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Summary: All is go in Stars Hollow, except there is one problem. (L/L all the way!!!) You'll laugh you'll cry, mostly cry because you're laughing so hard. Takes place in season 3 before "Lorelai out of the Water". Luke never met Nicole, however Lorelai is dating Alex. (Just to spicy it up a little bit)

Disclaimer: If I owed Gilmore Girls people would still be watching the show and not be throwing hair ties at the TV. (I did that)

The Earth's off it's Axis

Chapter 1- We Party Till it was 1999

It was a happy day in Stars Hollow. The sun was up, the grass was greenish (it's winter), Taylor was yapping, Miss Patty and Babette were gossiping and Kirk was starting his new job.

In an apartment, two people had partied like it was 1999 all over again the previous night. They were both exhausted and totally hung over. The alarm rang as the two groggily stirred, however didn't dare to wake up just yet.

Their feet were tangled, their hair was messed up and they just didn't know it yet, but they had crossed the lines between two friends last night.

Tangled in each other, the man wrapped his hand tighter around the woman. The woman began to stir. Disoriented from where she was, she opened her eyes slowly. She took a look around and saw where she was, only to discover what had happened.

Her head was aching, as if a giant boulder has fell on her head. She turned her head and saw the man she had been with.

"AHHHHHHHHHH," Lorelai screamed wrapping the sheet around her, breaking apart from the man.

"AHHHHHHHHHH," she caused the man to also scream. "What the hell?!?!? You have to be so loud?"

"Look at us!!"

"I, a, I don't remember anything," he said.

"Thank you captain obvious."

"I'm sure nothing happened."

"Nothing happened?! Luke we are both sitting in your bed with absolutely no clothes on!!"

"Jeez, stop yelling," he said, as he attempted to massage his head since it felt like someone was hammering on it.

"It's too early, I need coffee."

"The coffee's downstairs."

'Hey, why aren't you at the diner, it's like 9 in the morning?"

"Caesar was supposed to open."

"So the diner is open?"


"What are we going to do?"

"What exactly is our problem?"

"Someone is grumpy in the morning."

"Lorelai, this is not the time."

"Right sorry."

Lorelai looked at the clock again.

"I have to go." She got up with the sheet, grabbing her respective clothes; she then noticed something shiny on her finger.

Lorelai hurried over to Luke.

"What the-" she cut him off by grabbing his left hand, showing him the similar object that was on her finger on his.

"What the hell did we do last night?" Lorelai asked trying to remain calm.

"Don't look at me, I remember just as much as you do."

"Well excuse me for drinking too much last night. I'm sure I wasn't alone."

"Hey, don't blame this on. I wasn't the one who came here last night."

"I really have to go now." She slipped on her shoes and left.

"Use the back door," he yelled behind her.

Today was going to be a weird day.


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