Ravens Claws

Ravens Claws


Revised, 8/4/08

When I first started this fic I knew full well that the scope of it was more than I, as a single writer, could handle. The storyline for Ravens Claws was always meant to be quasi-epic, at least in my mind. But I've always been able to easily amuse myself, so what I think is epic might not necessarily be so. However, the attention this fic has garnered reader and review wise only makes me think that the plot was as amazing as I and my first coauthor believed.

For those who've been with the fic since the beginning you've all been well aware how long RC has been on hiatus—night unto two years now. The reason gives me cause to regret the loss, but here is the formal announcement that Me The Anon One, my brilliant coauthor in this endeavor, and I have parted ways. I wish her all the best on her new ventures and thank her for the wonderful work she's put into the writing and the plotting of Ravens Claws.

However, there is good news that comes with it: my dear friend and esteemed writer in her own right, Twisted Creampuff, has deigned to slide into the vacant coauthor spot. Therefore, the fic shall move forward.

As always, I'd like to present the readers with a rather specific blanket disclaimer due to the fact that this is something of a round robin, and that within the first few chapters it somehow became a crossover with Good Omens, a brilliant satirical novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The characters Crowley and Aziraphale (as well as the once or twice mentioned Adam) belong to these two gentlemen and are only on loan for as long as it takes us to send Danny's life into an irreparable cesspit of misery.

For the more serious disclaimer, any religious disputes anyone might or might not have with anything that may or may not be inside this fic can (respectfully) bugger off. It's a story, not theology, and I and my coauthor(s) assume full artistic license. I realize that this is going to send some readers scurrying immediately, but it can't be helped. Besides, if you think the liberties I'm taking here are bad, you should probably try avoiding anything I write, since I don't like to conform.

A final addendum; I have no intentions of revealing who wrote what, or which bits came from which muse. Don't ask, it won't be answered. This is a collaboration and credit is shared. All of the (thus far) three minds that have contributed has given brilliant additions on their own, I find no need to be more specific.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Chaos Dragon