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It was Monday morning. Five am to be exact. The night before had been rather eventful and everyone was recovering. At about seven o'clock on Sunday night, Amy, Hunter, Randy, Christy and John all received phone calls telling them that THEY were the "lucky ones"
Randy, who had been 'busy' with Michelle McCool had gone into a strop. Yelling at Mr McMahon and telling him that he "can't go on the tour. Because my grandpa's sick" he was quite clearly reminded that his grandpa was dead and that he was going anyways.

John had also put up a fight. Although he knew there was no chance of him getting out of it, he tried his hardest. "Your ratings'll go down. The champ wont be there. No one will care." he too had been reminded that he'd been going. The other three hadnt minded. They knew fighting was pointless. So instead of complaining, Amy had called Jeff and sat whining down the phone to him for four hours. And that was why she was so tired that very morning.

"Amy you have to stay awake!" said Hunter, poking Amy in the tummy as they sat in Mr. McMahon's office, waiting for the itinerary. She blinked slowly and stared up at her brother who was looking positively terrified. "Christy ? Where's Cena"
Christy shrugged. "I don't know. He went outside after his cell rang. I think it was Ashley."

Randy rolled his eyes and Hunter laughed. "that girl's such a hoe. I mean she wants to be Ames. But she's copying LITA. I Mean what the hell is that all about"
The other three laughed as John came back through the door, Mr McMahon following after.

"Now as you know. You will be expected to continue this journey the whole way through. This is what you will need." Mr McMahon said, not even turning to look at them. He handed Amy a cell phone, Christy a map, Randy a credit card, Hunter keys to the car and John a piece of paper. "Now the cell phone has been locked. No phone calls can be made and only phone calls from MY number can be received. The map is self explanatory. As is the car. The credit card, will have limits. You can only spend so much on each thing. This is all mentioned on that piece of paper. The paper sets out what limitations you have. And it also gives you tasks. You have to collect everything mentioned on that paper or you all lose your wages fro three months after you come back."

The five of them huddled round John to read the paper. "But sir some of these are damn near impossible." said Christy, looking astonished.

"That isnt my problem Hemme. I'll call you each time to make sure you are at your destination and I'll call you to tell you what your destination IS. For now though, you should be in…Charlotte." Mr McMahon added. "Goodbye." He dismissed them.

All their luggage was outside the office. "How are we gunna drive to Charlotte from here?" asked John. "Dallas to Charlotte. And we don't even know when we have to be there for ?" He sighed.

"look. We'll juss go out get in the car and start driving. We'll work out who'll drive and stuff when we're out there." said Randy, surprising himself with his logic.

They all dragged their cases outside and Hunter pressed the button on the keys. A large SUV began to bleep. "At least he didn't give us a three wheeler." said John trying to lighten the mood. "Christy, you and Ames go to the car and get in the back. She looks like she's gunna fall asleep anyways. And me and those two will get the cases."

Christy nodded as she tried to make the other woman drop her case. "Will you fuck off Hemme ? I Can do it for myself. And John. I'm not an invalid, im a GIRL."

John rolled his eyes and pulled the case from Amy's hands, "All I'm saying here is that one of us might need a little nap. Now Go!"

Amy stubbornly stormed away, cursing John under her breath.

Christy sighed. This trip didn't seem so much fun any more. But she'd have to wait to see what would happen….