Disclaimer: I dun own Ouran, 'kay?

Hmm…This is a one-shot sequel to Shattered Mirror. I really just felt like writing a short follow-up to it so here it is…

You think I don't notice.

You think I don't care.

Well, you're wrong.

I do. I really do.

When you walked towards me, your footsteps so quiet and docile, in fear of waking me up… When you caressed my face so gently, your smooth hand running across my messy hair… When you sobbed, your tears muffled, as you spoke to me, your voice barely audible…

You thought I wasn't listening.

You thought I couldn't hear every word.

But I did.

And every single word broke me.

Every single tear you shed made me want to kill myself.

I wanted to console you, to comfort you, and whisper that everything would be alright.

But I couldn't. I was too scared.

I don't know why, though.

When you gazed at me desolately, your amber eyes sparkling with tears as the pallid, lifeless moonlight reflected the melancholy it held… When you kissed my forehead, the subtle touch of your lips so soft, with delicateness lingering through my senses… When you sauntered away from me, your presence going further, further into the distance, the vastness between us growing broader, serving as a synonymous metaphor just like how our world is expanding, no matter how twisted, how topsy-turvy it is…

I pretend to sleep every night.

Because I know you'll be coming here.

You'll be here to shed your tears that mirror nothing but the agonizing pain you've been going through.

I wish I have enough courage to soothe them. I wish I'm brave enough to hold you here in my arms.

But unfortunately, I'm not.

I always brag how strong, how tough I am—but on the inside, I'm nothing but a wimp.

In fact, you're stronger than me. Because the fact that you're not afraid of showing up in my room, crying your eyes out, even though there's a ninety-nine percent chance that I'd catch you looking like a sissy—you've got to have a lot of guts. And look at me; I'm just an idiot who keeps on bottling his feelings inside.

When your fingers gingerly stroked the doorknob, your hand cautiously turning it, in a futile hope for me to not hear its slight creaking noise, your departure in turn, creating an invisible barrier between us…

I wish I had the audacity to grab your wrist to stop you from leaving me. I wish I was bold enough to make you stay.

Regrets. I hate them.

Just a question: Would you be going back to that cold, dark world?

Would you?

I don't want you to. And if I, taking another step forward am your burden, I'd gladly take a step back to be right beside you. I don't care about expanding our world. If it would mean losing you—then it's not worth it.

Right now, I'm looking at your bedroom's doorknob.

Tonight, I'm going to show you how wrong you are. I'm going to be all yours.

Yours and yours alone.

Wohoo! I'm so happy that it's done! No, I'm not going to continue it any longer, that's it. A one-shot, nothing more. You can just imagine what happens next…--snickers—And surely, you do know who's talking here, right?