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Jack peered at the compass, raising his eyebrows at the results. "Well, that's interesting."

Elizabeth snapped the compass shut. The die was cast.

"What now?" she asked, voice barely above a whisper, turning to look at Jack. He reached up to brush her cheek with fingertips, causing her eyes to flutter shut.

"It's still up to you, love." His heart thundered in his chest, threatening to break through the bone for what he found himself about to say. His fingers trailed down her neck, distracted momentarily, before he brought his attention back up to her eyes. "But if you'll let me, I'll give you that horizon. I'll make it a wedding present."

Elizabeth leaned into his hand at her cheek, feeling a strange sense of resolve. For once, for the first time in a long time, she felt sure of what she was about to do. As Jack pulled her towards him with mere magnetism, fingertips barely touching her jaw, she murmured, "We may never catch that horizon, Jack Sparrow, but I look forward to the adventure."

Jack kissed her urgently once again, but not as a sea gale crashing against her, but the calm afterwards, cool waves of affection washing over her in kisses and caresses. A slow warmth spread throughout her body as he explored her with lips and tongue and fingertips; even whilst shackled to the mast he still managed to maneuver his arm behind her back, pulling her against him. It was as she lifted her arm to caress his face that she found the chain to be restrictive.

"Can we take these off now?" she asked breathily, as Jack kissed the hollow of her neck.

"Only if we're making a hasty retreat to my cabin," he murmured against her skin, tasting her with a light brush of teeth.

Elizabeth gasped, and the prospect of locking herself away from the world for the night in Jack's cabin at that moment sounded divine. "Only if you promise to be a perfect rogue."

The reverberation of Jack's throaty chuckle against her throat sent gooseflesh marching across her skin. "We have an accord, love."

He reached into his vest pocket for the key with his free hand. Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh when his eyes went wide with alarm, finding nothing but air and the fabric of his pocket.


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