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Dear Elliot,

I'm writing this quickly while I have the chance… I have to leave you again, only this time it's not my choice. I don't want to go. I never wanted to leave you,
even when I went to computer crimes. It's not different this time. There's so much I've been meaning to say to you, sometimes it's just hard to find the words. Ever since that showdown with Gitano, I've been thinking about our partnership, our friendship. We've had to become close to do this job Elliot, I don't think caring about you is a bad thing, I could never think that… You make my life better not worse. Elliot you should know, most days you're what keeps me going here, you help me want to wake up and come to work in the morning, it's the victims too… But, you keep me real, you've kept me sane, you've kept me safe, mainly from myself. You've helped me face my past and you give me hope for my future. Best friends, partners are there for one another. You count on them, they have your back. Many times, many ways… you've gone beyond the call. I realize now, why you said what you said outside that hospital room. I'll never forget those words, at the time, they stung. But Elliot, I get it now, believe me I get it. Because you and this job are about all I have too. Elliot, you may have thought you were trying to put distance between us so you wouldn't lose me, let me say this… You would never, ever have to lose me. If you choose not to lose me, you won't. Yes, it's that simply easy, I choose it to be. You'll hear … I'm working with the Feds… I won't lie to you…. It may be… it probably is dangerous… That's why I'm writing this. I want you to know how I feel about you, in case I don't come back to you …Yes, you're what I'd be coming back to, you're home in so many ways to me. I hope things can be different between us after I get back, I know we may fight a lot, but you'll be surprised to know… I like it when we can just be. When we're in tune, in sync with one another, on the same page. Those times, I cherish… I cherish every minute I spend with you. If you haven't figured it out by now… if you can't read me… Elliot Stabler, I only wish you weren't lying on that hospital bed so I could say this in person… I'm almost tempted to wait… for when I return, if I return… So I can look you in the eyes, so you'll know I mean it… with all my heart. I think though, you know my secret… the one I can't keep any longer cause I'm afraid I'll burst. I don't think I could live with myself if you didn't know. So, let me take the chance to say…

Goodbye (Cause I promise to never leave you without goodbye),



I love you.

Elliot was still reeling from what he just read an almost blank expression was on his face because he was so deep in thought.

"Elliot," the sound of his name barely registered with him.

"Um… yeah, Dani." Elliot replied distractedly.

"What have you got there Elliot? Are you okay?" Dani questioned concerned.

"It's a goodbye letter from Olivia, I'm okay." Elliot replied.

"Goodbye letter? Didn't I just see Olivia come back though, that was her right… the one who passed by the Captain's office on her way out. She's pretty." Dani stated.

"Yeah, that was her… it's a long story. Let's just say we have some things to work out.

Oh, how'd things go with the Captain?" Elliot enquired.

"Well, he's going to approve my transfer. Not that this hasn't been fun. But, I really think warrants is more suited for me." Dani informed him.

"I see, I understand." Elliot replied.

"I'll miss you though Elliot."

"Yeah, be sure to keep in touch Dani. Let me know how you're doing."

"I will. And you do the same."

"So, any ideas about who your partner after me is going to be?" Dani questioned with a knowing smirk.

"Well, I have a prospective candidate in mind." Elliot said grinning.

"Then, I think you'd better go give her a proper interview to see if she's right for the job." Dani stated.

"Yeah, I was going to be doing to that; sooner rather than later."

"So, Elliot… I'm not good at letters or goodbyes…" Dani started.

"It's okay, neither am I." Elliot said as he started to get up out of his chair, so he could give Dani a quick hug.

"Well, Elliot don't you have better places to be right about now?" Dani questioned.

"I had better get out of here." Elliot replied as he rushed out to leave.

"Oh, Elliot. Don't worry, she loves you. I'm sure of it." Dani smiled reassuringly.

"Thanks, Dani." Elliot said as he hurried out the door to go find Olivia.