Chapter 10

Kisa walked out of the hospital room slowly and made her way to the pay phones because she needed to hear Tohru's voice.

"Onee-chan?" she whimpered when Tohru picked up.

"Kisa-chan! What's wrong?" she exclaimed.

"I have done something terrible… I feel like shit." She said.

"Kisa!" Tohru cried, the first time hearing her curse.

"It's true, I feel like shit, but what's even worse is that I made Hiro-kun feel like shit too. I just… Akito-san made me…" Kisa couldn't finish her sentence because she was sobbing again.

"Kisa-chan, what did he make you do? Tell me!" she exclaimed.

"I… I can't… you'll hate me," She whispered, clutching the phone with white knuckles.

"No I won't," Tohru told her firmly, "You are family, and I never hate family. Tell me what's wrong."

"I… I just dumped Hiro-kun, onee-chan… and now he never wants to see me again." She sobbed.

"I'll be there in a second, don't worry, we'll sort this out."

"No, onee-chan. I did this to myself, I need to learn what to do." Kisa said in a voice too aggressive.

"I'm still coming, you are dear to me Kisa-chan, and I hate to see or hear you cry. I will be there in a few minutes, don't cry anymore please." She said, and hung up the phone with a quick goodbye.

Kisa went back into the room and stared out the window, hoping that Tohru would hurry, because the tears were getting really hard to fight. She leaned against the cool glass and closed her eyes, thinking of a garden. 'Garden Where Good Things Grow' it would be called and she would be allowed to do whatever she wished in there. She could run around or sniff the meadows full of sunflowers, then climb a sakura tree and wait till the evening when the fireflies came around.

Kisa would live in that garden, where all the good things grew and she would be a good thing too. She wouldn't have the demon in her; she would live in a tiny cottage with vines growing up the sides. She would have tea in the morning and then she would have honey on her toast from a beehive behind the house. She wished that she really could do that, just run away and create her garden of good things…

"Kisa-chan!" Tohru exclaimed and hugged her with all her might.

"Hello, onee-chan," she said smiling; the puff under her eyes was almost gone from the chill of the window.

"Oh, what happened?" she asked, sitting in a chair by the bed Kisa had.

"Well…" Kisa began, and explained to her everything that had happened.

Tohru cried in the appropriate parts, and laughed just the same. It was during this fest of emotions that Kisa realized something, she was nothing in Akito's eyes… and that bothered her.

She didn't want to be pushed around anymore without a just reason, and Hiro was not a just reason, nor was her family, nor was her schoolwork. No, she had to do something that changed her, something that would make Akito squirm… she wanted vengeance for what he had made her do to Hiro; and the one-thing women are exceptionally good at is getting revenge.

"Tohru," Kisa asked slowly, "I need to ask you something."

"What?" she asked.

"Well, I need to know if I can change… if I can go… bad." She said.

"Perhaps… I mean everyone has a bad streak in them; we just don't often give into it. I don't know if you have one though, unless it really was you who destroyed the main house the other day."

"I didn't destroy it per say," she stated smirking, then whispered slyly, "I let the cat demon do most of the work for me."

"Kisa-chan!" Tohru exclaimed in mock horror, "What did Akito-san do?"

"Nothing, I went into the garden and then saw Haruka-chan. She knew who I was… I thought that when I was in demon form people didn't know that it was me, though."

"Well Haruka-chan has a special ability," Hatori said entering the room, "I need you to leave please, Tohru-chan."

"Sure." She said smiling and hugged Kisa gently good-bye.

Kisa watched her leave and wanted to call for her to return, it had been the first time she'd not cried in hours. Hatori sat in her chair and looked at her.

"Well," he chuckled, "I did warn you."

If she was going to change she needed to start sometime, why not now?

"About?" she asked crossing her arms.

"About what would happen if you changed deliberately into the demon. I told you that you would most likely end up in a hospital bed. Didn't I?" he asked.

"I guess."

"I don't know if it's finally puberty catching on, but I think you're starting to change… whether for better or worse I'm not sure of yet." He said.

Kisa smiled, she was changing before his eyes and he didn't realize it.

"Have Tohru-chan take you shopping… better yet Rin-chan. I heard what you wanted to do just before I came in, and I think that it's a wonderful idea. You should try out some new things, see what it's like to be bad." He said, nearly making Kisa fall off the bed.

Apparently he did know.

"You agree?" she sputtered.

"Why not? Think it's good you're going to rid yourself of that horrid school uniform. I know that Rin will help anyway, so you'll be all set by the time you're a week out of here." He said smiling.

"Rin-chan ignores me, why would she help me?" Kisa asked slowly.

"Because, she knows what you're going through." He answered and stood, "as for me, I'm going to leave you in the hands of these very capable doctors and nurses," he looked at the one standing in the doorway staring at him, "until Tuesday."

"What happens on Tuesday?" she asked.

"We get you out of here is what happens." He answered smiling, and Kisa swore the nurse swooned.

"You've still got it." Kisa laughed.

"Got what?" he asked, faking confusion.

Kisa smiled, Hatori knew damn well what he was doing, he knew so damn well.


Rin picked her up on Tuesday, wrinkling her nose at Kisa's school uniform. She took her out to the convertible she'd just bought from her new job as a model. Apparently it paid well because the car was brand new.

"Get in, it's not going to bite." Rin said, hopping over the door and into the driver's seat.

"Oh…" Kisa replied flustered, and opened the door.

Before she even had on her seatbelt Rin was pulling away from the curb, wheels squealing.

"I swore I'd never go into a hospital again," Rin told her as the roof retracted when drops of rain began to fall.

A mid-spring shower, Kisa thought.

"Really?" Kisa asked.

"Ever since I was released, I swore I would never go back." She sighed, "But I guess not all promises are meant to be kept."


"Well," Rin explained, "haven't you ever made a promise you couldn't keep? Even if you could, it just backfires on you?"

"No, I keep all my promises." Kisa answered.

Rin snorted, "Right, like that'll work on me. I know when someone is lying, Kisa-chan, and you're terrible at it. Didn't you just promise that you'd go bad?"

Kisa gawked at her.

"That's already a broken promise I can guarantee." She continued, "But I'll help you because I know what it's like." Her knuckles gripped the wheel tighter. "I know because I did the same thing."

Kisa looked at her, "Really?"

"Don't be an idiot, of course!"

"Wow. Was that when…?"

"Yes, when Hatsuharu-san and I broke up." She muttered.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know." She said

"You're lying again." Rin sighed, "I know that it's hard not to lie, but you have to. Sometimes it's not even a thought, we just lie, and that catches up to us. If you want to succeed at changing you have to be honest and tell it like you see it."

"Like an umpire?" Kisa suggested.

"No, you have to be blunt."

"I don't know…"

"Oh c'mon," she exclaimed, "tell me what you think of my outfit today. If you're going to be blunt you have to tell the truth, therefore, I will know when you're lying."

"You'll get mad at me."

"I get mad at everyone." Rin pointed out.

"Umm… well, it's kind of…" Kisa said studying the mini skirt and heels.

"Kind of what? Be blunt, it's your first lesson." She snapped.

"Well, it looks a little trashy." She said quickly.

Rin screeched the car off to the side and looked around panicked.

"IT'S WHAT?" she exclaimed angrily.

"Umm… nothing." Kisa said looking out the window.

Rin laughed, "Lesson number two, never change your answer. If you're going to tell it the way it is, you have to stick with your answer. Don't change it the second someone blows up, get a back bone!"

"Oh… Well it is kind of trashy."

"Really?" she asked looking down at her blouse, "I guess I'll have to buy some clothes too when we go shopping."

"We're going shopping?" Kisa gasped.

"Duh, I just said that." Rin sighed, and pulled into traffic again, "We're headed to the mall, and no uniforms. We're buying you some clothes that are cool."

"But I want to bad."

"You're such a dork, Kisa-chan," she said grinning; something Kisa had never seen her do before.

It looks good on her, a smile… everyone looks good with a smile, Kisa thought quietly.


Kisa and Rin entered a giant department store and Kisa looked around eagerly, but Rin dragged her out the door the second she saw the depressed sales clerk.

"Why did we just leave?" Kisa asked.

"Lesson three, when you're going shopping find a store with people that are alive. The guy in there was counting the seconds to his lunch break." Rin answered, flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder.

"Guys are staring at you."

"Get used to it. They'll be doing that to you when I'm finished." She said smirking, and entering another store.

The clerk was waiting at the door and had on a giant grin, and no sooner had they walked in Rin was dragging her out.

"What was wrong with that one?" Kisa demanded.

"Too peppy, she was fake. Get someone that's real and alive, not dead or a mile wide smile. I hate people like that, therefore the next lesson: never do drugs. I know I sound like a police officer, but I mean it. Drugs mess with your body and your mind, I would know, I've tried them so don't do them. When you go to a club, especially one with kids your age, there is going to be drugs, so whatever you do, don't take anything from someone that you don't know, or take something you didn't see get made."

"Ugh, you sound like my mother."

"There we go! Getting some attitude!" Rin shouted, enjoying when Kisa squirmed as people turned their direction.

"Rin-chan," she hissed.

"What, it's not like you're ever going to see any of these people again. But I'm serious about the whole drug thing, they're bad Kisa-chan, really bad."

Kisa saw the look in her eyes and knew that she wasn't lying to scare her, she was telling the truth.

"Okay, I won't do drugs." Kisa promised, and hoped that Rin would know that she was telling the truth.

She smiled, "Hurry up, this store is always a winner."

She entered a smaller store that had all sorts of expensive looking things on the rack. Kisa looked on as the woman behind the counter smiled at them, genuinely happy for customers.

"Can I help you with anything Rin-chan?" she asked coming out.

Kisa noticed that she was inspecting both Rin and her.

"Yes, we need to get her a whole new wardrobe." Rin told the woman, taking a seat and watching as she took Kisa into the back.

"Okay, well what size are you?" she asked turning to Kisa.


"I'm only trying to help, don't be afraid."

"I'm a size seven." Kisa told her sheepishly.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, I've had women come in here that are a size sixteen. Being a size seven is good, it's healthy." She said picking out three shirts and four pairs of pants.

She led Kisa into a fitting room and waited patiently as Kisa changed into a short skirt with a lower cut shirt. The skirt was just denim and above her knees, and the light colored shirt had lace up to her collarbone, though her cleavage showed through.

"Oh! Simply adorable!" the woman exclaimed as she stepped out.

Rin walked over and looked at her, "Can we get some darker colors though? She was telling me that she wants to go 'bad'."

"Oh! So this is Kisa-chan!" the lady exclaimed, "Rin-chan, you have one large project ahead of you."

"I know, but I think that she can do it." Rin replied, politely smiling.

"Okay, well I'll get out the clothes I think that you would like to see on her, then we'll let her have the final say in what she's going to buy."

"Sounds fair enough." Rin shrugged, and Kisa nodded slowly.

The woman disappeared into the back again and returned, her arms laden with things for Kisa to try on.

"Here," she said, handing her a black tank top with a skull embroidered on it, "I think this will look good with your hair."

She also handed her two striped shirts with lower necklines than Kisa thought comfortable, but tried on anyway. Each time she came out Rin either nodded or didn't, determining which pile it would go in.

By the end of the afternoon Kisa's closet had been doubled, and her school uniforms "altered" as Rin called it when she had returned home.

"Look," she said, "if you want a higher hemline, just roll the skirt up, which is what you're going to be doing from now on."


"As an experiment."

"What kind of experiment?"
"To see what people say behind your back, when they see you in this." Rin explained, "Now I also know for a fact that next week is dress-down week so you must wear your new clothes. I don't want this school uniform crap anymore."

Kisa smiled, "You got it."