Title: Fairy
Author: Orilon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: CM Punk/Colt Cabana
Disclaimer: Everything from the new ECW belongs to whoever owns it.
Spoilers: Halloween ECW episode
Author's Note: just a quick drabble that came to mind after jinxedraven posted the pic of Colt Cabana in a fairy costume on the latest episode of ECW

Summary: CM Punk's thoughts before Colt Cabana goes out

I snort as Colt pulls the costume out of the bag, a pink fairy. It's embarrassing, but there isn't much he can really do about it. At least I can just go out as myself and get a shot in on Mike Knox.

Colt is able to get the dress on, but I have to help him to adjust the wings so they're straight. The material is silky against my fingers and I can feel his back muscles moving under the fabric. If we do what he's tempting me to do, the more derogatory meaning of fairy will spread through the locker room. We've been able to keep it discrete so far and we don't want it spread around now.

Then he adds the most ridiculous part: the wig.