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The Adventures of Billy and Gizmo

Post-Halloween Huntings

This project was originally intended to have been uploaded on Halloween but I had a few delays, but here it is now!

Chapter 1

An Unfortunate Incident

Many years after their reunion in New York City, Billy Peltzer and his furry friend Gizmo were getting on extremely well together.

Gizmo was a mogwai, a creature that had a nice blend of brown and white fur, long ears with the tips curved and huge dark brown eyes that sparkled in the dimly lit garage where he rested his sweet head against the back of the open wooden box in which Billy kept him in.

Everyone who had seen Gizmo remarked about him with comments like "he's dead cute" but Billy had been keeping him hidden away from most people in his ordinary day to day life as an architect, designing structures and development proposals for town planners and building contractors worldwide.

Billy however didn't like travelling very much especially outside the states and had recently moved back to Kingston Falls, Ohio as he regularly had to care for Gizmo for there are three very imperative rules that needed to be followed...

1) Keep him away from bright lights, especially sunlight for it will kill him, 2) Keep him away from water, don't ever get him wet, and most importantly, 3) Never ever feed him after midnight.

Beacause of the difficulites Billy was faced with and his commitments to caring for Gizmo he usually submitted work abroad by post instead of contacting the clients directly, he was told by the management at a firm in nearby Cleveland that only if there was a major redevelopment scheme being planned would he have to travel abroad, fortunately he had not had to deal with such a project just yet.

Billy was pleased with the work he had achieved over the years to this stage in architecture having been a designer for many years and having worked briefly with Daniel Clamp, however he was feeling a little lonely in his life. His ex-girlfriend Kate had left him some time ago because she felt there was too much risk with Gizmo being around that there would be an ountbreak of those dreaded Gremlins! despite Billy's attempts to convince her there would be no further problems.

So Billy was sat at his desk in the living room at his home in the quaint little town, Kingston Falls working on a new assignment.

Tonight was Halloween, Billy on a few occasions this evening had been distracted from his work by the usual trick-or-treaters that called round to his house on this very evening, he had left several snacks out by the hallway for the expected local kids dressed in scary cloaks, face masks, devil horns and some wearing vampire blood and fangs.

Unexpectedly it had begun to rain quite heavily after what only seemed like light drizzle falling from the skies.

Gizmo leaned back in his box and began singing and humming a sweet tune to himself, a delicious tone to his voice and he daydreamed happy memories from this earlier life and of people that had cared for him.

He excitedly perked up at the thought that Billy would soon be there to feed him his evening meal.

All of a sudden there was a shuddering knock on the front door of Billy Peltzer's house.

Gizmo in the garage that is a storage area really built as an extension to the house, blanched and listened quietly to what was happening outside.

Billy in his work space however was so preoccupied with his work and with the sound of heavy rainfall thundering down outside failed to hear this, there was another knock and outside was disgruntled trick-or-treaters getting soaked.

Billy heard this time and slowly got up out from in front of his desk however it occured to him that he had run out of treats and wasn't anticipating there being anymore of them calling round at this time, "damn" he thought to himself, "It's getting late" he looked at the digital clock resting on his mantlepiece it read 20:00.

Back in the garage Gizmo slowly climbed out of the box and up by the window to investigate what was happening and as he did so he heard angry voices from outside, "There's an unruly crowd of kids hanging around" thought Gizmo nervously.

The kids became infuriated, one lad called George found a relatively large stone on the patio outside Billy's garden which he picked up and after more continuous knocking the kids started to back away and move on down the street, however George stayed behind and lobbed the stone through the garage window.

"Bang!" and the window fell right through upon impact.

Gizmo heard the crash as the window shattered and leaped onto the floor terrified however the noise wasn't too loud and Billy didn't come to investigate, he heard a slight noise that sounded to him like breaking glass as he yawned in his chair but shrugged it off, "probably neighbours" he told himself as he settled back down and continued working on a new design.

Meanwhile in the garage Gizmo was hidden from view underneath a ledge directly below the window, a few shards of glass had fallen on top of Gizmo's head but that was the least of his worries for there was rainwater slowly trickling down the ledge as the rain pounded it violently.

Gizmo was really frightened now, he knew he had to get away just in case he got damp, "Just one drop of water is enough..." and he shivered at the thought. He tried to shrink away from the danger but couldn't, it seemed impossible as the water began to drip from the ledge, he knew if he moved he would get wet, Gizmo just waited and hoped he might stay dry.

Then suddenly it came very quickly in heavy spurts and the ultimate fear consumed Gizmo, it was coming, it was COMING!

(Oooooh Will Gizmo get out of this one, I think you all know what is going to happen.)

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