Digi Court

Impmon sat down on his seat looking very pleased with himself. He would get off free and obviously Terriermon would get blamed for it all. Lopmon had said that he had used Impmon's own hands on the bat while he was in shock. He had blood splatter of his jersey and he had killed Guardromon right in the middle of court. Plus he always came in wearing a black and white stripped shirt like that of a jailbird. Impmon smiled. He would be able to leave this room today with happy face and Terriermon would be stuck in there. Served him right. Killing Calumon and then not loading his data? And then Guardromon too? What was his problem? Usually Henry wouldn't let him fight at all and now he was a mass murderer? Funny.

Terriermon and Renamon sat in bare chairs. Their table was still on the ground and in a heaping pile of splinters. Impmon looked over at the fox. She had all the papers for the case in her hands. The rabbit was sitting there and Lopmon was fiddling with his ears from behind the wood. He didn't seem to notice when she wore them like a bonnet. Monodramon sat at the back of the rows as far away from Impmon as possible. Guilmon was right behind him however. He continuously claimed that they would win the case and he would be free to leave. Impmon smiled at that remark every time he said it.

Jeri entered the courtroom and sat down. She looked the place over. The oil-blood that Guardromon had spread all over was gone and cleaned up. She didn't seem to care that the table in front of the complainant was still broken. She then looked at Impmon and he thought that he saw a smile on her face. She turned back to Renamon and then nodded to the fox digimon once. "If you would please state your closing council."

Renamon stood up and walked over so that she was right in front of the jury. Terriermon took hold of the papers so that they did not fall to the floor. He then held them in his small lap as Renamon thought. She said: "Impmon," she pointed at him to emphasize her point, "did it. Convict him so that we came go home and have a nice nap or some chocolate cake." Then she bowed and headed back to her seat.

Impmon almost cried out with joy. Her closing sucked so badly that it would be easy for him to win the case. He leaned back in his chair as Allan stood up and walked over to the jury. Impmon knew what it was that he was going to do. He had explained it the night before in the bar. Allan planned to lure the jury in so that they were sitting on his palm. Then he would state the facts and reel in the prize. The prize being Impmon's freedom.

Allan turned to the jury. "When I was a little boy I had a dog named Caliber. He was always the playful little guy but them again he wasn't really that little. He was actually a very large dog." The jury and Jeri listened to the story intently; like children listening to a bedtime story. " Our neighbors, the Smiths, had a pet rabbit that Caliber would always try to get at.

"One day I was sitting in the backyard with a sunhat on and a glass of lemonade in my hand when Caliber came up to me and dropped a slimy blob of white on me. WE had been playing a game of fetch for a while now and he had taken a long time to get the ball again. I was about to throw it when I realized that the ball was furry. For a second I thought that he was maybe shedding or something but when I lifted my sunglasses off and looked at it I saw that it was the Smiths' pet rabbit, Fluffy.

"'That's it,' I thought. 'That's it for Caliber. There's not way the Smiths would forgive him. Not after he wrecked the flower garden for the twelfth time last week.' I started to panic and so I called my friend, Denny. He told me that if I wanted to not be caught I would have to make it look like Caliber didn't do anything. He told me to clean the rabbit of slobber and make him look brand new.

"I did just that and then I had the little guy looking so clean he had been at a pet pampering place. At Denny's order, I climbed over the fence that separated our yards. I put fluffy back in the cage outside where they always had him and then I climbed back over the fence and got back to what I was doing.

"A little while later I heard a scream and I fell off of my chair. I looked over the fence to ask what was wrong. Mrs. Smith had screamed when her boy, Tim had found the rabbit. I asked then why she had screamed. It turned out that the rabbit had died not two days earlier. They had buried him in the yard. They were all convinced that some 'psycho' had dug up the poor rabbit, washed it off and then placed it back in the cage where they would find it.

"This case, ladies and gentlemen, is just like this story. It turns out that the truth that we had been looking for is a lot weirder than what truly happened. My dog killed the rabbit and I washed it off and put it back in the cage. That is a little bit weirder than a psycho coming in and digging it up just to play a prank. Because the truth was stranger when I told Denny what happened he told others and no one believed him.

"For all we know it was Terriermon here that killed Calumon. He had the motive, a cynical mind, and he had the weapon, a bat from the baseball game. Did Impmon have any of that? No. He didn't have a motive, or a weapon. Terriermon had both. It's your choice. But try not to put an innocent digimon in jail because of your decision." Allan walked back to his seat and gave Impmon a victorious high five.


The jury walked out of the room very quickly. It had not taken them very long to come to a conclusion. Impmon was glad for this. It was obvious who had killed Calumon. Terriermon would be convicted and he would go. Simple. Impmon watched as they all found their seats and sat. Takato stood up with a paper in his hands. He looked at the prosecutor. The man took the paper and passed it to Jeri. She looked it over, passed it back and watched as the man gave it to Takato.

"Jury, have you reached a verdict?"

"We have your honor."

"Please, read it to the courtroom."

"We find the defendant…"

Guilmon crossed his claws.

Lopmon twiddled Terriermon's ear but still listened.

Monodramon raised an eyebrow.

Allan Shore showed no emotion yet again.

Denny clutched a stress ball in his grip.

Renamon adjusted her tail fur.

Terriermon glared at Impmon.

Impmon leaned back and relaxed.


Impmon sat up with distress. "You what?"

"We find the defendant guilty," Takato repeated.

Jeri nodded and looked over some papers. "Impmon, I sentence you to the electric chair."

"Do we even use that anymore?" Impmon raised a brow.

Allan and Denny let out breaths that they had been holding. Denny turned to Impmon. He looked as though both his mind and his pride had been struck. He sighed and placed a hand on the little digimon's shoulder. "I'm sorry Impmon. We tried our best. These Tokyo lawyers are really, very good at their jobs. I'll come to your execution to cheer you on, ok?"

Impmon pulled away. "You said that I wouldn't get sent to jail!"

Allan spoke up. "We said you 'might' not. There's a difference."

"But this doesn't make any sense! Terriermon had a motive! He's insane and he wanted me to got to jail so he killed Calumon and tried to frame me! He had the baseball bat and Lopmon said that he put my hands on it while I was in shock! That's why my prints are on it! I didn't kill him! And that date is still wrong! Calumon couldn't have been killed in 1992 because I hadn't even hatched yet and I knew him! Plus, if Calumon were dead then why was Terriermon able to digivolve?" Impmon leapt up on the table and was panting heavily.

"Impmon," said Jeri. "Please come on and accept it. You're going to jail."

"No, I am not going to jail! Terriermon did it! Lopmon gave you all the incriminating evidence and it's good proof because she didn't mean to so she couldn't have lied! There was splatter on his shirt and after the killing his bat went missing! That's because it was his bat that killed Calumon! Where the hell am I supposed to get a bat anyway?"

Terriermon scurried over to Impmon. He held out a box of chocolate. "You know Impmon, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Your life, however, is like a box of…" He flipped the lid open, "active grenades!"

"Fuck this!!

"I didn't kill Calumon! Terriermon did! He killed Guardromon in court just yesterday! He digivolved and tried to shoot my lawyer!! He broke that table right over there!!

"Why would I kill Calumon? He's the light of digivolution! If I did that I wouldn't be able to digivolve anymore! Besides, that wasn't Calumon! It couldn't be! When digimon die they evaporate into data! And if he died then the light would be gone! If the light were gone then Terriermon wouldn't have been able to turn into Gargomon! But he did! And that wasn't Guardromon either! He had oil and blood inside him! I understand that part but when digimon die they evaporate! I said that a hundred times! Are you all deaf?

"No! You're all stupid! It's obvious that Terriermon did it! Throw him in jail! Not me! Ai! Mako! You know that I wouldn't do it! Why are you saying that I did? The tamers should know that I wouldn't do it!

"And where the fuck do I go between court days? I don't know! I don't remember! I remember leaving the courtroom and I remember coming in! That's it! Nothing else! Where do I go all this time! And who are you two? Denny Crane? Allan Shore? Where the hell do I know you from? Do I even know you? I don't know! I don't know anything!" Impmon could feel himself getting angrier by the second. His power increased ten fold. He could see a white light envelop him and then he felt so much taller. He was stronger too. He was no longer Impmon. He was now Beelzemon, the demon lord digimon that was always ready for the fight of his life.

The people in the court screamed when they saw him. They ran away from the digimon but the doors closed and no one could get out. The windows blackened and the light in the room was a deep purple. It was the energy flowing within Beelzemon. There was so much from his anger that it could be seen with the naked eye.

Beelzemon raised his guns from off his back and within the holster on his right boot. He put them beside his head facing the ceiling. Terriermon was completely frozen. Renamon too. Monodramon, Lopmon, Guilmon… they were all frozen with fear. All except for Jeri that it. She stared at him with cold eyes and frowned. "Impmon! I have sentenced you to death by the electric chair! Go and die!"

He smiled. "Sentence this!" He fired the gun and in a flash of light the room was enveloped by screams and the cowardly cries as people were shot, burned and killed. Beelzemon laughed with delight.


Impmon sat up heaving heavily. He looked around the room. He was in Ai and Makoto's house again. Their parents were beside him, sleeping. He was sitting on the couch. All of them had fallen asleep while watching TV.

He looked at the screen and scrutinized his face. The brightness of the TV hurt his eyes in the dark that was around him. Even so he knew that he was in the living room. There was a bowl of popcorn in front of him and some cornels had spilled out and onto the couch.

When he looked he saw he words 'Boston Legal' in big red letters on a black background. The black whipped away and showed a city. Then there were the faces of people and theirs names. Impmon watched for a moment. He saw one man that looked familiar. Allan Shore. Then he saw another. Denny Crane. There were two characters on the TV show Boston Legal. That's where he had seen them.

Impmon sighed. "That's the last time I watch the Boston Legal Marathon before bed."


Brooke: Lol. So? What did you all think? In case no one realized I used a few things from differing TV shows. For example:

Impmon: Everyone is treating me like a piranha.

Denny: Pariah.

Impmon: No, I mean the stuff you want to avoid like those fish with the teeth.

This little tidbit was from an episode of a show called 'Sixteen'/ '6teen'. This portion is from an episode where one of the people writes a song and wants his friends to see it when he performs on stage. They don't come and so he writes a meaner version making it seem like they all suck. The 'dude' of the group, Jude, says Impmon's lines whereas a girl named Nikki says Denny's.

"You know, Impmon, life if like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Your life, however, if like a box of active grenades!"

I am sure that most of you must know that this line comes from 'Family Guy'. IN the episode Stewie, the baby, has his evil plan foiled by his mother who takes away his mind control device thinking that it was a toy. He tries hard to get it back but to no avail. Eventually he threatens her. She just rubs his head and gives it back. This part if funny because when he gets it back he walks into another room… with the grenades!


"Ahhh! Damn you all!"

Brooke: Hope you enjoyed the story! Oh, and obviously I don't own digimon or Boston legal or any of the lines that I used from other TV shows. I forgot to mention that at the start. Oh well. You should all know anyways.

Impmon: Hurry up and draw that Gallantmon picture! My Leomon one is already full of holes and I need another target for the dartboard!

Brooke: I made you one. It's over in that pile there.

Impmon: (Looks at huge stack of drawings and doujinshi pages) (turns to Broke) You really have to stop that…

Brooke: (sweat drop.) Heh Heh Heh…