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Part 17/17

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Two years later

He ran down the halls of Atlantis, dodging personnel as he went and apologizing to those he bumped into, but still not slowing his pace. After the hurried radio transmission he'd received from Doctor Beckett, nothing was going to get in the way of him and the infirmary.

Ronon skidded to a stop in front of the door to the infirmary, still dressed in the full off world gear, weapons included. He hadn't even taken time to pull off his coat when he'd come tearing through the Stargate, taking off straight for the infirmary without so much as a hello to the people on the other side waiting for him.

Beckett appeared in the doorway, both hands out to forestall the questions just waiting to tumble from Ronon's lips. "Before ye say anything, lad, come with me."

Ronon reluctantly kept his mouth closed and followed Beckett through the infirmary, all the way to the small curtained-off cubicle that was set off from the rest of the infirmary.

The Scottish doctor placed one finger to his lips and motioned for Ronon to go inside, giving him an encouraging smile before slipping back off into the main part of the infirmary.

Dex took a deep breath and slipped around the curtain, taking a moment to just stop and look at the sight that met his eager eyes.

Teyla was sitting up in the infirmary bed, a tired but deliriously happy look on her face, her hair pulled back into a ponytail that had fallen most of the way out.

She still looked absolutely gorgeous.

And cuddled in her arms was a little pink-wrapped bundle, impossibly small but so incredibly alive.

"Teyla. . ."

She looked up and her smile widened into a full-fledged grin as she motioned for him to come over with a tilt of her head and an alluring sparkle of her eyes. "Come meet your daughter, Ronon," she said, her voice soft and strong.

Dex crept closer to her, shrugging off his coat and placing it across the chair in the corner, his holster next to it, before sitting down on the edge of Teyla's bed and gazing at the sleeping infant in his wife's arms.

"She looks like you," he said softly, reaching out a long finger to touch her tiny hand, smiling when small, piercing green eyes opened to look curiously at him. An adorable toothless baby grin stretched his daughter's lips, and her little hand latched onto his finger as she made a content noise and closed her eyes to fall back asleep.

He'd seen Carson and Laura's baby boy; he'd seen, helped with, and even held Colonel Sheppard and Doctor Weir's little girl, but never did he think that he would have a baby with Teyla, though he'd secretly hoped for so long. . .

"Her eyes are yours," Teyla responded softly, breaking him out of his thoughts as she looked up to smile at him again. "Those green, intense eyes that I get lost in every single time I look into them."

Ronon reached out his free hand and cupped his wife's cheek, smiling at her before leaning in to kiss her. "She's beautiful," he whispered. "And so are you."

Teyla looked down, an embarrassed smile curling her lips. "I look terrible," she said in a soft, flustered voice. "My hair's a tangled mess and I've got bags under my eyes."

Ronon just smiled and wrapped his arms around his family, overwhelming love for Teyla and Kyana growing in his heart by the second. This was his family, his love, his heart, and he would do anything to protect that, at any cost. He could stand to lose his home, his life, everything, just so long as Teyla and Kyana were always a part of his life. He couldn't lose them.

Colonel Sheppard had told him that he wasn't Superman, he couldn't save everyone. And he'd responded back that he very well could try.

Perhaps he wasn't Superman. Perhaps he couldn't save the world and everyone in it. Perhaps all he could do was try.

But he had found his kryptonite: Teyla and Kyana. They could make him or break him, love him or hate him, keep him alive or be his death.

But either way, he'd find some way to protect them.

Ronon closed his eyes, buried his face in his wife's hair, and sealed forever in his heart that powerful promise that he hoped he could keep.


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