(Author's Notes): Originally, I wasnt planning on doing an epilogue. I was just going to leave it with Lucy returning home and let everyone's imagination do the rest. However, several people asked me to in their reviews, and since I care about the people who read my stuff, I decided to oblige. It's not really a continuation of the story, just a short drabble about everything that happened afterwards and such. I think it turned out rather well, but I'll let you guys decide for sure. ;)

A gentle breeze swept over the garden, rustling the leaves of shrubs and causing the small trees to sway gently, like snakes before their charmer. It was mid morning, and the clouds overhead could not diminish the intense power of the sunlight, which even now presided over the sky like a massive firefly. Lucy sat on the grass, slowly running her hand across its smooth surface. Looking up at the sky, she recalled the events of what seemed like a long time ago.

What had happened next? Not a lot, really. Lucy returned home before anyone realised that she had gone. When she slept that night, the old nightmares which had haunted her did not appear. She didn't tell anyone what had happened on the bridge; what Kouta and everyone else didn't know wouldn't hurt them. If an explanation was needed, it would come one day. But not today. It could wait for the future. The days went by without having anything significant happen, and eventually the extension work on Yuka's house was completed, bringing an end to their little reunion. It was strange; Lucy almost felt sad to see them go. Probably because they were an integral part of her life. Well, at least, that's what she thought.

Several months had passed since that incident. Lucy found herself smiling more often now, secure in the knowledge that she was no longer hunted. She went out in public more now, and was no longer afraid to show her face outside. From what Kouta told her, several new developments had occurred within their little 'family', the first of which being Mayu's boyfriend. The tumour in his leg turned out to be benign, and was removed without any serious complications. Nana was now able to recognise words and sentences, although her frequent attempts to read bigger books still ended in failure. Yuka was still pretty much the same, trying to take care of everyone on top of all the other things she had to do.

Lucy heard the soft tread of feet on grass and looked up, smiling at the familiar face that entered her vision. He strode across the grass and sat down next to her. His face carried an unfathomable expression, which abruptly broke into another smile. She giggled childishly, before pouncing on him, pinning him to the floor. Kouta's eyes widened in surprise, but before he could utter a single word, Lucy kissed him. He stopped struggling, bringing his arms around her body and pulling her into a tight embrace.

I have nothing to fear anymore.

No, there was nothing to fear from the beginning.

I am not a saint, but even so one person still stands up for me.

As long as that one person is still here, I will continue to live.

Overhead the sun continued to shine, its rays reflecting off the sakura blossoms which floated down off nearby trees. It seemed that the sad story had finally found a happy ending.

(Author's Notes): Well, that's it. This fic is pretty Lucy-centric, even though I didnt originally intend for it to be that way. Still, it turned out better than I thought it would. I almost feel sad, but I'm not done with Elfen Lied by any stretch of the imagination. Why am I writing this? It's just my random thoughts. Oh well. I hope you liked this epilogue, and the story in general. Bye for now!

Matthew Clifford, aka Cliffy G.