Digi Court

The room was a bustle with people all standing and sitting. They stood and they talked or they sat and they chatted. He couldn't think straight with all the noise in the room. As he looked around him he saw a courtroom. There was a table in front of him and two men beside him. As he looked past them he saw a woman at the next table that looked eerily familiar even though her back was turned to him who was talking to a very short man that she could not see. The only reason he figured the man to be short was because she was looking down as she spoke and the only reason he figured it to be a man was because when he talked the voice was like a man's.

"All rise!"

Everyone that had been sitting down stood up. He felt himself pulled to his feet by the man next to him. He looked at the man for a moment to see who it was. The guy was pretty fat with a very swanky looking suit on. He had very bold features on his face and looked serious and content at the same time. He had his arms in front of him, crossed, and messy, gray hair on top of his head.

There was clip clop of shoes and then someone stepped up to where the judge was supposed to sit. He heard an "ahem" and then someone he had never seen before walked into the room with a booster seat. They placed it on the chair and then left the room again. The person that had been saying the 'ahem' stepped up and sat down. She whacked her gavel and everyone sat down again. She had brown hair that came to her shoulders and he was wearing a green dress with a white shirt on. He could not see below her stomach though. Then it struck him. He knew her.

"The honorable judge Jeri presiding."

"Hey, Jeri. What're ya doing up there?"

She glared at him and he shrank down in his seat. Jeri picked up some papers, looked them over and then clapped her hands together on the wood in front of her. "Please state your case."

"Your Honor…" The woman stood up. His mouth dropped. Renamon stood there proud and in a gray suit. There was a hole in the skirt to allow her tail to come through.

"Hey Fine and Foxy. What's going on?"

She looked at his with disdain. The man beside him pushed him down even further in his seat. Jeri spoke up. "Do you know this man?"

Renamon shook her head.

"Not know me? How can you not know me? We fought together! Come on Renamon! You know me!"

She shook her head at him. "You must be mistaken, now… may I continue?"

He grumbled as he nodded.

"Your Honor, my client charges this man…" she whipped around and pointed directly to him. He flinched. "With murder." His mouth fell open again.

"How do you plead?"

The man beside him stood up and said, "Not guilty… Denny Crane…" He sat down again.

As his eyes took him over to the other man he saw a small, sort of chubby yet handsome face with a serious look but a slacked off expression. It was a very strange combination for a face. He, also, was wearing a swanky suit and was a little pudgy around this middle. But he still looked like he could keep his shape right. This man just sat there starring at the jury. His eyes followed and his mouth fell open once more.

In the jury box sat Takato, Henry, Rika, Ryo, Kazu, Kenta, Ai, Makoto, Mr. Matsuki, Mrs. Matsuki, Suzie and Yamaki. They were all dressed in their usual clothes but had unusual stern faces on. Except for Yamaki. He had his usual face on and was clicking his lighter like any other typical day.

While he was looking around he decided to take a peek at the person calling him a murderer. He peeped over the two men and saw… Nothing. The chair was empty.

He sighed and was about to turn back when a voice caught his attention. "What're you looking at?"

He looked back and frowned.