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Bold/Italicized text signifies Inner Sakura.

Italicized text signifies thoughts and/or dream sequences.


"Kunoichi, will you hurry up?" God...Women take forever to get anything done. Shit..I really just should have done it my fucking self or at least killed her last night. ..Ok well maybe not have killed her ...for a slug she is pretty damn good in bed (Slug reference to Sakura being that she is Tsunade's apprentice). Ha, I didn't really expect her to be a virgin though...you would have thought that the Uchiha brat would have at least TRIED something. ...His loss. Fucking Baka. Kisame slid down against a large sturdy tree and sat, leaning against the tree, with his legs spread apart.

"I'm going as fast as I can," the pink-haired woman spat as she shot a very dirty look at a the villanous Kisame. I swear..I can't even pack up my stuff ..Ugh...Men can be so impatient. Durr... You really aren't helping. I know. I hate you with a freaking passion. No you don't. And how would you know? Umm..well let's see...I'm inside your brain. I know your every feeling and thought. ...Shut up. Sheesh..sorry. I didn't realize you would act like such a bitch just because you first sexual encounter had to be with... Don't say it...A FISH!!!

"... Fucking fish-bastard," she whispered just under her breath. I can't let him know I find him attractive. I think he already knows you do. O really? And how would he know that? Are you completely forgetting last night? ...Well let me remind you again. ...You slept with him, of course he is going to know you find him fucking attractive. Dumbass. ...I think I need to seek mental help.

"I heard that." Kisame glanced up at the defined body of the petite woman hunched over just a few feet away from him. Ha, and I originally didn't take her for the potty-mouth moaner that she is. I really should re-evaluate my analyzing skills.


"OooOooo Kis...Kisame-kun."


"..D...don't stop,"

Kisame smirked.

...End Flashback.

"Heard what?" Sakura smiled innocently.

Kisame, taken off guard, roughly spat, "Nothing...Just hurry the fuck up."

"Hmfph, well if you are going to be like that then I just might take longer." And what is that supposed to mean? .: wink wink nudge nudge :. Exactely what I said...I will just take longer. Ooo you know what it means. You scare me. Good.


"You know, it would go a lot faster if you helped me."


Sakura rolled her eyes. "...Men."

"..." She wants help...FINE I'll give her help.

"Oi, What the FUCK do you think you're doing?"


In an instant, Kisame had easily wrestled Sakura to the ground pinning her small frame under his massive muscular body. With sheer brute force, the blue skinned man twisted the young woman's arms so they rested just above her head as he held a firm grip on her danty wrists.

"And how the fuck does that help?" Sakura tried to squirm out of his hold.

"If I kill you, the wait would be over." Kisame smirked.

"You..you wouldn't"

"Believe me kunoichi, I would."

"Fuck You."

"Only if you are the one underneath me."


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