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Chapter 1

Ishi Suki

Ishi Suki (as in first name Ishi, because in Japan they do it backwards) is a 14-year-old living in Metropolis at the same time as Kenichi and his uncle came, Tima's creation, destruction of Ziggurat, all that stuff. She was born in Osaka, Japan, moved to New York, and then Metropolis for school. (These are all little details so you can know about Ishi) One day, on the Upper Zone of Metropolis,(when Ishi was 13) a robot's circuit broke, making it go bezerk. It began attacking everyone in sight. It actually took Ishi down to Zone 3, where it planned to do a dance. And then drop her in acid. While the robot was dancing, Rock ran down to Zone 3, following the commotion. He didn't want to shoot, because it was too difficult to aim correctly while the robot was dancing. Instead, he jumped down off the platform and grabbed Ishi, and then shot the robot.

"Excuse me sir," Ishi said, still in shock. "How come you didn't just shoot the robot from up there?" Rock turned to her. She was still in his arms, bridal style.

"I didn't want to hit you." Rock said as he began blushing. She blushed, too. He set her down lightly. "Be careful. I wouldn't want someone as pretty as you to get killed." She nodded. Rock ran off. Ever since that day, Ishi was different.

Ever since then, Ishi had loved Rock. She would purposely try to go where malfunctioning robots were, or where crimes were, or where come scenes were. She even said "hi" to him once or twice. She thought of him at least once everyday.

So you can imagine how devastated she was when she found out Ziggurat had fallen down and Rock had been inside.

When she went to see the ruins of the enormous skyscraper she at first was in only shock. But she then remembered that Rock was probably dead within the ruins. Before she panicked, she ran up to a policeman.

"Excuse me sir, were there any survivors?" she asked quickly.

"Yup. Some detective and his nephew, why?" Ishi's eyes filled with tears. She ran to the ruins. Few pieces could be lifted. She kneeled in the ruins and sobbed. She eventually began walking around the ruins. She ended up reaching an area where there seemed to be pieces of robots. She picked part of one up. One side of it was soaked in blood. She thought maybe there were at least corpses nearby. She dug through the metal.

"I don't think looking in there will help anything. There are multiple layers of this junk, whatever you're looking for is probably-"

"Shut up!" she yelled back at the voice of her classmates, Kuchiku and Kyoufu. (2 girls, twins. Normally her best friends)

"But Ishi, Rock is probably dead, I don't know why you liked him anywa-"

"I said shut up!"

"Ishi. Rock is dead. Go mourn or something and give up-"

"I'll give up if you go to hell!" They figured it was pointless to try and talk to her right now, and began to leave. As Ishi was about to give up, her hand landed on something. It felt like hair on a head. She pulled at it and found Rock's head. She kept pulling. She normally would've been excited but she knew he was probably dead. When she pulled out the rest of his body she gasped. His left leg was missing along with his right arm. The blood loss probably would've killed him. She began sobbing again. But she heard a grunt. Her eyes quickly opened.

"…Rock?" she whispered. His head moved.

"Who is this…?" he said slowly. Ishi's frown quickly formed into a grin.

"Emergency! Get an emergency crew!" she shouted. Emergency robots quickly rolled to the scene. They opened up a cot and put him onto it. They drove away. Ishi followed.

At the hospital…

"I don't know…he has lost a lot of blood, I don't know…"Dr. Fujo said, pondering.

"Please sir, anything!" Ishi begged. They were in a hospital room with Rock in the hospital bed.

"Well…there is one possibility-nah, it'll never work." Dr. Fujo said.

"Anything! I don't even care what it is, just do it, and fast!" she begged. Her eyes watered again.

"Fine then. Get me a surgery crew and a nearly useless robot. I mean now!" he yelled. "You might wanna leave the room." She shook her head.

"I'm not leaving him. Not after all that. I'll just sit in the corner or something. Can I get a blanket?"

About 6 hours later…

"Kid? Hello? You awake?" Rock moved his head.

"Where…where am I…?"

"Take your time. You just made it through surgery, kid. You survived a, 10,000 foot building falling, and an extremely risky surgery." Rock slowly opened his eyes. He tried to scratch his head, but instead he felt cold metal. He opened his eyes. His eyes twitched. He had a robotic right arm. He looked at the rest of his body. He had a robot left leg, too. He looked around. He was in a hospital room with a bunch of tired-looking surgeons and a girl in the corner.

"Who's the girl in the corner?"

"Her? I actually don't know her name, but she found your nearly dead body and brought it to us. Well, the robots brought it, but she found it." One surgeon went up to Ishi.


"He's dead, isn't he?"

"No, he actually survived! He's conscious, too." Ishi quickly sat up and turned around. Rock looked at her.

"Rock!" she said as she ran into his arms. Rock was a little shocked to get such a welcome right after a surgery from someone he met a few times. But he was alive. And it felt better than death. But then a horrifying thought came to him.

Duke Red was dead.

A/N: Yes, I know, there is lack of knowledge in so many places in this fic. Rock definitely wouldn't have survived the fall, either way the blood loss would've killed him, a surgery such as the one he went through would've probably taken more like a week, and they never let anyone but the surgeons in a surgery. Rock is also a little OOC, (Out of character, for those who don't know) but in the next chapter he won't be. PLEASE review! Anonymous reviews welcomed! If I don't know what people think, I might delete this fic, so reviews are needed! I need to shut up again…goodbye!