Author's Notes: Just to let you know, this is my very first fanfiction ever. I hope you like this story, cause I kinda liked writing this!
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Rated T due to violence, blood and gore, and suggestive themes.

Prologue: One Eevee

A view of our world through one Eevee...

This is the story of one little Eevee that suffered through many hardships to brighten the world's future relations of humans and Pokémon. I will tell this story to you as this has been told by the Eevee himself for many years.

This story all started in a meadow of a great unending forest in the world of Pokémon. The day was bright and blue, had few clouds in the sky, and the kits were playing without a care in the world. In this section of the great forest, there lived a large pack of what would be called Eevees and their 'evolutions' to humans. Peace and prosperity could describe these wondrous creatures. These and other species of the Pokémon race shall be called by their given human names from here on for the sake of our language and understanding, and their speech will also be directly translated to the language you see now.


Everyone was gathering at and around the meadow. There was a large and old tree trunk stand in the center, quite conveniently used for addressing the whole of the pack. Everyone was making a comfortable place to sit. Their two mated-for-life leaders, a more purple-tinted Espeon and a blue-ringed Umbreon, had climbed up onto the stand-like tree trunk and announced that they gave birth to their own, holding him up so everyone can see.

He shall be One.

This Eevee was quite a bit out of the ordinary, you see. Not only did he have a very strange dark marking on his forehead, but he had inherited the use of telekinetic and darkness abilities that normally are not inherited and must be learned on one's own. His parents were not worried one bit about his powers. He wasn't aware of such, however. They looked to him as quite special that he would receive their abilities immediately. Everyone stared at him with awe, and he stared back blankly.

Unfortunately, the Espeon and Umbreon parents were wholly incapable of feeding their newborn, and additionally, since they were the leaders of the pack, they regrettably had no time to raise their child like someone else would. The Espeon and Umbreon told the pack that they must turn to a mother who could feed him while he's young. Everyone looked at each other and discussed this matter, and the place had become quite noisy for a little while. The leaders hoped that someone would step up...

A Vaporeon mother, along with her two females and one male, walked up to the stand, and she volunteered to take care of their little Eevee. The leaders were delighted, and promised to try to make time to visit them every day. She also mentioned that this may work well socially, after seeing her offspring gather round One showing great interest in their new brother. He stared back at his brother and sisters blankly.

A wave of encouragement swept over the crowd, and hoped the best for the Vaporeon mother. She looked over, blushed a little pink, and waved slightly because she's not really a crowd goer.

A short while later, the audience dissipated and they went about their business. The sky was darkening, so everyone had to get ready for a nighttime meal and to go to sleep with a full tummy. The Vaporeon mother had already gone out to search for fruits before this gathering, so she and her offspring were ready to head back to their den, deep in the dark forest. She put the infant One on her back, and told her son and daughters to come back to the den.

The little Eevees were playing all along the road, running around their mother, looking at One, and tackling each other. One female Eevee, named Freya, was the brave one of the group. She's quite talkative and would get in all sorts of trouble. Her sister, Starra, is a bit older, and is one of those cautious types, and tries her best to avoid trouble unlike her sister. Their brother, Kroa, is a rather quiet Eevee and loves to sit on hilltops and enjoy the wind blowing in his face; a gentle, serene Eevee.

They came out of the deep forest, and came to a beautiful opening in the trees that displayed an underground cave opening and a river in their full glory under the warmth of the sun. The Eevee siblings raced to get back to the cave so that they could munch on the fruits that their mother picked earlier, before the pack gathering as to prevent dealing with the crowd.

The Vaporeon's mate, a gold-furred Flareon, is unfortunately a full-time guardian of the pack and is revered as the most physically strongest out of anyone else. He can't always be around to take care of his family; however, he drops by when he feels that they need him most. He just so happened to drop in front of her as she was walking towards the cave. She was quite spooked, and playfully slapped him in the face with her tail. They gave each other a passionate lick on the left cheek. The Flareon looked past his mate and saw One on her back, raising his head and making a soft squeaking sound, signaling that he was hungry.

The two parents walked into their cave carrying their newcomer, saw their own Eevees hungrily eating their fruit meal off of broad leaves to prevent dirt getting into them, and they both gave a sigh of contentment. The Vaporeon mother went to the far end of the cave where a very soft bed of leaves were set, and also a small leaf fire ignited by the Flareon surrounded by rocks. She set One down onto the leaves gently, and then laid down so that she could feed him. The Flareon father, after taking a few fruits to snack on, walked back to the entrance of the cave and stood guard over his beloved family, not sleeping a wink until dawn arrived.

This little family couldn't be happier...