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Heaven's Tear

Epilogue: Peace

(told in Atobe's pov)

It is finally over.

I wasn't aware that I had mentally blocked everyone out when Shusuke pass away in my arms. My face was drench with tears and my hand was cover in blood, his blood. I had my head held close to Shusuke's heart till his very last breath. I hate feeling so helpless. Tears were gushing out of my eyes like waterfall when Shusuke's heart stops beating. The silence that I fear had finally arrived.

I remembered forcing myself to look up and there he was. He looks so peaceful and happy with his eyes close and lips curved up in a smile. I almost want to believe that Shusuke was just taking a nap, but the blood on my wrist reminded me of what had happened.

A fair trade as one might call it …

One life for another …

In a selfish way I almost wish that I had been the one whose life was taken away instead of Shusuke. I don't know how many lifetimes one would have to experience in four hundred years, but I know Shusuke was telling the truth when he told me that he was tired. So very tired of always looking for me and I hate myself at that moment because I never know. Saeki told me that I wasn't a curse one like them and because of that I was free from punishment. Free from suffering.

It wasn't fair. I didn't want to forget Shusuke. I didn't want to forget everything that we had shared and been through. However, I wasn't given a choice because I was lucky. I was lucky because I wasn't a curse one like Shusuke.

The best dream I ever had was during those brief moments of solitude when I feel my life fading in front of me. I felt like I was another person. I could see everything so clearly. The memories of us being together were rushing through my mind. I could felt myself getting lost in a maze. A maze consisted of memories. It was everything that Mizuki had told me but it felt different. Stories meant nothing and will never be close to what I had experience during those moments of clarity.

I could feel myself falling in love with Fuji Shusuke all over again. I don't know why but I just did. Feelings were not meant to be explain, because they were simply colors that you learn to cherish.


Shusuke reminded me of the color blue

Blue like the calm sea

Blue like the vast sky

I traced my finger over my wound. It was a very irrational action but one that I would never regret. I love knowing the fact that I will always have Shusuke's blood flowing in me. I will survive because I have a purpose now. I will continue to live in memory of Shusuke. I will fulfill all of his desires and I will remember our times together for this life time and the next and the next.

Because I promised Shusuke that it is my turn to be the seeker. There will never be any barrier between us again.

"I will continue looking for you just like you had done for all those years."


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