Pairing: Fuji x Atobe

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me.

Part: Prologue

A.N: Fuji is one of my favorite anime characters of all time and therefore I can't help but attempt a Fuji fiction. This is my first PoT fiction and currently I am still debating if I should continue this fiction or not. I guess I will let the readers decided if this fiction is worth finishing from feedbacks or lack of it.


Heaven's tear

Hello, my name is Akira and I want to tell you one of my favorite stories of all times. The story began with a lot of unanswered questions, but I assured you that by the end everything will become crystal clear.

So let's begin our journey with me as your host.

Have you seen an Angel smile before?

Have you seen a Devil laugh before?

Can two polar opposites have a fairy tale ending together?

Tears, one by one become the company of those two lost souls.

Is it the Devil?

Is it the Angel?

I know you must be wondering why and how could two beings from such different backgrounds fall for each other? Was it really worth it? Why would they cling on to the last glimpse of hope or better yet how long can they hold on to their situation?

In the end, no matter who they were and how powerful they were, ultimately they were all just pawns. They were just pawns in the hand of all mighty Fate. Fate played a cruel joke on them, letting an Angel fall in love with a Devil and the vise verse.

For centuries, angels and devils were destined to be archenemies. To put it bluntly, they were supposed to destroy each other's soul, letting each other perished but funny how they end up exchanging their hearts of all things. Actually, it is not really funny but Fate is a cruel being and thus he found it funny to see others suffered. Of all the possible outcomes, Fate decided that those two deserved the most unpredictable ending for each other.

I bet Fate is having a magnificent time now, because two of the most stubborn people that he had ever met want to make a bet with him. If you must know, making a deal with Fate is ten times worse than making a deal with a Devil. Of course, knowing Fate, who is a sadist bastard, he took up on their challenge with an air of confidence. The oh mighty Fate planned on laughing as he watched the two lovers suffered in the near future but as bad as their situation looks there is a loophole that the two lovers can used to turn around their situation but of course they have to find the loophole first.

In the end, I want to ask one question.


The Angel can become the Devil for love. The Devil can become the Angel for love.

My question is:

Can they really achieve happiness if they gave up their true self?

Fate told them that to reach their goal each of them need to make a ultimate sacrifice, but I wonder if that is really the case. I know I sound like a very contradicting person but that is only because I had seen Fate tortured powerful beings with little to no effort.

Are you willing to place a bet with me? Will the Angel and the Devil live happily ever after or will they suffer for all eternity with broken hearts like Fate had foreseen.

The story will continue but first we need a change of scenery and I will introduced you to our main characters who had agree to undergo a change of identity with their memories seal just like they promised with Fate.

TBC … maybe