Writers Note: Okay so story is the same as the show. Takes place after S2 and picks up just before school starts over the summer. I don't know where I'm heading with this yet, I don't know what the couples will be...but I can tell you that all characters will be featured; Nathan, Haley, Brooke, Lucas and Peyton. With possible occurances from Rachel, Mouth, Skills and all others.


Brooke left to go see her parents in California. Haley came back home to be with Nathan but Nathan left for basketball camp. Lucas and Peyton spent the summer together. We jump back in with drama, lies, violence, sex etc. It's gonna be full on I think, in those terms.


"So how's my life?" She pauses, "My life is complicated. Most of you know my story by now, my name is Peyton Sawyer and I live in a place called Tree Hill. It's not one of those weird wacky little towns where everyone knows everyone but it is small, a small town which revolves around one thing; Basketball. See apparently, back in the 1980's when big hair and oversized jewelry was the bitchin' thing, Dan Scott ruled the town, this simple high school teenager was the main focus of the town because of some great three point shot he had or whatever it is. Everything was going great for him, he was admired by guys and wanted by girls, he had a scholarship to go to college to play basketball…but something happened. He knocked up his high school sweetheart (Karen) and left her holding the baby. I bet you're thinking what makes him different to any other asshole who leaves his knocked up high girlfriend…well, he went off to college and knocked up his next girlfriend (Deb). Pretty powerful sperm, there huh? So two women knocked up by this guy who is worshiped like a hero…how does this affect me? Well he quit college and moved back to Tree Hill with pregnant girlfriend number two and set up house with her. Way over on the other side of Tree Hill, the wrong side of the tracks…his high school sweetheart set up house with no-one and raised the baby alone. I say raised the baby alone, she had help from Dan's brother, Keith. Are you still following? I know, complicated huh? But it gets even more complicated. Over the years, the two offspring of Dan Scott, Nathan and Lucas live their lives separately. Nathan, Mr. Popularity with his basketball and Lucas, well he wasn't popular but like Nathan, he had inherited the Scott pedigree of basketball. He was good, so good that when Nathan and his fellow basketball team mates got busted for high jacking the school bus, Coach Durham (he's the basketball coach at Tree Hill High, he seems like a hard ass to some, to me he has always been understanding and an ear to talk to.) Anyways, Coach Durham watched Lucas play basketball down at the Rivercourt, saw what he liked and gave him the opportunity of fame and glory, well okay playing for your high school team isn't exactly fame but in this town it is…and well for the glory part, would meant that he would get noticed by those he wanted to see him….cue in me, Peyton Sawyer the broody blonde cheerleader who was dating his brother, Nathan Scott. Do you see how it's complicated? Well, we're not even at the beginning of being complicated…Hmm, basically I was dating Nathan but then Lucas came onto the scene and he was all Lucas-like, broody and deep and soulful it was unnerving to see someone who could see past everything, past the façade I called a life and see who I was. So naturally, I questioned my relationship with Nathan (I think you should know, back then Nathan was just like his old man, an ass. Simple as.) So I broke it off with Nathan, while my best friend Brooke Davis took an interest in Lucas. So it kinda turned into this whole big love triangle…while my not so heartbroken ex-boyfriend was putting the moves onto Lucas's best friend, Haley James. So while Nathan was wooing Haley, I went over to Lucas's to declare that I felt exactly the same way he did and I wanted it all with him, only to see Brooke walk out half naked in his football jersey. So…Brooke started to date Lucas (and I didn't object, in my mind I was screaming at myself, but hey it's what you do for a best friend right? Put their happiness first) Hmm well, I tried…but the feelings Lucas and I had for one another, were too strong. So yeah, I became that girl. The skanky ass hoe who makes out with her best friend's boyfriend….As you can imagine things didn't end well. Brooke found out, Lucas and I didn't really ever get together and Nathan and Haley got married…" She smiles and shakes her head, "Okay so maybe this is a weird and wacky little town, but I'm only half way through my story…you see Brooke and I patched things up, and became best of friends again. Lucas kind of made his way back to being both of our friends."

Peyton sits back from her computer and looks up to the microphone atop of her computer screen, she looks off to the side, pondering whether or not continue. Slowly she shakes and looks back to the computer screen, leans forward and begins to speak again. "Let's just jump to now, the present. Skipping past the Felix, the Anna, the drugs and what I thought was the love of my life, Jake...skipping past all of that, we'll just jump right before summer, so….Haley and Nathan got married, but when Haley got the chance to go away and become a singing sensation, she did…but she came back, right before the start of summer. She tried to convince Nathan that she made a mistake that her life was with him…but he left and went away to basketball camp. Lucas, Brooke and I…well, Lucas had declared his feelings to Brooke before the start of summer, but she said she couldn't and she left. Leaving Lucas and I alone…I was heartbroken over Jake leaving and he was heartbroken over Brooke leaving, so needless to say we spend a lot of time together over the summer…just hanging out, listening to music, going to see the occasional band and stuff…but three weeks ago, something happened…something we can't take back" Peyton pauses again and closes her eyes.


The stars are shining brightly against the black cloudless sky. Tree Hill looks like a ghost town, with the streets deserted and the shops closed. It was the end of summer parade by the river, where the local towns people would gather and step aboard the imported pirate ship which for that night was turned into a mixture of a casino and a nightclub, for all ages. It was the place to be that night, not for Lucas and Peyton though. The two of them, walked side by side down the street, heading away from the river. Peyton's short blonde curly locks flowed freely behind her with each gentle breeze. "You know, this summer has been great. I mean, aside from the fact that at the start of it we were both broken hearted, lost souls…" She says with a smile planted on her face, trying to hide her still, inner feeling of heartache from losing Jake. "but we pulled through it together." She turns and looks at Lucas, whose face is clearly lit by the street lights.

Lucas couldn't help but smile, he knew deep down Peyton was still hurting from Jake because deep down he was still at a loss over what happened with Brooke. The two of them were in the same boat, they always had been. "Yeah we did." He shook his head, "And you're right this summer has been great…" He stops and looks down at the floor. "It's always going to be there."

Peyton stops and turns back, looking at Lucas. She slowly walks over to him and looks down at the floor. "I don't know, probably not…paths always get repathed, ya know!" She says jokingly looking at him, she knew he was referring to the path underneath their feet but to be truthful she didn't know what he was talking about.

He looks up at her, looking into her emerald colored eyes and gently smiles. "Nice, I try and be honest and you crack a joke…" He pauses and tilts his head slightly, "Huh, just like old times."

Peyton sighs and playfully punches him on the shoulder, "…Sarcasm is a form of honesty…or something." She rolls her eyes, "So. What's always going to be there?" She looks at him and then looks to the side. "See not cracking a joke, no sarcastic comment…"She smiles and looks directly up into his baby blue eyes, "Just pure curiosity…what's always going to be there?"


Neither of the two of them breaks eye contact. Neither of them says anything. They are just standing still, almost acting as though it's a standoff…until Lucas leans in closer to Peyton, raising his hands to her face. He smiles as he cups her face, bringing their heads closer to one another…

"Lucas – what are doing?" Peyton asks, barely high than a whisper, feeling both nerves and excited butterflies in her stomach. If they kiss, what does it mean? Does it mean they are going to be a couple? Or are they just comforting one another, over being lonely.

"I don't know – can't we just simply be, just for one second. You and Me, no thoughts of the future…no thoughts of the past, just be." He says watching as she nods gently to him. He leans in and presses his lips against her. They kiss, softly as Lucas's hands run down from the side of her face to her back, pulling her closer to him, as the kiss deepens and becomes more passionate.


As Peyton opens her eyes, a tear drops down her cheek. "What brought us together that night? Was it because we were both lonely? Most likely…but on my part, it was more than that. It always has been between us." Peyton sighs and turns her head looking to the clock on the wall, it's getting late. She sighs, and leans back in her chair looking at the computer screen… "Brooke came home this week, her and Lucas are trying to make a go of things. Lucas and I go on as nothing happened, he tried to talk about what happened between us, but typical me, Peyton Sawyer I closed myself off time him. Told it was nothing and that it was just us being lonely…and that we should forget about it." Peyton sighs, "But the truth is I can't forget about it. I have a decision to make…" She moves the mouse and the arrow on the screen begins to move. She clicks delete and a little sign come sup. Do you want to delete your this podcast? Yes or No? She picks up the pregnancy test from the left hand side of the desk with her other hand. She turns it on its side and looks at the little positive symbol. Letting out a deep sigh, she looks back to the computer screen can clicks on the Yes button and watches as the screen reverts back to its usual settings. Peyton turns and looks at the pregnancy test again, she stares at the positive symbol. She shakes her head, where do I go from here?


Lucas walks into his bedroom, his body dripping wet with water. The only thing covering his modesty, a towel wrapped around his waist. He walks over to his desk and sits down, opening his laptop and he looks at the screen, that reads Punk'd and Disorderly. He sees the screen is black, no Peyton webcam. He looks to the side of the screen, no new podcast. It was unusual for Peyton not to be on her webcam, usually she would just sit in front of her computer and draw. He liked to watch her draw, it made him feel relaxed. Why wasn't she drawing? They hadn't spent much time together this week with Brooke being back home, he thought it was because of what happened between them three weeks ago but Peyton told him clearly, what happened…it didn't mean anything. They were just lonely and there for one another. But the truth was that night, he wasn't lonely. He had made love to the girl he had always wanted. It was perfect, they were perfect…but reality set in and Peyton went back to being her usual self, pretending nothing happened. So he did the same…they were just friends again. But that night the were more than friends, they were – half way through his mind rant to himself, he hears his phone rings. Standing up, Lucas walks away from his desk and picks up his phone from his bedside cabinet. Brooke Calling He sighs and smiles to himself, flipping them phone open. "Hey…"