Okies..I Read A Fic Challenge Somewhere and I have attempted to try it. We shall see )

Extra Notice : This is set…hmmmm in October/November 2004 my favorite time ) And Cena is on Raw at this point. And HHH is a good guy but Randy acts as heel )


It was Saturday morning and Mr McMahon had called an emergency meeting between the superstars and himself. Now, getting the superstars to work at ordinary times was hard enough, but on a Saturday morning ? When Coach had heard this, he had spat his coffee all over the room. Mr McMahon often had abstract or idiosyncratic ideas but this was just a joke. "They'll never show. And if they do, they'll be half asleep!" He had stated, but Mr McMahon had stuck to his guns and now…it was Saturday and the time of the meeting (9.30am) had arrived and Coach's estimations werent far from wrong.

"John. Am I dead?" asked Dave struggling to open his eyes. Normally, Dave would have been awake for almost three hours by now, but after a night on the tiles, he could barely keep his eyes focused. John shook his head. "No but it damn feels like it"
"Good morning loves," came a female voice from behind them. Both men spun round to see Amy standing smiling behind them. She had been out with them the night before, along with half the roster but she looked so fresh faced compared to them.
"How come you look like that? And I…look and feel like shit?" Asked Dave.
"Because David. You arent used to nights out with Orton. Over the past few months, I've gotten used to it. Falling through the hotel room at about six in the morning and still having to get up at seven ? All part of the fun." She said smiling. EVERYONE knew not to go out for a drink with Randy unless, you were used to it. Cause NO ONE could keep up with him on the first night out. Dave rolled his eyes at the diva and one of his hands over his short hair. "Where is that dumb fuck anyways?" Amy shrugged as a group of around 15 people walked into the large hall and found themselves seats. Amy grabbed a table and pushed it against the wall before sitting on it. Just as she got confortable, she felt a large hand push her over. "My seat." the owner of the hand said.
"HUNTER!!!" She whined.
"Yes my beautiful little sister?" Came the reply. Amy scowled and moved over. There was no point arguing with him when he called her beautiful. It just meant everything she called him, he'd call her something sweet and piss her off more.

Both Amy and Hunter watched as, just before Mr McMahon began to speak Randy walked into the room smiling and fixing his hair. "The guys a posing bastard!" Hunter laughed as his friend wandered over to where they were sitting. "Get up Ames and yah can sit on my knee." Amy jumped off the table so Randy could get on, then moved back onto his knee. "Comfy?" Amy nodded. "Yah can start now Mr M." Randy said as the room, including Mr McMahon began to laugh.

"Well, ladies, gentlemen and Randy. Welcome," said Mr McMahon addressing the large group of superstars. "I've called you here today to announce that, we need to up the ratings. They're currently the best ever but we need to get them HIGHER. HIGHER. HIGHER."

The superstars stared at Mr McMahon like he was mad and as everything went deathly silent John was heard saying, "This is why I had to miss my fucking cartoons? What IS The world coming to?"

"Well Mr Cena let me answer that for you," continued Mr McMahon ignoring the fact that ninety percent of the room was shaking with laughter at John's sheer stupidity. "The world is becoming more and more demanding to meet its heroes. And you WWE superstars are a large majority of those heroes. Along with 9/11 firefighters, NBA players and Santa. Y'all are heroes. Which is why I have been planning a RAW ROAD TRIP for five lucky superstars."

"Lucky ? More like fucking retarded." Randy whispered in Amy's ear. "I bet he picks five randomers he can do without." Amy nodded and agreed as Hunter shook his head, knowing EXACTLY who Mr McMahon had chosen.

"Those superstars will be chosen from a list of ten I currently have," Vince said, leaning back slightly. "John Cena, Dave Batista, Hunter Helmsley, Amy Dumas, Trish Stratus, Randy Orton, Victoria Varon, Chris Benoit, Adam Copeland and Christy Hemme. That is all. Tahnk you." and with that, Vince McMahon walked through the door, leaving a room full of dumb founded superstars.

"Well there goes that theory." said Randy leaning back and smacking his head off the wall. Hunter stared straight ahead. He had known what Mr McMahon was doing. Stephanie had told him. Him and Stephanie, contrary to many beliefs, had never been a couple, but good friends. And she still updated him on her fathers warped plans.

"I know EXACTLY who he's sending on this trip. Us three, Cena and Christy. He wants to push the others and he doesn't think he can do that while we're still there cus we're 'fan favorites'" He stated running his hand through his blonde hair.

"Dude. The fans hate me. Lita is never there, Christy's just a washed down Lita and Cena has given up rapping so the fans are sick of him. Aint that right Ames?" Amy nodded.

"Well I'mma call him. Cus he wont answer if we go beating down his door," she said logically. But as she typed in his number and let it ring she heard Coach's obnoxious voice say "All lines are currently down."

"He's pretending the lines are down," she said Hanging up agressively. "Hunt. What are we gunna do? I don't wanna go on a road trip. Did steph say anything else about it ?"

"Well be gone for quite a while. Driving around, with only a small alowance for each day. We'll get our hotels booked but that's all. And we have to buy food gas and all the rest with the allowance." Hunter said.

"What about hair gel? Does that come into the allowance?" Randy joked. "Aww come on ames. You'll be with me. It'll be fun, I promise." He wrapped his arms around the now tired looking red head.

"I doubt it…" muttered hunter.