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Chapter 14: An Unlikely School Reunion

Elphaba flew hard and fast, never relenting. The strange trio was flying around the Emerald City for what seemed like hours, until Fiyero finally prompted the agitated witch to head back to their hidden headquarters.

"Are you out of your mind?! This isn't a child's game of hide-and-go-seek, where if you're found, you're it. We get found by the Gale Force or by anyone in favor if the regime that the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman are running, and not only will we be killed, but also tortured, questioned, and starved!"

This came as if spat out by the green skinned woman. Fiyero shook his head.

"Elphaba, no one is going to find us. We've been flying so sporadically that not even the best tracker would be able to keep up."

As these words were coming out if his mouth, Elphie was hit with a flood of repressed memories. Flashes of the old mill, Malky, and the secret affair all swarmed her mind. The memories kept piling up, one on top of the other when she came to the one that was most dreaded…

Elphaba walked into the mill, anxiously waiting to see her lover. It would be a great sense of relief to see his face after horribly botching the attempt on Madame Morrible's life. Wait…she could tell that something was out of place. There was a sense of foreboding as she walked up the remaining stairs. A slightly metallic smell grew noticeably stronger as she neared the door.

"What in the name of…"

The door was slightly ajar. Upon entering the room, the revolutionist was met with a gruesome sight. Blood. Everywhere. The entire room was stained and splattered with dark red: the floor, the walls, the bed…

Tears welled up in Elphie's eyes while she ground her teeth together and held tightly onto the broom as if it was the only secure thing in the land of Oz. Wave after wave of emotion was drowning her as she fought to keep it from erupting. Dark thunder clouds gathered on the horizon and quickly covered the vast expanse of the sky. No more. No more of this nonsense that was then. Fiyero is right behind me, alive and well, with Glinda on the backside of my broom. We're safe. We're all safe now…The moment that Elphaba shut her eyes, a bolt of lightening struck the end of the broom. Thunder claps were heard all around and a deadly downpour started.

"Elphaba, we need to get out of the rain!"

Fiyero began shouting in desperation. The blonde witch began stirring and nearly fell off of their high perch.

"Elphaba, now!"

The rain was hitting her face, arms, and hands, but she could feel no pain. Almost in a daze, she turned the broom around and raced back to their hiding place.

Back at the palace in the Emerald City, the Tin Woodman was just arriving at Glinda the Good's personal chambers. Walking through with an air of supremacy, he took various things that belonged to her and her estate. First of all, he took her wand, the one that she never left behind whenever she went out, even though she had no real use for it other than to please her absurd vanity. Second, he took one of her hairbrushes, one that she frequently used. Third and lastly, he took a journal that she had kept in vain while attending Shiz University. The people of Oz will be none the wiser after the spell on ShenShen has been completed. She will be transformed from lowly secretary to Glinda the Good herself with these small trinkets of hers. Of course, the spell will need to be completed in a timely fashion, but all will follow after that. Walking back outside to his carriage, he called ShenShen to accompany him back to his mansion. As for the Scarecrow, well all I will need to say is that the duties of running such a complex and wonderful land such as Oz has been too much of a burden and that he has chosen to retire to Quox. Silently chuckling at his brilliant plan, he helped Glinda's former friend and employee into the carriage. As for Elphaba and Fiyero, I'll find someway to smoke them out. Surely she must have another weakness. Ah! Yes, that's the answer to my question….The Tin Woodman sat smugly and made small talk on the way to his mansion, all the while scheming for the Witch's imminent demise.

Landing safely on the small space in front of their door, Elphaba helped Fiyero carry in their friend. She still hadn't awoken and this was very troubling both to the Winkie prince and to the Wicked Witch.

"Place her on my cot. It's more comfortable than yours. I'll go get some smelling salts and some herbs. Make sure that her legs are elevated and that you have some water around if she comes to before I return."

Elphaba hurried out the door with the material of her black skirt swishing behind her. Fiyero sat down next to the small bed and looked over the blonde witch's body. He could see a myriad of scrapes, cuts, and bruises, but none were too bad. She had a split in the middle of her lower lip and a black eye that was just forming. Gingerly feeling her head, he could tell that she had slammed in on something and that she most likely would wake up with a concussion. Heavy footsteps told him that Elphaba had indeed hurried back.

"I got most of what we needed. I also got a bit of ale for her, so that when she wakes up it will help to dull the pain."

Elphaba sat on the other side of the cot and looked sadly at her best friend. Fiyero had never seen her looking so concerned before, and quite frankly, it touched his heart. She lightly stroked Glinda's face while quietly calling out her name and waving the smelling salts above her nose. After a few moments, the blonde's eyes fluttered open.

"Hi Glinda."

She started after this and tried to get up, but Elphaba lightly restrained her.

"Shhh don't say anything and don't move. You're safe now. Fiyero and I found you and rescued you. Now you can rest."

Glinda gently settled back down after taking a few swigs of water.

"Elphie? I know this sounds bizarre, especially since I'm a grown woman now and-"

"Glinda, you're babbling right now. You can ask me anything, what is it?"

"Well…this is silly…but can you lay next to me? I'm scared to sleep by myself."

Elphaba got up and laid next to her. Glinda tried to talk, but Fiyero shook his head and told her to get some rest. Night had fallen and it was getting to be quite late.

Before he went to bed, Fiyero looked over at Elphaba's cot. Although Elphaba had stayed far to her side of the bed, Glinda had drifted over and was now sleeping contentedly. He smiled and put out the small lantern.

This touching scene was witnessed by a mysterious outsider watching the entire thing and taking note of the location in which it happened….

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