Chapter One: Kyuubi


Okay so this is my first Naruto fic. I really wanted to write an adventure/romance story about Naruto and Hinata. Some notes here are that they wont be classified as ninja but they'll just there attacks and hand seals but I'll be calling them magic. Please review id like to know what you think )

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It was stated in legends that there were once two rare stones of great power. One was a red stone called 'Kyuubi' that had always remained in the hands of evil. It was once said that a powerful demon was imprisoned inside of the stone, but no one had ever lived to prove this. This stone was known for causing pain and misery, the Kyuubi stone remained in the Fire kingdom.

The other stone was a blue stone called 'Amaterasu' that was once entrusted to a powerful priestess, who's duty was to protect the stone and keep it pure. This stone was well known for granting wishes and bringing peace to the Water Kingdom in which it resided in.

For a long time nobody outside of the Water Kingdom knew of the existence of the Amaterasu, the people of the Water Kingdom swore never to tell anyone. They feared that if they told its location they might lose the stone's power upon the land, and would lead them to ultimate ruin. Amaterasu kept unwanted visitors from outside the Water Kingdom that had evil intentions, it protected the city by putting up strong barriers that were enabled to be breached.

But all too soon the King of the Fire Kingdom, Akujin, discovered the stone, a traitor from the Water Kingdom had sold him the information for some money. The king was very interested in the Amaterasu and its powers and decided he would steal it.

A war broke out that lasted for hundreds of years until Akujin had finally captured the priestess. His men defiled her. When she was near death he tried to take the stone but once his impure hands touched the stone's hard surface he was immediately forced back, when a barrier slammed in front of the stone. Outraged Akujin summoned the power from the Kyuubi stone and was about to destroy the Amaterasu.

The priestess used her last of her strength, chanted some words, and in a blinding flash of light both stones vanished. Immediately after the stones dissapeared from the area, Akujin and the priestess, turned to ash. The stones had allowed them to live past a normal human life span.

From that day no one had even heard or seen of the stone. Some say that the priestess had destroyed both stones; others say that she took them with her to a different world. But it had never occurred to them that the stones were hiding. After all everyone had thought this was just a legend.


"Did you hear that the Wind Kingdom might declare war on us?" A tall skinny lady sitting across from Hinata said. Another lady on the left of Hinata was nodding her head and adding some more gossip that they had heard on the streets.

As always every noon she would sit and have tea with the noble women of the Leaf Kingdom. Though she really didn't like having tea with them since she was only 16, she did not care much for things happening in other countries and idle gossip, she politely accepted the tea offers and just sat there listening, nodding her head in agreement occasionally. They hadn't really noticed that she never participated in their conversations; everyone knew that, Hinata Hyuuga, princess of the Leaf Kingdom was a very shy and quiet girl.

Hinata wanted nothing more than to splash in the cool pond that was her special place. Hinata was always alone, her father thought she was a failure in magic and decided to teach Hanabi instead of herself. Hinata was devastated and found the pond on accident when she walked through the woods.

She often sat there and cried for hours, no one ever knew of her pain. She was a useless princess. She couldn't use magic to suit her father's expectations, she didn't know anything about any countries, she just didn't know anything. In her eyes she was useless without a purpose.

The pond was her only place, the animals seemed to like her and often cuddled on her lap if they were small enough, sometimes she got to feed deer, and other times she whistled with the birds. Most people would have thought she was crazy but they were her only true friends.

She was sure that even the ladies sitting at the table with her thought she was useless and a sad excuse for a princess. But there was really nothing she could do to become useful, so Hinata accepted her fate maybe not willing, but subconsciously.

The ladies finished their gossiping, and quickly finished their tea and sweets that had been set before them. After everyone excused themselves, leaving the premises, Hinata got up and quickly left.

A fish splashed out of the water shaking her from her thoughts. Hinata looked around and gave a small smile, the area was dark but pretty. The clear pond's water looked so pure and gentle.

Hinata took off her dress,(NO she's not skinny dipping) and dived into the pond, causing it to ripple. The water was fairly cold but Hinata didn't really care. Hinata had never really dived this far down before. She went down a little further and saw a shimmering light coming from a little underwater cave. As she continued to look, her lungs started burning for air and she quickly returned to the surface gasping for breath.

Hinata thought for a moment. The cave was so far down that you couldn't see light from above and everything else down there was pitch black. Hinata held her breath and dived back into the cold water, she wanted to know what was down there.

She swam quickly down, and realized it wasn't really a cave, she barely fit through the hole. Her lungs burned but there wasn't enough room to turn around. So she just kept on swimming. Forward was the only way she could go.

She stopped swimming, she needed to breathe. But somehow, even though she had stopped swimming, she was still moving forward. Her lungs felt like they were going to burst. She finally stopped, and opened her mouth gasping for breath and realized that she was breathing in air… not water.

She looked around, amazed. She had stopped right on top of a waterfall, the waterfall wasn't raging so that explains once she was halfway out of water she stopped. She thanked every god she knew of that she hadn't died. And then she saw the source of the light. It was a red stone, so perfectly shaped it was unbelievable. It looked kind of like a cone. The bottom was pointed and the top was perfectly rounded. Where had it come from? And why was it in her pond, at the darkest place. There were many mysterious questions. She could only think of one answer, and that was bring it back to the castle and ask.

Hinata stood up as she finally regained her breath. Remembering what her father taught her of magic she used it to walk on water and climb down the waterfall. By the time she reached the stone she was once again breathless, she hadn't used magic since she was a little child. Hinata ripped off a piece of her under dress and wrapped the red stone in it. Then she quickly climbed up the waterfall again and sat down for a minute to catch her breath, before speed swimming back to the surface.

When she reached the surface she quickly put on her clothes and ran as fast as she could with the stone. Hinata was surprised that a stone that was bigger than her hand was as light as a pebble.

"FATHER!" Hinata yelled as she neared the castle. He was currently training Hanabi outside a few feet away from her. It pained Hinata to see that. Remembering the days she had trained with her father, she quickly waved it off. She also took a quick note that her cousin, Neji Hyuuga, was there also.

"Father, I found this." Hinata quickly unwrapped the stone from the ripped under dress cloth. Her father's face held one emotion, pure shock. The red stone's color gleamed in the bright sunlight.

"Hinata, where did you find this?" He stared more intensely at it. "This is Kyuubi…"


Alright this is the first chapter! I thought it was a pretty good start. 3 and ¼ pages. Lol anyways I hope you enjoyed this! Please review if you liked it! ) And also she'll meet naruto soon (chapter 3). By the way instead of countries ive divided it up into 4 kingdoms. Wind, Fire, Leaf, and Water.

Amaterasu is the goddess of light or the sun. :P Akujin is an evil god. (But Akujin isn't a god in this story.)

Chapter Two: Departure