Chapter One

My name is Jason. Jason Grant actually. See I'm not like the Animorphs, it doesn't matter if you know my last name or not, because I'm not on the earth anymore. And besides, The One knows who I am, and even if it didn't know who I was, it wouldn't matter because that's not how The One operates. Subtlety is not The One's cup of tea if you get my drift.

You're probably wondering "The One?" What the heck is "The One"? Well there's a good reason you don't know what The One is. The government doesn't want you to know. I disagree with the President's decision to not reveal the existence of the One to the general population, but he's not the only one. The Andalite Electorate has also decided not to tell their general population about the One. This was the suggestion that the Kelbrid made. Yeah, you haven't heard of them either.

But I digress, you see the best way to tell this long and complicated story, is to begin at the beginning.

It all started in the St. Louis Mills. (There's another thing that separates me from Jake Berenson, I am not afraid to tell you that I live in St. Charles Missouri child of Kevin and Melinda Grant. I'm seventeen years old and I have two sisters and one brother)

Anyway it started in the St. Louis Mills, ironic eh? It always starts in a mall. I was hanging out with my best friend in the world…Emily Wu.

That's right my best friend is a girl. We've been best friends since we were seven. She's Chinese-American and has got long black hair. She's a notorious flirt and doesn't have any qualms about taking a love em' or leave em approach to guys.

In fact, technically I'm the longest relationship that she's ever had. Her dad's a pastor, and when you're a PK (Pastor's Kid) there are two roads you can take. Rejecting everything your parents taught you, and becoming a rebel. Or you can be a good girl, a sweet little angel.

Emily fell somewhere in between. She's a heart-breaker, and she knows it and likes it. Literally her favorite pastime is playing with guys emotions. She tries to do it to me too; fortunately I've known her for ten years. I'm immune.

We were outside of Spencer's Gifts, we were trying to find a Christmas gift for Emily's older bother, and he's hard to shop for.

"Did you hear that Lilly is cheating on Johnny Collins," Emily said as we left Spencer's, another bust. "With his brother!"

"No Emily," I said, "I don't pay attention too or care about the school gossip."

"But Jason," Emily said. "It's so much fun!"

"Too much drama for me," I said shrugging as I saw a pair of Andalite tourists go past. "I've got enough drama with you as my best friend."

"And don't you forget it!" she teased.

I glanced at the Andalite tourists as they entered a candy shop. You can always tell an Andalite in human morph. First of all, it's now illegal on both earth and the Andalite world to acquire a sentient being, so all Andalites with human morphs actually have Frolis Maneuvers of human DNA. You know, multiple DNA patterns combined to create one morph. The merchants who sell their DNA for such combos are often out of work actors or supermodels, so the Andalite morphs are often bizarrely beautiful. In addition, the Andalites aren't that keen on the concept of clothing, so they're usually just wearing the minimum they can get by in, skintight leotards and such. Never any shoes.

Since Andalite tourism on earth was growing, the fast food industry was booming. They had raised their prices and the Andalites were still willing to pay.

Emily's hand smacking the back of my head snapped me out of my funk.

"Ow," I said groaning. "What was that for?"

"You were checking out that Andalite chick's butt!" Emily said.

I glanced at the Andalite female's human morph. I grinned sheepishly at my friend.

"Yeah so," I said. "Her human morph's got a nice butt, can't blame me for that."

"One," Emily said, "That's not even her real body, she looks like a freaky alien deer underneath that morph, and two you're here with me. I know that we're just friends and all but jeeze! It's tacky."

"Oh please," I said. "I see you check out guys all the time."

"Well maybe things have changed," Emily said. "Maybe I've found a guy who I want to have a more long term relationship with you know?"

I rolled my eyes as we turned towards the Borders. "Please Emily; your idea of a long term relationship is two weeks. That's the longest you've ever dated a guy before dumping him. You delight in playing with our hearts."

Emily looked hurt, but she shrugged it off.

"I hear that morphing is going to become more widely available soon," She said changing the conversation.

I nodded slowly, "God I'd love to be able to morph," I said. "It would be so cool to just change into a bird or a tiger or a dolphin or whatnot."

"Or a horse," Emily said. She and her family lived out on a ranch outside of town. They had three horses. "They're such gorgeous animals."

She stopped talking suddenly, she looked like she was going to say something else, but instead her face changed from one of a dreamy look to one of horror instead. I glanced over towards the Candy shop to see what she was looking at.

A six year old girl was morphing, warping and changing into a Hork-Bajir. The half Hork-Bajir half human raised a Yeerk Dracon beam and prepared to fire at the female Andalite I'd been checking out earlier.

I didn't think I just acted, bolting across the mall, and into the candy shop I slammed into the half-morphed girl. I knocked her down and the Dracon beam stuck a tub of Jelly Bellies instead of the Andalite. The Dr. Pepper flavored Jelly Bellies melted together.

The girl was more Hork-Bajir than girl now. She/He (For he had three horn blades coming out of his skull) hefted me up and threw me aside.

I groaned and got up. The now-fully-Hork-Bajir was ignoring me; he turned towards the Andalite girl and aimed the Dracon beam again. I bolted once more but this time I knocked the Andalite girl down, the Dracon beam narrowly missing the back of my head.

"What the…" she said as I knocked her down. The Hork-Bajir bellowed in rage and took aim again. I didn't hesitate, I was on my feet once again, and I dragged the Andalite girl to hers and pulled her out of the candy shop.

Emily ran over to us.

"Jason," she said sounding terrified, "He's trying to kill her."

"Yeah I know," I said. "Help me get her to safety."

"It's Zekal 216," The Andalite girl said sounding scared herself. "He's a paid assassin, a Yeerk."

"Yeah well that doesn't really matter now does it?" I asked as Emily and I pulled her through the mall.

"No you don't understand," she said. "His host is a morph-capable Hork-Bajir!"

I barely had enough time to think what? Before I heard the sound of the Hork-Bajir bellowing. I glanced back and saw that he was in fact morphing again. He was becoming larger and his blades were dissipating. He was turning into a thirty-foot tall grey-colored monster with three fingers. It kind of reminded me of the Raincor from Star Wars.

Emily looked back at the creature the Hork-Bajir was now morphing.

"Aaaahhh!" She screamed, "What is that?"

The Andalite looked back as well.

(I believe it is called a Jubba-Jubba it is from the Hork-Bajir home world. They are almost extinct thanks to the Yeerks.) She said in thought-speak. It kind of surprised me that she could think-speak in human morph.

The Jubba-Jubba charged after us, knocking bridge-ways and people aside.

"Quick!" Emily hissed. "Into the movie theater."

I follower as we bolted past the ticket taker, who yelled "Hey!" then he saw the Jubba-Jubba. "Never mind!" and he bolted.

We ducked into one of the auditoriums, the one with that new pirate movie playing.

"Hey!" Emily said. "I haven't seen this yet!"

"EMILY!" I hissed. I turned to the Andalite girl. "Can't you demorph or something?"

She looked taken aback, as if the thought had just occurred to her. She began shifting and changing, a pair of Andalite stalk eyes erupted from her head.

It was then that the massive beast came charging through the wall. He snarled and we shot to the emergency exit. People screamed and bolted from their seats. The Andalite girl morphed fast, she was completely Andalite by the time we were outside.

(It's me he wants!) She said. She "sounded" terrified.

"Morph into a bird or something and fly away," I said.

(But the only bird morph I have is a Kafit bird, and they're not really designed for earth's atmosphere.) She said.

"It'll have to do," I said. "Morph!"

She nodded and began to change. She did morph fast. She was out of the Mills parking lot long before the Jubba-Jubba came charging out of the wall. He looked around. He saw us, but he didn't see her.

He let loose a tremendous roar in frustration. Then he began to demorph. The sound of police sirens could be heard in the distance.

He continued morphing after he demorphed to Hork-Bajir. He became a Turkey Vulture.

(Know this human,) The Yeerk said. (I have never missed a kill until today. I will kill you someday. Zekal 216 never forgets a debt.)

With that he flew off, and Emily collapsed into my arms. She had fainted.