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Summary: Growing up with a pack of Demons is easy, especially when the older he gets, the more a demon Naruto becomes. But when the pack is killed by shinobi, Naruto vows revenge by learning to use his ever growing Chakra. Meeting team Seven, his journey begins.

Dancing with Demons

By Daystar Clarion

Rated T


He supposed the first word out of his mouth had not been mommy or daddy, mainly because they never said any such words to him as a young child, but a more endearing word.


It was something they understood, being hungry, and though the blonde toddler had not said the word right, they still understood what he meant. Stealing goats had become tiresome, and the human child had long ago begun to show signs of wanting more than just goat milk.

So they had to feed him something with more substance.

The four demons hovered over the naked toddler and contemplated on what to give him. Tsorn, of brown earthy skin and blood encrusted jaws, said they should have done what they had wanted to do in the beginning, and eat the child. Spayt being the youngest of the group, the same race of demon as the others- but smaller in stature, crooned against the idea as always, claiming their human pet could be useful one day. Krik, the self proclaimed leader, not by size- but in brains, agreed, however mostly because he alone had spent countless hours licking away at the seal that covered the infants' stomach, trying to draw out the Master demon that he sensed just below the surface.

Tkaa showed nothing of his opinions, whether he just didn't care or had some other agenda, they did not know.

What they did know was that they were hungry, and like the human child, it was time to eat. Krik scooped the toddler up in one large hand as the others shifted on their large clawed feet before leaping into the trees. Krik glanced down at the blonde human child, grimaced at its baby fine hair that he spent so much time licking, to his blue eyes that his own yellow ones spent so much time gazing into. The child really had potential, he knew this, even when he occasionally wanted to eat it too. But that's what made him smarter than the others. At least Tsorn and Spayt. Tkaa remained an enigma.

It was time for the human child to enter a new chapter of its short existence, a rebirth, so to speak. He was about to ascend to the very top of the food chain, because for their kind, there was nothing tastier than the flesh of humans. Their diet consisted of all types of meat, from insects to bears, and they would eat just about any animal. But human flesh was the delicacy they dared eat, and Krik could smell the demon somewhere hidden in this pale pink body. A Greater Demon, a Master beyond what they were, and such greatness deserved the flesh of humans. After so much time spent licking the seal until the child's skin began to chafe and become raw, he was rewarded with a certain understanding. The less human things the child did, the weaker the seal became.

Krik brunched his powerful haunches, gripping the toddler in one hand, and made a leap into the trees, heading for the next human encampment.

They were going human hunting.


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