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Dialogs un-Italic (with or without a word or two in Italic) – Japanese language


Chapter 1: The Beginning

"We…will…always be…together…," he managed to smile faintly despite he was already losing a lot of blood. He slumped beside a mailbox as his legs grew weaker by each minute passed. His vision had blurred just a few moments ago and even though he began to lose his senses, he felt a soft but cold snowflake fell onto him. It was snowing. The last thing he saw was snow that was so pure and white and a figure that somehow shone with tranquil light…

Fujimiya Aya felt heat but it was a bit too pleasant to be the hell flames. Instead, it was a bliss warm that embraced him but there was no way he would be in heaven; he was way too sinful to be in there. He slowly opened his eyes. He was in a white room. He looked around him. No one was around; he was alone. His head suddenly swirled and he put his hand on his forehead, feeling extreme dizziness. Then, another pain attacked his abdomen. Instantly his hand went to the source of pain and to his surprise, someone had attended to his wound judging by the clean bandage around it. Slowly, his nearly jammed brain began to process everything.

"I was stabbed by a boy and then someone stood in front of me…," Aya looked in front of him and saw a clipboard, the one that nurses always used, "…I must be in a hospital…," he stared into the air and touched the cross he always wore around his neck; it felt oddly cold against his skin, "So… Kami-sama decides to spare me…to spare a sinner's life… Wonder why, I'm beyond redemption already…"

Then, Aya noticed someone was peeking behind the door by the corner of his eyes. Aya raised his eyebrows in strange amusement; the person seemed to be anxious of him… The person then – not noticing that Aya had noticed it – slowly closed the door and Aya heard a voice calling out for doctor, a feminine voice…

Minutes later, a middle-aged doctor and a young nurse came into the room. The doctor smiled and greeted Aya warmly, "You're awake at last after two days. How are you feeling?"

"Just feeling a bit dizzy…," Aya replied slowly while letting the nurse examined him, "When can I get out of here?"

"You're a hasty type, aren't you?" the doctor smiled, "We may have to keep you for a few days here before discharging you as we would like to ensure your wound have fully been healed. But don't worry; it wouldn't take more than a week," he turned to the nurse, "Any problem at all?"

"No, everything's normal Doctor," the nurse replied politely.

The doctor nodded slowly, "So we let you alone for now. Have a good day," and both of the doctor and the nurse left the room.

Aya remained silent for a while before unconsciously sighing, "I would like to sneak out of this place already; who knows what would sneak in if whoever they are found that I'm still alive…"

Tok! Tok!

Aya turned towards the door and felt curious; doctors or nurses wouldn't knock the door, "Come in."

A young lady in her teen entered; she had a pair of turquoise eyes, her long gleaming dark straight hair was tied into a loose ponytail, her slender and fair figure was covered by a loose grey sweater matched with a pair of jeans and a long black coat and she was carrying a dark blue backpack. She approached Aya nervously, "Err... Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, thank you," Aya stared at her closely, "I think you're the one who found me being stabbed, am I correct?"

"Y-Yes," she answered nervously, "I instantly call for an ambulance back then. It's good to see you're okay now…"

"Why are you here?"

"W-Well, I…"

Aya remained silent and then unconsciously smiled, "Thank you for your concern, Miss."

"Huh? O-Oh well, you're welcome…," the young lady replied sheepishly. Both of them remained quiet for a while before she held out her hand, "I'm Mizu, Tenshino Mizu. I'm an exchange student from Japan."

Aya stared at her for a while and then took her hand, "Watashi…Fujimiya Aya desu Dozou yoroshiku."

"Eh?! You speak Japanese?! You're Japanese?!" Mizu looked at him bewildered, "Uso! I thought you're an American! I mean, your red hair and fair skin… You even speak English fluently! You don't look like Japanese!"

"Haime?" Aya raised his eyebrows amusedly, "And I used to think you as an American also. It's rare to see someone Japanese as young as you can speak English fluently… But I can assure you I'm Japanese in and out."

Mizu just smiled sheepishly.


Aya shifted his eyes from Heidegger's 'Being and Time' towards a cheerful Mizu; he smiled, "You're early today. How about your part-time job?"

"The bookstore closes early today; the owner have a celebration or so as they say," Mizu stared at the book in Aya's hands, "What are you reading?"

"Heidegger's 'Being and Time'. It's quite interesting actually; the doctor lends me this book. And why are your face like that?" Aya asked when he saw Mizu's disbelieving face.

"Iie, it's just…," Mizu stared at the book disbelievingly, "…how can you read something as thick as that? It'd take ages to finish…"

"And didn't you read 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' and finished it in only just an hour and half?"

"That's different!"

"Why don't you just tell me that you just simply can't bear to read a serious material? You're still young; no wonder if you have taken no interest at all reading this book which I take as one."

"I'm nearly sixteen if you must know."

"Still, I'm a lot older than you are," and when Mizu pouted in admit of defeat, Aya shook his head, smiling faintly. It had been three days since his awake in the hospital and Mizu had been visiting him regularly, especially after school or after her part-time job. And during her visits, Aya learnt more about her.

Aya learnt that Mizu was an orphan since last two years when both of her parents died in a fire accident in their house which either lucky or not, Mizu wasn't at home when it occurred as she was having her extracurricular activity at her school. Having no other living blood-related relatives, now she lived alone in an apartment room and knowing that her died parents' fortunes couldn't last forever, she applied for a part-time job in a local bookstore which was enough to satisfy her needs.

Aya only talked little about himself; Mizu seemed to give him space to keep secrets. Most of the time, they would talked about a normal topic such as daily school life to a serious one such as corruptions and politics which made Aya impressed as no matter how much Mizu disliked anything have to do with serious things – which Mizu claimed could drive her insane – she still could converse about the topic so well and full of knowledge of each topic. Aya assumed that maybe working in a bookstore forced her to read any kind of reading material, either to her likes or not.

And currently, they were talking about a recently killed famous bio-medical researcher whom Aya knew exactly who the killer was. Mizu tapped her chin, "Aya-san, it's kind of a weird case. The researcher is killed with a piece of thin but sharp instrument but no such thing is found in the scene. More ever, the CCTVs don't record anything or anyone suspicious when the murder occurred. And no traces of breaking or any other evidences in could be found; it seem like the assassin is more than a professional as it kind of disappeared like magic."


"He must be killed because he conducted illegal bio-medical experiments which sacrifice a lot of innocents' life and since the government didn't do anything about the horrible activities, underground justice keepers send someone to put a complete halt to it! Must be like that!" Mizu lowered her head sheepishly, "Again, my wild imaginations… It might be as simple as a kill for money…"

"Iie, you hit it bull's-eye…," Aya muttered in a very low voice, "You have a really great imagination…"

"Are you saying something, Aya-san?"

"N-Nothing, it's just that you're quite an interesting person actually…and naïve also."

"What on Earth am I naïve for, Aya-san?"

"Since you ask me, it shows that you're a lot more naïve than you look."


"If you're not naïve as what you claim, you can think of the answer yourself."

Again she pouted and Aya couldn't help but to chuckle softly; Mizu did tried her best to act like an adult but then, it only proved more that she was still a teenage girl. Pouting, she took a book out of her backpack and showed a page to Aya.

"What?" he asked, scanning the scribbling on the chosen page, "Are you asking if I know how to solve this algebraic equation?"

"Yeah," Mizu replied and tapping a pencil against her cheek, "It already took me a whole lesson period but still, I couldn't figure out how to solve it."

Aya scanned the equation more carefully and then stared at the puzzled Mizu, "…You're a careless person, aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm a really-… What do you mean?"

"Simple," Aya took the pencil from Mizu's hand and cancelled a number from the equation, "Tell me, what is 1 times 2 is equal to?"


"And what did you write here?"

"3… Ahh! I'm such an idiot! It took me a whole lot of time and it is only because of miscalculations! Damn it!" she quickly rewrite the equations, now without any miscalculations. Aya smiled faintly and began to read Heidegger's 'Being and Time' again when he saw a shadow was moving just outside the closed-curtain window. He didn't put his book away but eyed the shadow from the corner of his eyes. The shadow stopped in front of the window; because of the curtain and the light from inside the room, the shadow was nearly invisible but Aya's keen senses didn't fail him.

And from what he saw, the shadow was somehow tried to break into the room. Aya didn't want to create a scene right in a hospital especially when someone as innocent as Mizu was around. He quickly composed of a plan, "Mizu, would you like to accompany me for a walk? I want to have some fresh air."

Mizu looked up from the messy equation and nodded happily, "Sure! But let me get a wheelchair for you; the doctor would literally kill me if he sees you walking around with that wound," and she left him for a while. She then returned with the middle-aged doctor and a wheelchair.

"Mr. Fujimiya," the doctor greeted, "It seems that in no time you'll be discharged if you are in good spirits as this. But, I forbid you to walk around without a wheelchair for the time being; your wound might open again if you move too much."

Aya just simply smiled in reply. After helping Aya to get on the wheelchair, he left both Aya and Mizu alone. Mizu grinned, "Where are we going, Aya-sama?"

"Since when I become your master?" Aya asked while carefully eyeing the shadow outside the window, "The rooftop, if you please."

"Your wish is my command!" and happily, she pushed the wheelchair out of the room and began to head towards the elevator. Both of them entered it and playfully, Mizu pushed a button, "Going up!"

"You seem to have some fun, pushing me around," Aya remarked, intrigued when Mizu hummed a cheerful tune.

"Haime? I don't realize that."

"Then, you're just simply weird."

Mizu just grinned cheekily as a reply.


"We've arrived!" Mizu gently pushed the wheelchair out of the elevator and now both of them faced a magnificent evening scenery of New York. Slowly, they approached the wire-fenced edges; Mizu was astonished, "Sugoi ne…"

"Yeah…," Aya agreed halfheartedly; it wasn't that because he didn't agree with Mizu but it was because he was aware whether the shadow followed them up to the rooftop. His eyes gazed around them; they were alone but his experiences told him that something was coming on the way. And whatever was coming, he didn't want Mizu to be involved in any way. Again, he composed a plan, "Mizu, could you fetch me something to drink please? I'm thirsty."

"I'm feeling a bit thirsty also… What do you want?"

"As long as it isn't fizzy."

"Okay," she ran towards the elevator and then stopped, "Are you going to be fine on your own, Aya-san?"

"I'm obviously not a five-years-old kid. What do you think then?"

"Uhh… Okay! I'll be back in a jiffy!" and she disappeared into the elevator. Aya stared towards the descending elevator for a while and then stood up slowly.

He stretched his arms and legs, "They are obviously treating me like a fragile person; I'm alright now," he looked around him, "Now, whoever you are, show yourself or I will make you."

"You are really a professional in this kind of field, aren't you? And you are even pretty lucky; that kind of stab should kill a normal person instantly," a tall tough-build man appeared from another elevator, "I thought could finish you off in the room back then but it seems that you've found me and started to device a plan to let un-involved people out of the way of danger, especially the young lady that you have interest in… I admit she's pretty and kinda' my type but she's still too young for me."

"I'm not a paedophile for your information," Aya turned around to face the tall man, "Shall we start?"

"Now, that's strange," the stranger sneered, "I've never meet someone who badly wants to die in my hands, especially a wounded one. Are you ready for hell?"

"I'm ready for hell but since I'm alive, I'd try my best not to die."

"Pity and I'm beginning to find you interesting. But job comes first. Don't you agree?"

"Well, I do-… Wha-?!"

Aya could barely blocked the sudden attack of the stranger; lucky he was an experienced fighter or he would received a full impact of the attack and he doubt his wound wouldn't be re-opened. Aya made a backward-step and then delivered a low swing-kick which the stranger evaded by side-stepped. He then punched Aya in the stomach which Aya successfully caught his fist and launched a counter-attack; Aya turned his body and delivered a powerful back kick which successfully threw the stranger towards the wire-fences.

The stranger staggered before he could stand properly, "You're good. I'd like to fight you longer but alas, I've got no time to waste. So…," he took out a silencer-equipped gun and pointed it to Aya, "…Sayonara," and he slowly pulled the trigger. Aya thought his life finished but then…


A drink-can hit the back of the stranger's head hard enough to make him faint almost instantly. He slumped onto the ground and unconsciously released the gun from his clutch. Aya stared the fainted stranger, feeling puzzled and then looked towards the elevator. He could only sighed, "Shimatta… She saw everything…"

And now, standing a meter from him was a puzzled Mizu and from the look of her face, she would need a lot of explanation…

And Aya knew this was just the beginning.


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