Title: Regrets Of The Teen Titans

Author: MyHeroRaven

Rating: M for sex, abuse, violence, gore, and torture. [Although this chapter is pretty mild… nothing bloody, just mentions violence and rape]

Summary: Who would ever know that he would stoop that low… that our Beast Boy would become like them?

A/N this is going to start to have flashbacks. Like the beginning of this where the man is asking Robin about Beast Boy it's really happening in this time. The story that you have been reading is like 5 years ago. Or so… I'll figure out the exact timeline at a later date. But the beginning and ends of each chapter {separated by this: XXX} will be from the other Titans point of views of what happened all those years ago, like what is happening now.


If that confuses you hit me up and I'll hopefully explain better. : )

Pretty much it all boils down to the fact that Beast Boy will either become amazingly good and rise above; a true Hero, or he'll fall like the angel he is and destroy everything and everyone. It's his right and will to pick a path. Which will he choose?

Now, I know I said that this would be out before Christmas but I'm getting this chapter out now. I'm sorry.

Oh and I probably messed up Mas Y Menos' POV. If the Spanish is off let me know and I'll fix it :] oh and the English translation is at the end of the chapter. It's not terribly important to keep up with what they are saying but it may come in handy later… not sure yet though.

Chapter 7: Becoming Evil Step 1: Forget Your Friends… Because They Never Cared

"Mr. Grayson, if someone were to tell you that Beast Boy, also known as Garfield Matthew Logan, was to turn evil… what would you say?"




When I had taken Beast Boy to my tower and contacted the Titans to tell them what had happened they had come and taken him away. Raven insisting that he needed to be in the medical bay of their tower for health and familiarity purposes.

What a load of bull.

It was all a matter of them feeling guilty, and of course we all knew how Robin took things like this. He closed off, turned to people in anger, and he had no self control. Almost like a child. A beautiful child, but a child none the less. He didn't say anything to me when they had come to collect Beast Boy. He was angry that I didn't take him straight to his tower, but who cares? it wasn't what Beast Boy needed.

But Robin didn't see that.

He could never see past anything but his own fucking pride.


The Teen Titans were shocked to say the least. That something so horrific could happen to one of their own and to Beast Boy especially. The jokester of the team, the comic relief was brutally attacked and raped. Why did this happen? Who was responsible, Robin wanted answers to these questions. They were imperative.


Entiendo Chico Bestia, menos pasó lo mismo. Fue difícil al principio para entender, para comprender todo lo que había sucedido. Me pregunto si era tan difícil para Chico Bestia como lo fue para mi hermano?

Somos doce ahora ... y pasó a Menos cuando tenía nueve años. No pude evitarlo. No llegué a tiempo. ¿Qué clase de hermano soy yo? Para mantenerse al margen y no hacer nada mientras mi hermano sufre dolor traumático.

¿Qué pasa si no puedo dejar de Chico Bestia?

¿Qué pasa si me atengo a una y ver como se destruye a sí mismo?


Cuando vivíamos en Guatemala, que es cuando lo que había sucedido. [1] Yo estaba muy mal herido. Yo tenía nueve años y nuestro tutor surgió después de tener una demasiadas cervezas en el bar y en vez de pegarme que entiende más de lo que pensé que podía.


¿Era eso lo que se Chico Bestia? ¿Un monstruo? Chico Bestia no el coco vengo a ti en la oscuridad y hacerte daño?

Es probable que el daño mismo, probablemente cicatrices también.

No sé si seré capaz de ayudarle ... pero lo intentaré.


Man, stuff like this… like what happened to my best pal. It was sick, and those fuckers were gonna pay. No one messes with my buddy. He was hurt bad, so bad that Raven almost cried. And, considering how dangerous that is explains the severity of the situation.

I knew that one day the bad guys would one up us; I just never thought it would be like this. I thought it would be something that we'd be able to handle. Fuck, Starfire won't stop crying, Robin's breaking shit and getting all pissy, and Raven never leaves his side. Things were not looking good.

We're the Heroes! DAMMIT! We're supposed to be able to handle anything and everything. But right now, right now we can't even handle ourselves and our own.

I just hope this won't shatter him. Beast Boy was so happy, and something like this could really damage my friend.

Hang on kid, I won't let you go.


Wow… just wow. I don't know what else to say. Beast Boy's always so happy but apparently that's not going to be an emotion for him much longer.

This sucks! There's so much that a Hero needs to sustain themselves. Strength, which Beast Boy's has been downplayed, Mental stability, HA that's shot, and Secrecy, which after tonight, is down the toilet.

Not everyone knew his secret identity. I mean he doesn't need to wear a mask because what would be the point? Home boy's green! You don't really miss a green kid running around. This isn't fair. He's going to be scarred. For life!

And Beast Boy was cool… he had always been good, unlike me. I had once lied and been deceitful to help my old boyfriend Herald. [2] At first before I was a Hero I pretended to be a villain to help him. Pretty much it was: pretend to be bad, have the Titans believe he beat me, and make him look good.

Hell I had even been in the Doom Patrol with him. [3] It was a pain. This is mainly because when I shrink down I could go into cardiac arrest so Niles Caulder [Doom Patrol Leader] created a medicine to prevent this so I was able to fight efficiently and healthily. [4]

How could Beast Boy let a man take control of him like that? Like I always say, 'there's not a man alive who can tell me what to do.'

Beast Boy… please be ok.

For me, For Karen Beecher. [5]

I don't want to see your friends fall apart… especially Sparky. [6]


I couldn't even muster the strength to pet Silkie tonight. It seems as if my home has become a barren wasteland of depression. Things I didn't understand like rape… what is this rape? I don't know much but I do know that, that term alone caused Raven to cover her mouth with her hand, Robin to break the glass of water he was holding, and Cyborg to sink sadly into the sofa with his head bowed in his hands.

But I just don't understand. Whatever it is that has happened to my friend… surely he'll recover? This rape won't cause lasting damage. Will it?

People take my naivety for stupidity. I'm not stupid. I just don't understand some things and I would like my friends to explain.

Beast Boy, he's always been strong. That's why he tells jokes and plays pranks. He is strong, he just doesn't see it. So he compensates.

He will be ok

Justice will be brought upon the villains swiftly.

And, before the night is up, someone will explain to me what rape is.



I looked around my room. The large mirror in the corner shattered beyond repair, rain flying in through the broken window, priceless artifacts torn, on the floor, and book after book reduced to ashes.

I'll never be able to forgive what I've done.

And now Beast Boy may be injured physically and emotionally beyond repair. While I was out on my 'date' with Aqualad Beast Boy was getting the shit kicked out of him and he was getting his virginity, his innocence violently taken, robbed.

This is my fault. I should've seen. I should've been there for him. My ignorance may have killed him.

And now everyone's a wreck, Speedy, Robin, Cyborg, Bee, Star, Aqua, Mas, Menos, and I are all frayed.

I don't know what we're gonna be able to do.

This time…

We may not be able to bring him back.


Ever since I was Aquaman's teen sidekick I hated being told what to do. And then I met you Beast Boy, and our rivalry was ridiculous. I tried to beat you at everything from who kicked the most butt, who could swim the fastest, and who would win Raven.

Well yippee! I won her… but it's an empty victory. It's like not worth anything since you didn't fight and since the night of our date you were getting your ass beat and pounded. That was harsh of me…

I digress.

I can't judge you… especially considering that judgment nearly killed me. Amphibious humanoid, that's what I am. And because of stupid atlantean superstition I was left for dead. [7]

This rivalry with you will be pointless unless you rise above. Don't fall apart because of what happened. Shit happens Beast Boy! Not to be mean.

But we suffer, endure, and live.

And, if you can't do that then you don't deserve to call yourself a Hero


It wasn't supposed to be like this. It was serious, rape of a minor, assault, attempted murder? Who would do something so horrific? I don't know but I'll find out.

GOD I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING… or someone. But I'm not Batman… I don't torture, maim, and kill. I'll never be like Bruce.

I need to find out what really happened out there that night. What caused this? Did he fight back? Did he even try? I need to talk to you, Beast Boy.

However, for now, I just have to wait. After all, it's rude to wake the dead.


'Let go of me! This is wrong Daniel. It's WRONG!'

'You can never leave; never escape. You're mine, and soon enough you'll come to realize it baby'


"NOOOOOO!" I screamed shooting up. I was covered in a cold sweat dripping down my back and between my legs. My whole body was in pain. Looking down I saw that both hands had been wrapped and metal poles were sticking out of them. My leg was elevated and lifted high up in a full cast. My ribs were wrapped and so was my head. The worst pain was in my backside, it felt as if someone had stuck Robin's bo staff up my ass and twisted and pulled and then ripped it out taking my organs with it. It was so painful.

The events that caused this came rushing back to me. I could see all their faces. I would never forget them, especially Daniel.

Sick, sadist.

This was unfair… why did shit like this have to happen to me!? I'm a Hero goddamit! I'm supposed to save people and myself! Not get beat up and r-raped!

God, something like this. Something that normally only happened to girls, at least that's what I thought. It seems that it can happen to both sexes. I kept thinking about what had happened when a scary thought entered my mind.

I liked some of it, even though it was painful.

How, sick of me.

But, if you think about it, things can't get any worse. I mean I've already been attacked, beaten, threatened, and raped. What else is left? Not surprisingly this doesn't make me feel any better.


"Beast Boy?" the last two people I wanted to see walked in. Aquafag [8] and Raven came through the medical bay doors holding hands.

If my own hands hadn't been destroyed I'd have griped the sheets in anger, as it was…

"Get out," I whispered looking out the large window. I felt one of them move closer, I smelled the air, it was Raven.

My head dipped down, dark bangs hanging in front of my emerald eyes.

"Beas-" she started again.

"GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" I screamed as tears poured out onto the white sheets I lay beneath. I was just getting madder and madder, I wanted them gone. Especially her.

I heard a small sob and the medical bay door swishing shut. She was sad, she felt guilty. Good. She should feel guilty. She was out doing god knows what with her 'date' while I almost died for her. I sacrificed for her, only to find out that she didn't love me.

I'm stupid. I knew it all along, that she could, would never like me. It was just like Terra, only this time I never had Raven. I never got a taste of the forbidden fruit before it was ripped violently and cruelly away from me.

Maybe this life wasn't worth it.

Maybe I'll just leave.


"So do you think he'll break?" Daniel asked looking to Deathstroke for an answer [9].

"He should… all we need to do now is eliminate his comrades," he explained. His voice always had a menacing and, of course, condescending tone laced into it.

"Yes… he needs to forget about his friends. Because where Beast Boy's concerned, they never cared," Daniel stated smirking proudly. It was that same glint in his eyes he had when he realized that Beast Boy had entered the alley. It was the look of victory. It was so close he could taste it.

"But how can we be certain he'll come to us? Couldn't he just leave Jump City altogether?" Daniel asked.

Slade stood by the large window as he watched the rain hit the glass. Ahh… as curious as ever Daniel. If only he knew Slade's real plan for the child.

"Daniel… let me ask you something: what happens when you give a starving dog a bone?"

"I don't know, what?" Daniel asked… bored with mind games. He just wanted a straight answer for once. But who was he kidding. This is Slade he was talking about.

"He takes it, eats it, anihalates it, and then when the bone is gone the dog comes back for more. Because he knows that you have what he needs to survive," Slade said matter of factly, as if talking to a child.

Daniel slammed his fists onto the large glass table in the center of the room.


"Because my friend, Beast Boy is the starving dog," Deathstroke whispered. His face smiling cruelly at Daniel as he watched realization light up his sinfully handsome face.

P.S. K so that's the end of that chapter. So let me explain a few things:

1-Mas Y Menos are really from Guatemala. Just throwing that little tidbit in there. Not too important though. : )

2-Herald was a Titan in the comic… he is not at all important in this… I just used him to explain a little about Bumblebee, because she is important in this story.

3-Yes Bumblebee was in Doom Patrol as well… although the timeline is a little off because When Beast Boy was in the Doom Patrol in the T.V. show is different from when Beast Boy was in the Doom Patrol in the Comic books. Once again… not really important.

4-This actually happened. She would go into cardiac arrest so the leader of the Doom Patrol created a serum to help her when she shrank down to her smaller size.

5-Bumblebee's real name before she married Herald.

6-Bumblebee's pet name for Cyborg.

7-True story. There was this whole superstition and it nearly got Garth [aka: Aqualad] killed. Look up Aqualad on Google to learn more about it.

8-Obviously Beast Boy's upset at Aqualad, and as we all know, people say mean things that they don't mean when they're pissed. Try not to look too deeply into it. :D

9-Pretty much this is Slade's real fictional name. His full name is Slade Wilson. But he starts to go by Deathstroke when his son [Ravager] starts to become a deadly foe to the Teen Titans. Once again this is comic book stuff. I just sometimes like to use Deathstroke over Slade. Don't kill me for it.

K so here's what Mas Y Menos were saying


I understand Beast Boy, Menos went through the same thing. It was hard at first to understand, to comprehend everything that had happened. I wonder if it was as hard for Beast Boy as it was for my brother?

We are twelve now... and it happened to Menos when he was nine. I couldn't stop it. I didn't get there in time. What kind of brother am I? To stand by and do nothing while my brother endures such traumatic pain.

What if I can't help Beast Boy?

What if I stand by again and watch as he destroys himself?


When we lived in Guatemala that is when it had happened. I was hurt bad. I was nine years old and our guardian came in after having one too many beers at the local bar and instead of just beating me he took it farther than I thought he could.


Was that what got Beast Boy? A monster? Beast Boy did the boogey man come to you in the dark and make you hurt?

It probably hurt the same, it probably scarred you too.

I don't know if I'll be able to help you… but I'll try.

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