A month flew by quickly. The month of November hadn't been very memorable apart from Thanksgiving. She had spent the holiday at Lucas's with Karen, Keith and her father. The guys had been talking sports for the majority of the day, while Peyton had helped out Karen in the kitchen. It was nice – being a part of a family again. Apart from hanging out with Lucas, she had been working hard on school work making sure that she was ahead of the rest of her class. It had been hard work, lots of reading, lots of private tutoring sessions with different teachers from different subjects. Technically she was smarter than the rest of her class; well advanced in their lessons.

"Hey P.Sawyer." Brooke grinned walking into her best friend's bedroom. "You ready for a little one on one shopping?" Brooke was snuggled up warmly in a long pair of denim jeans, a blue turtle neck and a white jacket with a blue beanie hat, matching scarf and gloves. "I love Christmas – the cold weather, the egg nog with alcohol!" She paused and grinned, "But more importantly the presents!" She clapped her hands together excitedly; it was only two more weeks until Christmas Day.

Peyton smirked up at her best friend from her double bed. Jumping up off of the bed, she showed off her tiny baby bump which looked more like a bloated stomach than an actual baby bump. "Yeah, well I've already got my dad's present, and Haley's, and Karen's…and yours" Peyton grinned watching as Brooke's face lit up like a little child who had just walked downstairs to be greeted by a Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath the tree.

"Ooh, really…what did you get me?" Brooke asked excitedly.

"Not telling..." Peyton walked over to her closet and pulled out her white warm winter jacket. Putting the jacket on she frowned, "I don't know what to get Lucas, though. " Zipping up her jacket she bobbed her head from side to side, "I was thinking a record, but that doesn't seem enough."

Brooke walked over to Peyton's mirror and applied a small amount of pink lip gloss to her lips. "Uh, you're giving him a baby…I think that's a big enough gift." She looked at herself in the mirror, "At least you have somebody to give a present too…" resting her hands on her hips she let out a large sigh.

"Nathan still giving you the cold shoulder?" Peyton asked curiously.

"No, he's not giving me any kind of shoulder." Brooke frowned and walked over to Peyton's bed, allowing herself to fall on top of it. "Seriously…an almost kiss over a month ago and that's were our story ends?" She frowned, "Maybe I should just forget about it and move on…"

Peyton nodded, "Maybe…"

"Thanks for the support!" Brooke frowned and let out a deep sigh as she threw herself backwards onto Peyton's double bed.

"I'm just saying – he's got a lot of history." Peyton walked over to the bed and sat beside Brooke's horizontal body. "I mean he dated me, married Haley, are you really sure you wanna go there?" She paused, "Then again I understand why you would… he's good looking…and good in bed." Peyton covered her mouth as soon as she said it. "Oh god…"

Brooke sat straight back up from the bed and stared at her best friend, "I'm sorry? Good in bed?" Brooke asked back to her, tilting her head curiously. "Good looking? Peyton Sawyer are you thinking of hooking up with Nathan Scott aka the boy who I kissed once and almost kissed again?"

Peyton shook her head and fell backwards on the bed. "No." Reaching across the bed she picked up one of her pillows and tried to smother her face, embarrassed about what had just exited her mouth. Lately she had been having, well hormonal surges. It seemed as though the only thing she could think about was sex – Peyton pulled back the pillow and sighed. "I've been having…uh, pregnancy related urges." She felt her cheeks flare up, embarrassing topic much. "I've been um, a little…"

"Horny?" Brooke asked watching her best friend squirm. "Totally natural!" Brooke stood up and walked over to the mirror and pouted at herself. "I read it in one of those what to be expecting when you're expecting." She had been reading up on pregnancy so that Peyton didn't have to go through it alone. "This is like your second trimester so you're no longer having that horrible morning sickness, yay for you and yay for us…" Brooke watched as Peyton looked at her confused, "You've been a little moody and I can say it because you know I love you." Brooke grinned. "This trimester is supposed to be the easiest, so just enjoy!"

Peyton stood up from her bed and wrapped her arms around Brooke, hugging her. "Thank you."

Brooke felt her body tense up, not being able to breathe. "Hug me, don't suffocate me!" She said jokingly. "If you want my opinion, milk the horny dino for all it's worth. I mean when are you going to be able to use the excuse, hey let's have sex because my hormones are telling me to!"

"Yeah but wouldn't that mean I'm just using Lucas for sex?" Peyton sighed, she felt so conflicted. The majority of her wanted to go round to Lucas, pounce him and just get the overwhelming, roar sexual needs out of her system, so she could just go back to being the knocked up teenager in school. "You know what…I don't care. I want to have sex" Peyton grinned and walked over to her cell phone, dialling Lucas's cell number and listened as Brooke giggled in the background as the phone rang. "Hey…where are you right now?" Peyton listened to him, "Nothing's wrong, I just wanna see you." Peyton bit her bottom lip, so many dirty, x-rated scenes going through her mind.



Peyton looked through the café's window and saw Lucas sat at a table with Nathan. She looked down at her clothes, as soon as she had gotten off of the phone she had changed her outfit putting on a short black skirt and a black thin strapped top, which accentuated her newly boosted cleavage, courtesy of her pregnancy. "I look like a tramp." She said looking at her body, "A pregnant tramp." She said referring to her baby bump.

"Shut up, you look great. If I were a guy, I'd so do you." Brooke responded trying to lift Peyton's spirit. Peyton had been very self conscious about the baby bump, thinking that she didn't look sexy with the belly…but she still looked good to Brooke, especially with the boobs which seemed like they had appeared over night. Peyton had even asked Brooke to borrow a few pretty bras, since she had gone up to the same cup size as her. "Go have sex!" Brooke cheered her on.

Peyton turned and looked at Brooke and rolled her eyes, "Brooke I'm not going to jump him in the café!" Peyton turned and walked over to the café's door, pulling on it. As she entered, she felt a little more confident and the closer she reached the boys table the more she could smell their sweat from running – which was a strange turn on for her. "Hey!" Peyton smiled at the two of them and then turned to look at the counter, where Brooke was standing nodding her head, telling her to go for it.

Lucas looked up at Peyton and couldn't help but stare. "Whoa…" She was definitely showing off her filled figure, which both annoyed him because no doubt other guys would be looking at her, ogling her body and excited him, because he liked it when Peyton was confident with herself and it was very much evident that she felt comfortable with her body today.

"Really?" Her insecurities popping through as she ran her hand over her slight baby bump, feel a little more self conscious. "You don't think it's too much?"

"You look good" Nathan jumped in, voicing his opinion. Not that he didn't like Peyton before her transformation, but he was certainly enjoying the more well defined curves she was sporting these days.

"Thanks…" Peyton grinned at Nathan, he looked good all sweaty in his tank top. Pulling out the chair, she looked at him with the grin still plastered on her face. "You look good too, Nate. You been working out?" She asked biting her bottom lip. Oh god, what was she doing? She was flirting with her ex boyfriend in front of his brother and her current boyfriend but she couldn't help herself. "So how are things with Haley, these days?"

"Uh" Nathan was caught off guard, not exactly the question he was expecting. Things between him and Haley had been good lately, they had been hanging out purely as friends. He thought that Haley was still in love with him – not surprising since he was still in love with Haley, but just not like he used to be. Add Brooke into the equation and he was just confused.

Peyton grinned, "Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?" She was playing with him, Haley had recently gone a little blonder while Brooke was all brunette. Trying to get a read off of him, so that she could report back to Brooke telling her either to hold on and keep pining because he was into her or to back off because he was still in love with Haley.

Nathan knew exactly what she was doing. Brooke had most likely told her about the kiss and the almost kiss, he sighed. "I don't know Peyton, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?" He threw the question back at her playfully, in other words did she liked the new boyfriend Lucas or was she still hung up on him, the ex boyfriend.

Peyton turned and looked at Lucas, who clearly wasn't enjoying the conversation. She thought she could see a hint of jealousy on his face. Smiling, she stood up and walked up to Lucas, sitting down on his lap facing him. "Listen, I know I'm not being myself right now…" She leaned across and whispered into his ear. "But I kinda need to have sex."

Lucas pulled back at looked at her, shocked. "What?" Had he heard her clearly? Peyton had never been so open or upfront with him, especially not in a sexual way.

"Now!" Peyton slid off of Lucas's lap and stood up, looking down at him.

Lucas looked up at Peyton, he was certainly getting turned on by her authority like stance over him. He turned and looked across the table at his brother, who he had promised to practise with down at the river court. "Gotta go." Lucas stood up and felt Peyton's hand intertwine with his, as she led him out of the café.

Nathan watched as the two of them walked out of the café. He felt a little jealous, maybe it was seeing the two of them so happy and together or maybe it was some lingering feelings for Peyton. He wasn't sure. Standing up, he looked over to the counter where Brooke was placing her order. Slowly he made his way over to her, "Hey…so I take it Peyton knows about us?" He asked directly.

Brooke shrugged, "I don't know what you're talking about." She said playing dumb at his question. Grabbing her to go to cup from the counter, she handed the girl behind the counter the money. Turning she looked up at the six foot two dark haired all star athlete standing in front of her. "In order for there to be an us, there has to be a declaration of some sort of feelings…I don't think a kiss and an almost kiss, qualifies as that!" Brooke rolled her eyes, annoyed at his complete clueless-ness as she started to make her way out of the café.

Nathan followed her, "Wait, are you mad at me?"

Brooke turned and looked at Nathan, "Why would I be mad at you?" She asked, it was of course a rhetorical question. "Maybe because for the past month you've been completely ignoring me, no cold shoulder, no warm shoulder…nothing. If we're not going to be anything more than friends, then I just wanna go back to being friends. No uncomfortable silences, no almost kisses. You can't have your cake and eat it too." Brooke grabbed the café door handle and pulled on it, walking out.

Nathan let out a deep sigh, wasn't it bad enough he was torn between two girls…now he had to actually choose? He hated that he had to do something – he liked pretending that nothing was going on, well he didn't like it – it was easier. Nathan watched through the window as Brooke walked away down the street. A few minutes later, he grabbed a hold of the door and exited the café.

"Thanks for covering Marie." Haley said approaching the counter. She had been putting her apron in between the kitchen and the café floor. The walls were thin, there were no customers and Brooke and Nathan weren't exactly discreet about their conversation. She stepped up the counter and watched Nathan through the window as he walked down the street. So Nathan and Brooke?