Banners: I know all of you want to know how I imagined Femi and Alex to look. Femi is played by Kiera Knightley, and Alex is Hayden Christensen. Hope that doesn't ruin your perception of them!

Chapter 1 - In the museum

"Aaaaaand action!" Cries the director.

"Where were we?" Carter flirtatiously asks the woman beside her.

The redheaded girl smiles and snakes her arms over Carter's shoulders, "I think... just here."

They both smile and start kissing each other hungrily for the camera. As their hands begin roaming upon each other's bodies, Carter picks the woman up around her waste and walks her over towards the back of the dark, little room they had entered.

However, all of a sudden, his feet tangle, and the two of them break apart with startled laughter as they clatter to the floor out of the camera's view. Someone curses worriedly from behind the camera, and Carter sticks his hand into the air as to announce their safety. Everyone laughs.

Chapter 2 - Escaping in the taxi

"Action!" Shouts the Director.

"It's a chase, now." Carter pants dramatically.

Femi turns on Carter and suddenly swipes her hand out to slap it into the side of his head - unfortunately for him, she accidentally strikes him a little too hard and he flinches back, gasping. Femi gasps and wraps her arms around him.

"I'm so sorry!" She laughs.

"Abuse! Abuse by my own sister!" Carter plays along.

Laughter can be heard from behind the camera.

Chapter 3 - At the mansion

Femi and Carter have just stopped before the front door of their father's house to discover it wide open. The camera shot films the open doorway to build the tension. Everything is going perfectly... and then, out of nowhere, the cleaner wanders past whilst mopping the floor, with his headphones blaring against his ears. Femi laughs, whilst Carter leans into the camera's frame and raises a strong, inquisitive eyebrow.

"Cut!" The director laughs.

Chapter 3 - At the safe

Carter and Femi stand before their father's safe. Femi waits for the director's order before reaching out and pretending to twist the code into the lock. She tries to pull the door open... but it won't budge. All the while, Carter is eyeing the camera lens warily, with a comical look in his eyes. Femi finally gives up by leaning her head against the door and snorting out a light laugh. Carter frowns dramatically at the camera, and everyone laughs.

Chapter 4 - Arriving at "Widdlecove Drive"

Femi looks over at Carter, "Where are we?"

Carter looks up, over the steering wheel, and squints his eyes. After a few seconds, Femi smiles secretly to herself and anticipates the moment when Carter will admit:

"I'd love to tell you, but I forgot my line." He finally announces.

Laughter erupts from behind the camera and Femi shakes her head playfully, hugging Carter.

Chapter 5 - Meeting Rick at the door

"Action!" Announces the happy Director.

The camera looks over Carter's shoulder to watch the front door slowly open. Rick takes one glance at the two guests on his doorstep and then grimaces furiously, leaps back, and slams the door in their faces again. Femi and Carter peer round at the camera sheepishly. A few quiet laughs could be heard from back stage.

"And cut!"

Chapter 6 - Evy's explanation

Evy shoots Rick an impatient look, "Not so fast, Rick. Yes, it awakes the dead, but only to those that were sang to by its partner, the Sadeemeque Trah, when they were laid in their graves. The Sadeemeque Trah - which means the Song of Death-Keeper, and oh dear god I've completely forgotten this damn line again!"

Evy's hands fling to the sides of her frustrated head and she stomps her foot. Femi laughs lightly beside her.

Chapter 6 - Reaction from everyone after hearing the smash from the front door

"Marker." The crewman quotes, and clips the zebra gate shut in front of the camera.

The black and white gate disappears from the frame and the camera zooms out to fit all of the actors in: Femi, Carter, Evy, Rick and Jonathan. They wait for the director's call.

"And, smassssshhhh!" He shouts the onomatopoeia.

Everyone gasps and spins their heads round in pretend shock. They freeze, gaping fearfully at the doorway.

"Grandma...?" Rick stupidly quivers.

Laughter fills the studio.

Chapter 7 - Getting into the car

Jonathan rushes up to the driver's side of the car and attempts to skilfully swing the door open and slide inside, but to his dismay, as he slams it shut behind him, it closes upon the sleeve of his shirt and produces a long, loud rip in the material. Jonathan pauses and looks to the camera with a playfully nervous look on his face. Everyone laughs.

Chapter 7 - Femi on why she couldn't go into the King of Spades with Jonathan and Carter

"Action!" The director clears his throat.

Femi gasps into her role and signals to her messy self, "A cut and bloody face, torn trousers, a swollen ankle with one shoe missing..."- Femi unexpectedly changes her emotional expression and pretends to start crying, and blabbers out an unclear sentence "I'm a complete disaster, I hate myself! I HATE myself! WWwaaaahhhh-ha-ha-haaa!"

Carter and Jonathan laugh with the applause and cheer of the crew behind the camera, and Femi quickly cuts off her dramatic acting, and smiles cockily at the lens.

Chapter 8 - Alex, Carter and Jonathan approaching the car

"Action!" The director's voice projects through the speakerphone.

The 3 men sink into their character roles and walks towards the car by the curb. As Jonathan and Carter swerve about in a drunken manner, Alex, a perfectly sober character, suddenly staggers upon the damp path and drops to the floor out of sight with a loud curse. Light snorts can be heard from behind the camera as Jonathan and Carter stop walking to peer down at him.

Chapter 8 - Femi trying to pronounce her lines properly

"Marker." The crewman chirps, snapping the gate.

Femi is busy taking deep breaths, eyes closed, and hands slowly fanning her face. She is muttering her lines over and over to herself.

"Get ready for it. In your own time, Femi!" The director supportively tells her.

Femi nods and wriggles confidently in her seat. She sits still and produces an expression of dry anger... Everyone waits… and waits... and waits... Alex tries to hold back a smile of amusement. Finally, Femi yells out, and flies back in her seat.

"Where is the script writer? I'm going to murder her!" She sarcastically growls.

"Ok, take a break, guys." The director laughs.

Chapter 9 - "Wow... You're a complete mess."

"Action!" The director announces from the back of the set.

"Wow." Alex snickers, eyeing Femi up and down.

Femi blushes accordingly and tucks a curl behind her ear, "Mr. O'Connell, I think you shoul"-

"You're a *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeep*!" Alex exclaims and suddenly pulls her to him playfully in a moment of "passion".

Femi screams, laughing, and the two of them hug each other whilst looking to the camera. The crew laugh on the set, and Jonathan smiles suggestively at the camera.


Chapter 10 - "I'll Be Gentle"

"Action!" The director calls.

Alex looks up from Femi's hand and sends her a charming, flirtatious little smile, "I'll be gentle..."

He then jogs his eyebrows up suggestively and causes Femi to burst out laughing. He chuckles with the crew behind the camera and receives a playful slap on the arm from Femi.

Take 2

Alex calmly looks up from Femi's hand and smiles warmly, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle..."

Alex upholds his acting very well - it's Femi, this time, who can't hold the moment, and starts laughing under her breath. Alex smiles in success.


Chapter 11 - Alex using up the last of the coffee

Femi scowls, "I thought you said you had no more coffee..."

Alex goes to pour the remains of the coffee granules into his cup, but it accidentally slips from his grasp, and spills to the floor. Alex freezes, glances at the camera, and Femi laughs at him.

He clears his throat, "Well, now we don't."

Chapter 12 - Alex's handsome transformation

"Action!" The director sings.

Femi jumps and leans forwards in her chair to look round at Alex ... She freezes, unsure as to how to take the joke. Alex is wearing an Ali G costume and has a cigar in his mouth.

"Wa'gwan." He stupidly greets her.

The crew suddenly go wild behind the camera, and Femi shakes her head as she laughs and glares at the lens. They had obviously planned this.

Chapter 12 - Walking into the station lobby

The camera is positioned in front of the glass door inside the station lobby. Alex, Femi, Carter and Jonathan are waiting in their positions to go, chattering, and joking around. The gate snaps, and the director calls action. The 4 of them switch into their roles and walk towards the door, but as Alex pushes it, expecting it to open easily, he painfully collides into the glass and stumbles back into the others. He glares at the door in confusion whilst everyone else laughs at him - it was a prank.

Chapter 13 - Arriving in the first class compartment

"Action!" The director calls.

"Well, this is bloody convenient, aye?" Jonathan laughs, admiring the room with the others.

All of a sudden, one of the crewmen jumps up against the door behind them wearing the mask of The Mummy's corpse and slams his hands against the windows. Alex, Femi, Carter and Jonathan all yell out in fear and either fall out of the open, artificial carriageway, or drop to the ground in shock.

"Alex... I am your father." The crewman quotes in a deep, breathless voice.

Random Clips of Femi's clumsiness

Femi's Apartment

"Shutup and Run, Carter!" Femi cries after seeing more men in black enter the hallway.

She turns and runs past Carter, but topples over right away onto her stomach. Carter looks down at her and blinks, and smiles up at the camera in amusement.

On The Train


Femi breaks out into a run down the train's isle behind Carter and Jonathan, but alas, catches her feet on the carpet and crumbles to the ground beside one of the seats. Carter and Jonathan leave her there, unaware...

At Erk's mansion - the stables

Femi pats the side of the horse's neck, "Alright, help me out, Acorn."

Femi wanders backwards and grips onto the hair of the horse's main. She inhales a sharp breath before leaping up against the side of its stomach and managing to kick her right foot up onto its back. However, her left foot slips upon the floor, and she falls backwards onto the ground with a loud yelp.

Erk's Mansion, escaping through the smoke bombs

"Queue smoke!" The Director calls, and the technician activates the smoke machines.

The room slowly begins to fill with smoke.

"Action!" He calls accordingly.

Alex tugs on Femi's hand, "Just follow me!"

He turns around and runs off with Femi behind him, but didn't make it far. Femi's clumsy feet lose their grip upon the marble floor and she skids about flawlessly as though on ice, and then plomps down onto her knees. Alex spins around to see what had happened and laughs at her, down on the ground, with the other extra actors around them.

Ambushed on the beach

Alex has just been "stabbed" by a spear. Camera zooms up on Femi's dramatic reaction.

"ALEX!" She screams.

Femi makes to run but the ground beneath her shifts mischievously and she crashes face-first into the sand. Everyone starts laughing.

"My hero." Alex's laughing voice can be heard offset.

Dancing in the village

The camera tracks Femi as she follows around in the circle, kicking her legs, and singing along to the song. But, typically, Femi's ankle randomly bends to the side and she falls down onto the ground; the camera travels on without her.

"Where'd Femi go?" She hears the director mumble.

Interview with Alex O'Connell and Carter Reynolds

"Oh, Femi..." Carter hisses, smiling to himself.

The woman interviewing them had obviously just asked about her. They grin at each other.

"That girl's got quite a pair of, uh... interestingly balanced legs." Alex sarcastically chuckles.

Carter laughs and shifts in his seat, rubbing the back of his woolly hat, "Yeah, yeah, I have to say that in all the movies I've worked with, Femi beats 'em all. We'd run and suddenly it'd be, like, 'Femi? Where's Femi', then you look on the floor and it's: 'Damn! She's down again!'"

The two young actors laugh with each other and shake their heads.

Chapter 23 - Meela and Femi Fight

The Director holds his speakerphone up, "And action!"

Femi and Meela are supposed to begin fighting, but they are still in a deep conversation. They look very interested by each other's' hairstyles.

"Action?" The Director snaps.

The two women look round and blink owlishly at the camera.

Chapter 26 - Jonathan and the Llama

The camera is still running whilst the director speaks to Femi about what he wants her to do in the next shot. Jonathan wanders up to one of the Llamas and smiles goofily.

"Hello, sweetness." He cooes.

The Llama responds by gurgling loudly and bearing it's teeth, and Jonathan jumps back, gasping. He looks to the camera with embarrassment and fixes his collar.

Chapter 28 - Leaving Erk's house

The camera is positioned beside Femi and Carter as they stand outside Erk's house. The camera is rolling, and they are smiling at each other. Just then, a loud rumbling echoes from the sky and they look up curiously.

"What kind of a plane is that?"Carter asks in shock.

"Virgin airways. It's not invented yet." Femi comically informs him.

Chapter 34 - In the swimming pool (the ocean)

Femi, Alex, Jonathan and Carter bob upon the surface of the coloured water and watch the director in the boat behind the camera.

"Action." He utters, nodding encouragingly.

They all gasp at the sight of a large, grey fin that glides past them. Carter's hand accidentally swipes out and knocks into it and removes it from the back of the stuntman who was swimming beneath the water. Carter snatches it up and smiles at the camera whilst the others laugh.

"It's a fake!" He exclaims, "By jove!"


Chapter 38 - The Chief becomes panicked

The Chief is supposed to jump up angrily, and leap over the small fire to crouch beside Femi. Instead, he leaps up, and catches his left foot on the end of his long robe. The Chief's arms flail about in his attempt to sustain his balance, and just as Femi and Jonathan scramble up to catch him, he falls back onto the ground. Femi and Jonathan look to the camera guiltily.


Chapter 39 - Meela arrives in Egypt with Rick, Evy and Richard

Meela turns around to face the camera and smirks into the distance, "I know you all must be so frustrated, but honestly, there's no need to be. You'll all see your little 'babies' in no time... I assure you."

Meela chuckles darkly. Her eyes grow madly and her hands lift, as her laugh increases in volume and enthusiasm. Finally, she is throwing her head back, and roaring evilly to the sky like an insane professor. Rick, Evy and Richard start laughing behind her, as do the extras holding them captive.

Random Amusement

Scene 1

One of The Chief's villagers strolls past the camera on their break. They are still in full costume and make up, but have a cigarette pinched in one hand, and are holding their mobile phone to their ear in the other whilst laughing with the person on the other end of line.

Scene 2

As the villagers, Femi, Alex, Carter and Jonathan begin to dance with the cast members, the director and 4 other crew members leap into the crowd and begin dancing tactlessly with them. What a joke.

Scene 3

The little girl who plays the younger Femi in her memories is standing in front of the camera. The director is talking to the woman playing the role of Femi's mother. The little girl, thinking that no one is watching, sticks her finger up her left nostril and begins to pick it... Aw, cute...?

Scene 4

The set is currently busy, as the set designers, prop managers and the director plus crew walk around checking things and setting everything in place, in the underground tomb where Meela's death takes place. Alex strolls into view of the camera and suddenly notices it standing there, so he waves in a hyper way - he is, however, covered in fake blood and has a plastic dagger glued to the front of him.

"Hi mum!" He goofily calls.

Chapter 39 - Alex and Femi in the Chief's Tent

"Action." The director calmly announces.

"...Thank you." Femi whispers softly.

Alex pulls Femi up to her feet where they are so close that their noses are nearly touching. Femi stares up into his eyes, just as Alex stares back. All of a sudden, Alex wraps his arms around Femi, and throws her back in a tango stance, nuzzling his lips to her neck. Femi screams out a laugh within his embrace and the crew applauded the joke. Alex soon recomposes himself and Femi slaps his arm playfully; but no doubt, there is some warmth between them...

Chapter 40 - Meet Lhukman


Lhukman stops in front of Femi and bows his head. But, going against what the director has asked for, Lhukman then pounds his fist against his chest.

"Me, Tarzan," He then points to Femi, "You, Jane."

Femi and the others start laughing.

Chapter 41 - Meeting Ardeth Bay... again

Ardeth smiles warmly at Alex, "You have grown since our last meeting, Alex..."

Ardeth's eyes purposely glance down at Alex's buckle and back up again. Ardeth then lifts his eyebrows seductively and holds the expression until Alex finally can't ignore it any longer, and spins away, laughing in disgust. Ardeth grins goofily.


Chapter 44 - Alex sitting at the campfire

Alex takes another swig from the alcohol in his cup and swallows. He keeps glaring across the fire at Lhukman talking with Femi.

"Bitch," He hisses, assumingly at Lhukman, "She stole my man."

The crew wail with laughter.

Chapter 44 - Lhukman dies

Femi looks down and imagines that she is looking at Lhukman's dead body. She stares in utter despair, tears flowing, with a ghostly coldness in her eyes. The director is really getting into it, when Lhurkman's head rises over the fake cliff edge just so that the top part of his head and his eyes can be seen. As Femi does her emotional, silent crying, his eyes dart left and right curiously; everyone begins laughing without Femi realising.

Chapter 45 - Ardeth and Femi on the horse

The camera, facing Femi and Ardeth, slowly glides backwards as they stroll forwards on their means of transport. Femi parts her lips to whisper her next line when, suddenly, their camels heaves a mighty gurgle, and burps, making Femi jump, and Ardeth blink. They look to the camera and aren't sure whether to laugh or grimace and hold their noses.

Chapter 46 - Femi and Ardeth see Hamunaptra

Ardeth narrows his eyes as he pretends to be witnessing the birth of the ancient Hamunaptra in the desert's golden horizon.

"Hamunaptra..." He whispers.

Femi bolts upright, "Hamun- AHHH!"

In her attempt to sit up with such excitement, she accidentally loses her balance and falls over sideways - fortunately, thought, Ardeth catches her so that she's only hanging halfway. He shakes his head while smiling.

47 - Ardeth rescues Femi, Rick and Brian

Femi, Rick and Brian are still all chained to the stone posts of the ruins of the city. There is supposed to be a gunshot from Ardeth, freeing them, but it never comes... Finally, Brian looks over curiously. Ardeth is standing there, in a sulk, holding the broken gun in 2 pieces.

"Some rescue." Rick snorts.

"No one informed me this was a low-budget project..." Ardeth whispers, smiling.


48 - Carter reveals to Meela where the Diamond Heart is

"They don't have it." Carter blurted out.

Meela narrowed her eyes at him in suspicion, "... And how would you know that?"

"Because," He gulped, "... It's in Jonathan's bed."

He then looked to Jonathan and smiled sadly, romantically... so affectionately that it almost seemed real!

"Oh, no, no! Carter, oh good god!" Jonathan suddenly burst out laughing in disgust.

The cast started laughing, but Carter just kept smiling sweetly at Jonathan until the director called cut.

49 - Alex and Femi kissing

Alex and Femi are in the middle of a passionate kiss, but then they start to soften and change their behaviour to the way that the director wishes.

"Ok, cut for a moment guys!" He calls out.

But... neither of them obey. They just sort of... keep kissing... softly, tenderly, in a trance. The director clears his throat and looks around at his crew members uncertainly; no one knows quite what to do. Perhaps this wasn't just an on-screen romance?

50 - Femi Opening the secret door

Femi opened her eyes. They were glazed over with a milky screen. Her hazel irises were no longer so bold in colour, but faded... distant. She was hypnotised.

"Bloody Nora...!" Jonathan heaved in astonishment.

Femi lifted her hands, "Alohamora!"

"I think you need a wand for that movie, sweet-cakes." Jonathan teased.

Everyone bursts out laughing.

51 - Alex, Rick, Jonathan and unconscious Femi underground

Just as Rick was about to say something back to Jonathan, his attention was stolen away by the next approaching problem:

A fork in the pathway.

The group stopped at the end of their path and looked left and right cluelessly. Each direction was identical. Dark, cold, and smelly. The silence was never-ending and tense. Which way would they turn?

All of a sudden, an enormous roaring came from the darkness of the turning on the right, and running out came one of the crew in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre costumer with a fake chainsaw. Everyone screamed out loud in absolute fright, and poor "unconscious" Femi was dropped to the floor in Alex's surprise.

The set runner pulled off his mask to reveal his laughing face, and the actors all glared at the camera as the Director laughed his ass off in the background. Femi, however, was pouting and rubbing her sore behind.

52 - Rick treads on the booby-trap activator

Femi clenched her fists desperately, "It's a booby-trap!"

Just as Rick turned round to face her, his foot landed on a small, square pedal that was supposed to sink down into the ground with a soft scraping sound - but instead, it simply broke off to the side beneath his boot. Paused in a cynical silence, Rick looks up at the people behind the camera and shakes his head.

"I can't work like this." He mutters dryly.

Sniggers can be heard from behind the camera.

52 - Alex and Femi's moment in the rising Sand-Trap

The cold, old sand was coming up to their chests, now. It was going to be only a matter of seconds that would draw the line between their deaths, or their success. Femi squeezed Alex's hand and they exchanged gentle smiles.

"See you in a minute." Alex told her.

At this point, Femi was supposed to take her cue to swim over to Alex and kiss him, but instead she turned the other way and wrapped her arms around Rick O'Connell!

"Dad - you girlfriend stealer!" Alex cried out, going along with the prank.

Everyone but the Director was laughing.

"You all know this is low-budget! Trust me to cast the pranksters of the movie business..." Shaking his head, he called cut and sand stopped flowing into the set.

53 - Alex's death

A tear fell from Femi's chin and trickled down his wrist.

"I d-don't want... to lose... you." He whispered.

And then, without giving Femi any time to say her last words, Alex released his last breath and his eyes dropped, along with his hand. Femi's heart shrivelled. Her stomach was on fire with burning acid. Her mind swelling. She leant over him to cry and cry, and cry for all eternity...

Femi waited for Meela's entrance into the scene... but she never came. Now confused with the loss of script schedule, she looked up to break from her acting. Everyone on set was watching - including the other actors. They were watching as if touched from the very bottom of their hearts; she looked back down at Alex, whose eyes were now open.

"Femi Reynolds - I know this is a bad time, and all, what with the fake blood and dagger sticking out of me ... but… um... will you marry me?" He asked charmingly, smiling genuinely.

The whole crew gasped. This was no act... Femi didn't know what to do at first, but eventually, she returned a smile. Everyone knew what that meant!

54 - Ardeth and his army about to charge into Battle

Ardeth drew his sword from his side and held it out in front of him. The army appeared as a long, black stampeded of insects sweeping over the sand dunes. It was chilling. Ardeth had been in a situation like this before, but he had forgotten just how distressing it really was.

"Reeeeaaadddyyyy yourseeeel- aghck!"

Ardeth's mighty roaring was interrupted as he chocked suddenly and started coughing and spluttering, holding his throat. Finally, with a gulp, he gasped a breath of air. These damn exotic flies!

55 - The Finale and happy ending

The Medjai warriors galloped around the 7 heroes while cheering, singing and laughing festively in celebration to the end of their burdens. It was over. All over, now. Egypt was safe, once again, thanks to the morals of just a few normal, every-day people.

Alex and Femi joined in with their friends in laughing and waving at the Medjai as they passed... and that was when the rest of the unoccupied crew members all ran onto the set and started to join in. Dancing, waving, galloping around the sandy set on each other's backs. Everyone was laughing at each other while also looking worriedly at the Director who was clearly at his last straw of patience!

Short Interview with Director, Stephen Sommers, and Writer, Gwen.

Interviewer: So, Gwen, how do you feel about Stephen's adaptation of your story?

Gwen: Oh, I'm thrilled. My worry when writing The Mummy Returns, Again is that it would land in the hands of someone who had a different vision to mine. Writers all have this dream that as they write, they vision it at the same time, but more than often this never happens. But Stephen did perfectly. He was brilliant. I mean, when we had our meeting he was so passionate about continuing the essence of the Mummy journeys that he allowed me to co-direct beside him on many of the scenes that he felt were most important to keeping it alive. I'm not sure what the audience will say when the film comes out, but I'm happy.

Stephen: You had better be, after all the nagging you did!


Interview: Ah, so you were on his case quite a lot were you?

Gwen: (laughing) As a dedicated story teller, you have to be! I was just lucky enough to find a Director as good as Stephen.

Stephen: You can stop the flattery now - the film is done.

Interviewer: What would you say was the most challenging part to make of the film?

Stephen: All of them.

Gwen: (laughing) Well, yes, they were all quite tough to be honest. Especially when you have such an eccentric cast I mean. We all got on so well and felt so comfortable that pranks were totally unavoidable, but then that's what makes making a movie so precious. I have to say, though, the most difficult parts for me was the stunts. In a book, it's completely different to actually turning them into moving-pictures. Stephen was great with that.

Stephen: Gwen's imagination was truthful, and I needed to present that in the film. Stunts and action scenes are what really keeps the audience's faith alive. If they look cool, my job is done. The emotional stuff was all really down to Gwen.

Interviewer: Speaking of emotions - how about that proposal hey? Alex and Femi?

Stephen and Gwen: Yes!

Gwen: How perfect! It's like my dream came alive when they fell in love throughout the making of the film.

Stephen: I think we all started seeing the spark, and then the scenes became too real. Off set they were always together - talking, playing games, helping each other rehearse. Inseparable. We all expected them to go somewhere with it all, but not a proposal on set!

Interview: I think it's by far one of the biggest gossips of the magazines right now. I mean, actors fall for each other on set but it's never been done so openly before right?

Stephen: Absolutely. I think it's fantastic. When real love is on the screen it's totally different from acting - even if you're the top class actor from all the best schools. Nothing beats real love.

Gwen's Notes: I started doing these a few months after finishing The Mummy. Even though this story was not from my own creation, I feel it is one of the most successful materials I have produced. I look back and smile thinking of when I was writing this story, and all of you were so fantastic. Thank you for your support, and for keeping it alive. I have been inspired to start my own story, of the action/romance genre, that one day I hope to get published. Wish me luck! Once again, you're all brilliant. Mwuah x