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Chapter ten:

"Get up lazy ass!" Kuro growled as he hit Naruto over the head with a pillow. The blonde woke with a start and glared at the other boy.

"What was that for?"

"What else, baka? The exams start soon! We have to go and present our entry forms…and here I thought you were a genius."

Naruto gave a loud yawn and shrugged,

"No-ones perfect."

Kuro gave him a cold look before turning and walking out of the room, closing the door behind him. There was a shuffling beside him and Kitchi poked his head out from underneath the covers and gave him a disgruntled look.

-He's moody today…-

"Nah! He's excited is all. He'll calm down…eventually."

Naruto quickly washed himself and donned his clothes. Kitchi jumped into his pocket and made himself comfortable, his little white head pocking out.

Naruto exited the room to see Kameto and Kuro our there,

"Where's Kichiro?"

Kuro pulled a face,

"She's a woman. They take forever to get ready."

"If I were you Kuro…I wouldn't carry on like that." The blonde whispered, pointedly looking at their sensei, who was glaring daggers at the brown haired boy, who shrugged it off.

"Okay, we can go now!" Kichiro said cheerfully as she pounced up to them, giving both boys a hug before scratching Kitchi's ears.

"Okay, chuunin exams, here we come!"


Sasuke was a little pissed. He had almost got his ass handed to him by a green spandex wearing freak! If it weren't for the other boys sensei, the guy, Lee, would have defeated him. Him, Uchiha Sasuke! No one could beat an Uchiha; they are one of the most powerful clans in the fire country! It was humiliating to say the least. And it didn't help that Ryo was commentating on how Lee was a taijutsu master and that Sasuke didn't know how to fight one.

He paused at the door of where the genins were gathering for the exams, his hand on the door handle. He narrowed his eyes, feeling a slight killing intent from behind those doors. Ryo, behind him asked,

"What's wrong Uchiha? Scared?"

Sasuke shot the grinning boy a glare that could strip paint off walls and opened the door to walk inside.

When they got inside, all the genin turned and glared at them. They glared right back. Sasuke shifted his gaze throughout the room and noticed that only one team was not looking their way. They stood in the very centre of the room in a circle, blocking everyone out. He could see the faces of two of them. One girl and one boy. The third, smaller even then Sasuke stood with his back to them. He wore a full length red leather coat with a strange, yet somehow familiar, clan symbol on his back. He had blonde spiky hair. The Uchiha narrowed his eyes. The boy seemed familiar, and yet he didn't. Also, the killing intent was coming from the small blonde.

"Sasuke-kun!" A voice called, making him wince. He was then hugged from behind by Ino.

"Get off Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cried, and the two started arguing over 'their Sasuke-kun'. Ino's other two team mates came up, greeting them as Sasuke roughly shook Ino off him. Ryo laughed at him and patted him on the back saying,

"Poor Uchiha, having to deal with all those fangirls."

Sasuke growled at the boy as Kiba and his team approached.

"This ought to be fun." Ryo observed to Shino, who was looking about the room.

"You ought to be quieter you know." Came a new voice. The nine rookies turned to see a white haired man standing beside them, playing with a deck of cards. He looked at them and asked,

"You're rookies, aren't you?"

"What's it to you?" Sasuke asked rudely. The man cocked his head.

"I just wish to help my fellow Konoha genins. I'm Kabuto. These are my information cards with information on different Shinobi."

Sasuke looked at the cards with interest.

"Tell me a name and I'll show you the information on the person."

Sasuke thought back to when he had met the sand nins.

"Sabaku no Gaara"

The man nodded and picked up a card. He held it up to them and it showed the boy's name and picture. His stats were unknown.

"Hmm. He's had 8-C rank and 1-B rank missions. His stats are unknown, but he has returned from every mission unscathed"

Sasuke smirked. He wanted to fight that guy.

"What about Rock Lee?" Ryo asked, leaning forward slightly. Kabuto picked out another card.

"His taijutsu skills are top notch. He can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu."

Ryo nodded and straightened, his expression thoughtful.

Kabuto pulled out a card and held it up to show them its contents. It had information on the number of genin from each hidden village. Sasuke noted that there was one team from Akkigakure. Hidden village of the Demons? Where they strong?

"A team has come from Akkigakure this time. Strange, a team from there hasn't participated in a chuunin exam in over a decade…in Konoha that is. A team has also come from the new Sound village. They are small and possibly weak."

The three sound nins looked over at the white haired genin, their faces etched with anger.

"Weak?" One of them asked. "We'll show them who is weak"

The sound nin, who had most of his face covered in bandages, pulled up his sleeve to reveal a strange device on his arm. He and his team moved through the crowd unnoticed to appear in front of Kabuto. He swung his right arm at the white haired man's face, but missed as the man jumped back slightly. Kabuto smirked as the other sound nins appeared behind their team mate. Kabuto's face then looked confused as his glasses broke. The then doubled over and spewed his guts out on the floor.

The sound nin said,

"Put this on your info cards; we sound nin will definitely be chuunin."

The other genin in the room watched, impressed. That is, all except the three Akki nin in the middle of the room.

Sasuke and Ryo helped Kabuto to stand up.

"Impressive." Kabuto said shakily, still recovering. Ryo looked about the room, noticing that the only genin not looking at them were the three in the middle.

"Hey, who're they?" He asked, pointing at them. Kabuto gasped, his face going white. He grabbed Ryo's wrist and clamped his other hand over the boy's mouth.

"What are you doing?" Kiba demanded, a little startled by the older man's reaction.

"What am I doing?" He repeated, his voice going a little shrill, "I'm stopping this baka from getting us killed!"

"Killed?" Sakura repeated dumbly.

"Yes! They're Chaldea!"

There was silence around them as the genin around them leaned in to listen to the white haired man.

"Chaldea? What's that?" Sasuke asked, curious. Were they strong? They had to be if the man reacted like this. Kabuto swore, releasing Ryo. He took a deep breath saying,

"Chaldea is a special rank in Akkigakure, belonging to powerful nins with strange powers. You haven't heard of them because you could only likely to meet one in a B, A, S or SS rank mission. Even then, that's rare. It's strange to see three here at the same time."

"Have you met them before?" Shino asked quietly.

"Only that blonde one. And I'll rather not meet him again thank you. He's violent. I ended up in hospital for weeks, even with skilled medic nins, with a pole shoved up my…" He stopped there, tight lipped.

"…Your ass?" Ryo supplied. Kabuto nodded sharply. There was silence in the room for a few minutes, and then it was broken by the sound of laughter. They turned around to stare at the sand nin, Kankuro, who was howling. He pointed at Kabuto and said in between gasps for air,

"You…got…beaten by… a blonde…midget!"

There was a deep silence in the room, broken by Kabuto's "YOU BAKA!"

Suddenly, Kankuro stopped laughing as the said blonde appeared in front of him in a yellow flash.

"Blonde midget?" The boy asked in a quiet voice.

Kabuto winced and said,

"He's so screwed."

The blonde, who still had his back turned, wrapped his hand around Kankuro's throat and lifted in into the air, as easily as a child would pick up a small doll, even though Kankuro was taller then the blonde. Kankuro chocked and tried to get the hand off him, but to no avail.

"You're dead." The blonde said as he drew a strange light coloured kunai and lifted it as if intending to stab the sand nin, who now looked very scared.

"Naru-chan…don't kill him now." The blonde's female team mate said in a weary voice, as if used to this kind on behaviour.

"Why not?" The blonde asked, "He'll die eventually…why not end his pathetic life now?"

"You can't. Wait until the exams start, and then you can kill him."

There was silence in the room and then,

"Fine, but I will get you, make-up boy."

The blonde dropped Kankuro and went back to his team mates, leaving a gasping Kankuro on the floor, rubbing his bruised throat.

The brown haired Akki genin then cracked up saying,

"I think you scared him."

"Don't push it Kuro." The blonde warned as the girl giggled.

Sasuke exchanged a glance with Ryo, who was frowning.

"I don't know why, but I have the feeling that I know him." Ryo said quietly as Sasuke nodded.

The Uchiha turned to Kabuto and asked,

"What's the blonde's name?"

Kabuto opened his mouth to answer when he was cut off by someone shouting,

"Alright you scum, calm down!"

The Chaldea forgotten, the rookie nine looked at the man who spoke. He had his head covered and his face had several scars on. The man looked around the room and they saw his eyes momentarily widen was he saw the three Chaldea, but quickly schooled his expression. The rookie 9 looked at each other, worried. Though Sasuke smirked. He wanted to fight them, especially the blonde one.


Naruto sighed to himself as he sat at the back of the room in the corner. He was absently listening to the examiner, Morino Ibiki, telling them about the point system of the test. Not that Naruto really cared, but he listened for the hell of it.

"Alright, you can start now." Ibiki said, looking intently at the genin in front of him. Naruto heaved a sigh and turned the test paper. He scanned the questions and raised an eyebrow.

These questions are beyond genin level…

Maybe it has something to do with the goal of the test.

Maybe… we lose points if we're caught cheating… but that's only if we're caught! Hmm… that's easy for me.

Do it, but wait until half the time is up. Most people should have the answers by then. Just nick them

Naruto nodded and leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs under the table. He scanned the room with his eyes, stopping on each examiner. They glanced at him and his team-mates every so often. It seemed as if they were keeping an eye on them. Not that Naruto cared. He leaned his chin in his hands and looked at the person sitting next to him. He blinked in surprise. It was Hinata.

Out of all the old academy class, Hinata and Ryo were the only ones who were nice to him. They were the reason why he came to the academy at all, though it was mainly Ryo since Hinata was too shy to talk to him, but he liked her all the same.

She was sat there twiddling her fingers, looking nervously at the paper.


She jumped when he softly called her name and she turned to stare at him, wide eyed. Naruto straightened and she was now able to see the whisker marks on his cheeks. Her eyes, if possible, went wider and her jaw dropped.

"N-Naruto-kun?" She asked softly. The blonde smirked and replied,

"Yeah, it's me."

Her face went bright red and she looked down at her paper. She then looked back up, her eyes filled with tears,

""W-where did you go? And why did you leave?"

"I left because I couldn't stand it here and I've been with the demon village all this time. As you can see, I'm a Chaldea."

Her eyes went to the badge and she gulped, looking at him fearfully. He gave a sigh and said,

"I won't hurt you. I only want to hurt the ones I hate."


"Hey, have you figured this test out yet?"

"N-no… the questions are very hard…"

"You have to cheat, but don't get caught. Use your Byakugan."

She blinked at him and then shook her head,

"No… I don't want to chance it."

The blonde shrugged and closed his eyes,

"As you wish…"

By now, several teams had been disqualified from the test due to bad cheating. Naruto wouldn't get caught. With his eyes closed, he activated his Gure-Metsuki. He looked about the room, looking though people and onto their test papers. Occasionally, he had a sneak in on their thoughts to see what they were up to. And he found something very interesting. A couple of the people with the best answers were not genin. They were chuunin if his assumptions were right from their thoughts. They had been put there to help the candidates cheat. Very interesting indeed. When he had gotten what he wanted, he opened his eyes and wrote down what he had seen.

He then looked up, straight into the eyes of Ibiki, who had been watching him closely. The man's eyes widened when he took in Naruto's Gure-Metsuki filled gaze. He calmed himself down when Naruto deactivated his bloodline, though he still looked very nervous.

Naruto waited patiently for the tenth question to be revealed. He looked down at Kuro and Kichiro, who were sat there, their papers complete.

Naruto buried his face into his arms, having nothing else to do.

"Okay, I will now give you the tenth problem!" Ibiki said, looking at them intently. Naruto looked over his arms so that only his eyes were visible to others. He looked over at a nervous looking Hinata.

"Heh, I bet you pass Hinata-chan! You're well smart!" He whispered to her, grinning when she blushed crimson. Ibiki choose that time to speak,

"Yes, but before that, there is one thing I must say…There will be one special rule for this last question. This is a hopeless rule. First, you are going to have to choose if you wish to take this tenth problem or not."

Temari gasped angrily and demanded,

"Choose? So what happens if we don't take the tenth problem?"

"If you choose not to take it," He grinned maliciously, "Your points will be reduced to zero. In other words, you will fail. Your two other team-mates will fail along with you."

"What's the meaning of that? Of course we're going to take it! Team-mates also failing is bull" Someone said.

"And here is the other rule," Ibiki said, continuing regardless, "If you choose to take it and get it wrong, you will…lose the privilege to take chuunin exams forever!"

Everyone in the room gasped and looked worried. Naruto snorted. Yeah right. He would pass these exams… and this man was going down…kukuku.

"What kind of a dumb rule is that!?" Kiba cried, pointing an accusing finger at the examiner, "There should be those here that have taken the chuunin exams in the past."

"Arf, arf!" Akamaru barked his agreement. Kitchi made an irritated sound.

-That pup's bark hurt my ears!-

Naruto fought the urge to laugh and kept his face straight, staring calmly at Ibiki.

Ibiki started to chuckle softly, "You are unlucky. This year I am the rule. That is why I gave you the option of quitting. Those who are not confident can choose not to take it and take the exam the next year or the year after that. Let us begin,

"Those who will not be talking the tenth exam, raise your hands. After we confirm your numbers, we will have you leave."

The room was quiet as the genin grabbled with the decision. They did not want to drop out and yet the threat of not ever being able to take the chuunin exams made them unsure. All of a sudden, one genin raised his hand and stood up,

"I…I…I quit! I won't take it!"

The team that the drop out was in was promptly failed and sent out. Soon after that, other wimps raised their hands, instantly failing the test for them and their teams.

Naruto smirked and gave a loud 'Tch'

Ibiki looked up at him, an eyebrow raised,

"Have something to say blondie?"

"Yeah," Naruto drawled, "Those people that just quit are weaklings… they won't make chuunin, so I say screw you, I'm going to pass this exam whether you want me to or not!"

The man looked amused by the little speech and snickering could be heard from Kuro and Kichiro.

"I will ask one more time." Ibiki said, his voice not showing the inner amusement he felt, "This is the choice that will impact your life. If you want to quit, now is the chance."

There was no response from the crowd of hopeful genins. Ibiki looked over the crowd, his eyes lingering on the blonde in the corner, who was smirking behind his arms.

"Nice determination. Then… For the first exam, everyone here…passes!"

Most of the genin looked confused and a little shocked. Naruto snickered slightly.

"I told you we would pass…" He said to Hinata, who smiled shyly at him.

"Wait, what was the meaning of that!?" Sakura demanded, standing up with an incredulous expression on her face, "We pass already? What about the tenth question?"

Ibiki laughed and Naruto thought he looked even more scary then when he was straight faced and serious.

"There was no such thing to begin with! Or, you can call the two-choice question the tenth question."

"What?" Sakura asked dumbly.

"Hey!" Temari cried, "So what were those previous nine problems? It was all a waste!"

"No it's not." Ibiki said, looking away from the genin and out of the window, "The nine problems accomplished their purpose." He looked back at them and continued, "The purpose to test each individual's information gathering skills."

"Information gathering skills?" Temari asked. Naruto frowned. So that was what those chuunin were there for…interesting.

"First this tests purpose lies in the first rule. Your pass or fail decision is based on your three person teams. By giving that idea, we have given you an unprecedented amount of pressure to try and not be a nuisance to your team. But these test problems cannot be solved by you genins."

"So that was what the chuunin sitting with us were for?" Naruto said calmly.

Everyone turned to look at him, surprised, especially the chuunin and Ibiki. The examiner then smirked and said,

"You're a smart kid, you know that. How could you tell?"

"Simple really…they were the ones that answered the questions first so that others could copy off them."

"That makes sense…" Kuro said and then grinned, "Looks like you've said something smart for once!"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"Shut up." He growled. Ibiki chuckled, attracting attention back to himself again, and said,

"So, most of the people here must have come to the same conclusion as blondie there, 'I have to cheat to get points.' In other words this exam assumed that everyone was going to cheat. So, we snuck two chuunins who knew the answers to be the targets of cheaters. Only blondie there noticed this. Those who just cheated like a fool failed, of course."

As he was saying those last words, he removed the bandanna from his head saying, "Why, you may ask… Information can have greater value then life and in missions and battlefields…"

The genins gasped, their eyes widened when Ibiki showed them the horrific scars on his head.

"Information is contested with the lives of people!"

"How awful…burn marks, screw holes and cut marks. They're the scars of torture." Sasuke said. Naruto rolled his eyes. As if it wasn't obvious. Ibiki replaced his bandanna and continued with his explanation,

"The information that the enemy gets after being noticed by a third person will not necessarily be accurate. Remember this. Getting incorrect information can cause great damage to your team-mates and village. So, we made you all gather information in the form of cheating. We kicked out those that were lacking in that field. That's what went on."

"But I still can't agree with that tenth question." Temari said, sounding confused.

"But this tenth question was the main question of this first exam."

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked.

"Let me explain." Ibiki said, putting his hands in his pockets, "The tenth was a 'Take it or not take' choice. Needless to say, it was a painful two-choice problem. Those who did not take it failed with their teams. If you chose to take it, but could not answer it… your right to take the exam would have been taken away forever. It was a very insincere problem. How about this two choice problem… Let's assume that you have become a chuunin. Your mission is to capture a secret document. The number of enemy ninja, their abilities and armaments are unknown. And there may be traps that the enemy ninja has set up. Now, will you accept this mission or not? Just because you life and the lives of your team-mates may be in danger, are you able to avoid dangerous missions? The answer is… No. There are missions that carry out heavy risks, but cannot be avoided. The ability to show courage to your team-mates when needed, and the ability to get through a bad situation… that is what we look for in a chuunin, a squad leader. Those who cannot bet their fate in a critical situation…Those who give up when given the chance because there is a next year, and let their minds sway over an uncertain future. Fools who carry a light determination do not deserve to become a chuunin. That is what I believe. I am saying that you here who have chosen to take it gave the right answer for the difficult tenth question. You can deal with the difficulties you face. You have broken through the entrance,

The first exam for the chuunin selection ends now! I wish you luck"

Naruto rolled his eyes, God this guy talked a lot…

All of a sudden, a dark shape jumped through the window and a banner was thrown across the whole front of the room, held to the ceiling with Kunai, blocking Ibiki from view.

"Everybody, There's no time to be happy! I am the second Examiner Mitarashi Anko!"


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