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Synopsis: RononTeyla, SheppardWeir. Teyla is sent to an alternate reality where the Wraith rule, and she must help liberate the Atlantians and deal with the differences while she struggles to return home.

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence mostly, a little kissing (nothing heavier, though)

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla, John/Elizabeth

Spoilers: General spoilers mostly; if there are any for a specific episode I will let you know at the beginning of the chapter it is located in. (Small spoiler for "Condemned" in this chapter.)

Title: Superman

Author: fyd818

Part 1/?

Dedication: To Dia. Thank you so much for your friendship, I couldn't do this without you. And to leadfingers, thank you so much for your support and your art.

Author's notes: This is going to be another multi chapter fic, but this time it's going to be Ronon/Teyla and John/Elizabeth (hope J/E don't start fighting. . .I'm still having a little trouble writing them). I hope you enjoy this story, and please review!


The hustle and bustle of the crowded marketplace passed by to Teyla Emmagan's left as she sat at a small little table at an outdoor eatery, enjoying a quiet, calming cup of tea and a bowl of soup.

Across the table from her, Ronon Dex eyed the crowds passing by them with a hint of suspicion. Ever since she had told them that some underhanded things went on in the marketplaces of Theroona, he had kept one hand close to his weapon and a matching eye on the people. Teyla, quite used to this behavior, ignored him and continued to enjoy her meal while it was still warm.

"They should have our order done by the time we finish here," Teyla finally said by way of conversation, trying to draw Ronon's attention back to her and away from the crowds. Some of the passing people were beginning to eye them suspiciously, and the last thing Teyla needed was a repeat of what happened the last time she'd taken Ronon with her on a trading mission.

Ronon mumbled some noncommittal answer and drank the last of his tea. "How often have you traded with these people?" he finally asked her, the first words he'd spoken since they had arrived on Theroona over two hours previous.

Teyla set down her teacup and fumbled in her pocket for some currency to pay for their meal. "I have traded here for many years, and have yet to meet up with the unscrupulous types," she said, a small hint for him.

Ronon didn't take it. "This place seems a little dangerous nevertheless. We should probably leave soon."

Teyla didn't bother to argue, for in a way Ronon was right. They were due back on Atlantis, their home, in about another hour, and she didn't want to cause a panic by not arriving on time. Besides, her people would be expecting the bags of soil fertilizer she was trading for, and the sooner the fertilizer was mixed into the soil the sooner the crops could be planted.

She finally located a few small coins and left them on the table in a neat pile next to her bowl, including a generous tip for the waitress that had taken their order, delivered their food, and kept their cups filled with tea. "Come."

Ronon followed her back into the flow of the crowd, a silent, hulking shadow that followed her every move. Teyla attempted to ignore the shiver that crept up her neck feeling his eyes on her. Lately she'd been having feelings for him, feelings that transcended those from one teammate to another. The thought that Ronon might return those feelings made the hair on the back of her neck stand to attention.

After a few more minutes of weaving through the crowd, Ronon and Teyla finally arrived at their destination, forcing the pretty Athosian to push her thoughts away so she could concentrate on the business at hand.

"Eight bags of fertilizer, as promised," the owner of the booth, Arzat, said. Teyla had traded with him before and knew him to be honest, so she dug in her pocket for more coins as Arzat spoke again. "I'm sorry I had to raise the price on you this year, Teyla, but some of the ingredients are on short supply and I've had to adjust prices to pay for it."

Ronon suddenly leaned down and spoke softly in her ear: "I'll be back in a minute."

Teyla turned to protest, but he had already slipped into the crowd, disappearing into the milling throng as easily as a shadow. She sighed and turned back to Arzat, handing over her coins. "That should be right."

Arzat quickly counted the coins, then smiled and handed one back to her. "One too many," he said. Then, since Ronon had slipped off and Teyla couldn't carry eight bags of fertilizer by herself, the merchant leaned against his booth and started to ask her questions. "How are your people doing?"

Teyla shook her head. "It is has been hard on them. Since the Ancestral city was destroyed and they all had to relocate again, they are finding it hard to readjust their lives back to normal."

Arzat shook his head. "I heard about the city," he said, voice full of sorrow. "Too bad about it."

Teyla nodded in agreement, resisting the urge to look at her timepiece and turn to look for Ronon. "That it is."

Fortunately for her, Ronon appeared at her shoulder at that moment and spared her from any more of Arzat's questions. "Ready to go?" he asked, his expression neutral. Apparently he wasn't anxious to linger longer on Theroona.

"Yes." Teyla didn't bother to ask him where he'd disappeared off to, instead lifting two bags of fertilizer in both of her hands and smiling at Arzat. "I will see you next year," she said. "Thank you."

"Next year!" Arzat called after her, as if to make sure that she did come back. Teyla laughed slightly, weaving her way through the crowds and towards the Stargate. Come to think of it, Atlantis's airy spaces would feel good in comparison to the packed surroundings of Theroona.

They were almost to the Stargate when a hand grasped the lapel of her coat, yanking her off balance and to the side. Ronon's calling of her name came a few seconds to late as she tumbled to the ground, hitting her shoulder hard against the corner of a booth.

Stunned, Teyla found herself staring into the hard blue eyes of a local merchant. Hot, rancid breath whooshed across her face as the little but surprisingly strong man bent over her, his beady eyes staring accusingly at her. "You're going to pay for what you stole from me!" he cried, voice low and raspy.

Teyla looked over the man's shoulder for Ronon, but he was still a ways back in the crowd, trying to force his way through to her. She would have to get herself out of this, and quick. "I stole nothing from you," she said, pushing the obviously drunk merchant away from her and leaping to her feet.

The little man continued to glare at her. "I say you did," he said, his words slurring. "And you'll pay!" He reached out and shoved her hard, sending her crashing backwards into the large stone sculpture behind her.

But instead of landing against it, an electric shock zinged through her entire body and then she landed hard on a floor, darkness pressing around her in a sudden change from the bright sunlight in the marketplace.

Teyla sat up, rubbing her shoulder from where she'd hit it again when she landed. Where am I? she wondered, scrambling to her feet. "Hello?" she called, reaching out a hand to try to feel if there was anything around her.

Immediately her hand touched something smooth and rounded, and she jerked her hand away. "What the. . .?" From the feel of it, it was the same statue that the merchant on the Theroona had knocked her against.

Was she blind? Well, if she was, she was deaf too, because there was not a sound wherever she was.

Her blindness was no longer in question when a sudden, piercingly bright light flashed into her eyes and a rough voice said: "Who are you? Where did you come from?"

Teyla cried out and covered her eyes, trying to protect them from the sudden light. "Turn your light off, please, you are blinding me!"

But, instead of the light going off, a bright red one struck her in the chest, and her entire world faded into blackness right after one last shocked and betrayed thought shot through her mind. Ronon. . .?

To Be Continued. . .

Okay, I'm mean, I know. The prologue was deliberately rushed, from here on out things will still be quick but not quite this quick. No Shweir in this chapter, but there will be some in the next, I promise. It might be a few days before this is updated, because I'm going to be writing this concurrently with my other story, "Enduring Love," and that one will have priority until it is done. But, after that is done (there are only about five to eight chapters left), I promise that updates for this one will come quicker. I hope you enjoyed, and please let me know what you think!