded. "OK then, let's get started."

Inuyasha watched as they began to push him away from Kagome, his hand falling from Kagome's. He turned to get one last look at her. Someone pushed his head away from then he felt himself slip into a deep sleep.

Inuyasha turned his head slightly, hearing Kagome's muffled sob. He placed his hand next to him at where the photo was supposed to by lying. When Inuyasha couldn't grasp the thin paper, his began to panic. Kagome cleared her throat nervously, as a dog trotted past her with a ball. The dog dropped the ball by Inuyasha's feet. Kagome walked over to Inuyasha and placed the photo in his hands.

A rush of guilt caused tears to fall from her eyes. All that time she hated him because she felt abandoned, but he had saved her. He was the reason why she could see. But even though he loved her, saved her, he couldn't be with her.


"Thank you," Inuyasha said slipping the photo into his pocket. He stood up and bowed his head slightly. His hand wrapped itself around the dog's leash and the other, on a walking stick.

He walked past Kagome wearing a slight smile, as though he knew it were her.

Kagome turned around, watching Inuyasha walk away as she silently cried. Inuyasha walked away, his figure getting smaller and smaller. He turned his head to the sky as the rain fell from the sky, as though the angel's were crying for him and Kagome.

There's someone I'm in love with...

Although I can't be with her now...

I'm still in love with her...

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