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He looked up, amber eyes glazed with fear. A body slumped on his lap. Blood pooled on his clothes, a sharp metal appendage protruding from the mans back. Both mouths hung open, the younger boy in unconcealed terror and the now dead man resting on his lap. A hand was offered. Dib looked up, mint green obscured by welling tears. He averted his gaze looking down to his pants discarded in the corner. The bruises and scratches at the time offering pain, now completely numb. His naked body was bared for his enemy, out against the cold December night. The wind whipped around his lithe form slowing the flow of the blood, the intermingled of his attacker and himself. Dib stared.

No No No No No No

Its not true

The hand offering, lingered, large violet pupils gazed with intensity.

Two evils, which one which one?



Waiting patiently his stance filled with promise.

"Dib Filth… .D…Dib…."

Frozen filthy tears clung to his face his pallid skin lashed with wind, his eyes were cast downward. Dib swallowed.

The pain, the rage, the terror. His wide eyes, eternally staring, a payment. Tormented forever by the memory, the helplessness. Rough laughter. Oh the screams, barely recognizable as his own

"You know you want it, Revenge, yes Dib. Never, not even the most evil on Irk would commit such a crime. So crude, disgusting pig smellies"

Dirty it crawled on his skin. The groping hands. Yellow teeth scraping his skin, hot stale breath on his throat.

He looked down at his arms. Dirt contrasted with the pale blotched skin. Disgusting, disgusting.

Seemingly reading his mind Zim looked down

"Yes you are filthy. But oh, you could be so clean, you could be so clean, fresh, alive."

He looked down, invisible insects crawling all over his skin, leaving blazing trails of slime in their wake.

"My poor insane son"

"Crazy Boy!"

"You make me sick"

Poisoned, so filthy…

A dank bathroom, scrubbing his arms until they bled, so much wanting to be clean. Scrub Scrub, yellow squeegee, red blood, lemon soap. Burning lemons… Lemony Fresh

He held his head his eyes clenched tightly, knuckles white with pain.



"Yes Dib"

He shook his head violently, internal wars waged in his head.

A fresh lemon scent, permeating the senses. Her warm arms and black hair, encircling, protecting. Clean. Safe.

"I think, I think…. I want to be clean"

He took the warm gloved black hand he silk like material immediately comforting him. His legs unsteadily supported him his form rising shaking with effort. Pain, now numbed.

The better of two evils. So much possibility existed in one action. A new life, he had chosen.

"I can feel it Dib, already, you are becoming clean. "

Why did he feel so dirty then?

He swallowed a painful lump. Retracting the spider leg into his pak he extracted a blanket, draping over Dib's bare shoulders. Dib sobbed and looked up into the crimson eyes he knew existed underneath. All he wanted was to be clean.

"If, if you say so Zim."


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