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"Glad I'm not out there…" Naruto mumbled softly as he looked out the window of his hospital room. Down below him he could see crews of medical teams and construction teams working everywhere to start removing the destruction that lay around the city. "I suppose the loss of healing speed wasn't such a bad thing…else I would be down there to."

It had only been two days since the fight and he was still locked up in the hospital, his burns varying all over his body and a severe case of chakra exhaustion. He had Rock Lee push his bed closer to the window earlier in the day so that he could get a look outside at the destruction. The destruction itself was fairly well confined within an area around the east gate. Well…confined if you didn't count the massive crater near the center of the city…

'I hope I don't have to pay for that…'

Casualties were still high though, much to Naruto's dismay. His Anbu knew the cost of being the frontline for that long and because of that he would need to do a lot of recruiting. A ceremony was to be held for all those who lost their lives within the next few days. He would attend wounded or not. Still though, he lost a lot of people he had become close to over the last few months.

Knock Knock

Naruto turned his head and smiled at the sight. Hinata was standing there blushing slightly as she looked at him sitting up in bed just gazing out at the city. In her hands she held a bag full of what, if his nose was right, steaming ramen. Naruto smiled as he pated a spot next to himself on the bed for her to sit at. She placed the ramen on a table to the side as she sat down next to him and curled up again him.

"How are you feeling?" She asked softly.

"You all managed to remove most of my burns so that's fine, now I just have to wait to get more of my energy back. I pumped way too much into that final shot. I'm starting to feel a lot better though, I bet I will be out there tomorrow working."

"That's good." Hinata had closed her eyes as she leaned up against him and placed her head on his shoulder. Breathing in his scent as they just sat there comfortably.

"So where is everyone?" Naruto asked.

"Everyone's going to be busy most of the day. Some are moving debris, some are healing the wounded. I believe Neji-niisan said that he was part of a search team for any survivors. Tsunade-sama gave me permission to take care of you though." She spoke as she sighed into his chest.


Hinata jumped. Startled as a clone of Naruto appeared next to the bed.

"If someone tries to get in…kill them."

Hinata looked over at Naruto as the clone walked outside and locked the door behind him. She looked into his loving eyes and realized what he was thinking. She blushed as he lay her down against the bed.

"What about the ramen?"

All thoughts were stripped from her mind as his lips touched hers.


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