This is the first story I have posted on however my stories have been displayed by other means and read by others, so I hope that I have corrected any errors pointed out to me. This story is based in an alternative universe and is about when Jeff met Isabelle (who would later become his wife).

This story is rated T for suggestions of mature themes and some mild explicit language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Thunderbirds (they belong to someone who is not me, I don't actually know who it is now) and I am not making any money from this story. None of the characters are intended to portray any living or dead person and any similarities are entirely coincidental.

I hope you enjoy.


A young man his early twenties, climbed down from the metal ladder that had been roughly propped against the side of the fighter jet he had just landed. Dressed in the one-piece green flight suit of the United States Air Force, he unzipped the top half and slipping his arms out he let it fall to his middle, stopping where the elastic waist held it in place, revealing the tight white tee-shirt beneath. He replaced his flight mask with the mirrored sunglasses passed to him by his regular ground attendant, Mick.

A low wolf-whistle brought Jeff Tracy's head sharply around. Mick raised a single finger and pointed in the direction of the hangers, southeast of their current position. A young woman, who looked just about twenty, was hurrying towards the planes. Light brown hair flew out behind her, bunched together by an elastic tie at the nape of her neck. Wisps of hair escaped though, fluttering beside her face. Her heels clicked gently against the hard ground of the airstrip, her speed disguising the effort it took to prevent falling.

A small smile spread across her face when she saw who the pilot was. Approaching the aircraft, the young woman spoke up.

"Colonel Lopez has ordered that I collect the pilot of flight 5B-1. He has requested your presence in his office immediately."

"What did you do this time Tracy?" Mick joked, shoving the younger man in the shoulder. The twenty-two year old chose to ignore him.

"Of course Miss Douglas. Lead the way." He spread out a muscular arm to signal that he was ready to leave. The young woman turned on her heel and took a step away from the wing of the aircraft that they had been conversing in the shadow of. "Get the boys to roll her away will you Mick?" The attractive pilot smirked and began to head towards the Colonel's office.

"You should watch yourself Lieutenant; the boys will begin to hate you. No one likes a show off." The pretty girl didn't even look over her shoulder.

"Showing off, Miss Douglas? I don't know what you're talking about. And it's Second Lieutenant. Or at least that's what my rank insignia says."

"Not for long Jeff." The woman stopped suddenly and turned to look at the handsome young man stood before her. "You're going up in the world very fast." Then she added as an afterthought. "I hope you're not scared of heights."

"Why the harsh tone Iz?" He reached out to touch her arm and she flinched away. Isabelle Douglas began to walk again with purpose.

"Come to Eglin with me. You could get a job in admin. You'll be the General's PA before you know it. I'm still running errands for Lopez, while you're shooting off around the States, flying amazing planes and rocketing through the ranks. Hardly fair." They reached the main building and Isabelle pulled out a swipe card and opened the heavy door. Jeff reached over her head, using his superior height to his advantage and helped pull the door open. The twenty-two year old ignored the gesture and carried on walking.

"I never forced you to come. You said you wanted to, you wanted to prove you could make it in the forces, just like all the men. After all the military's not just a man's game anymore."

"The military's not a game at all and that's not the point Jefferson Tracy and you know it. You persuaded me to come." Suddenly Jeff reached out and pulled the woman into a side room and pinned her against the wall. Again he used his height to his advantage, this time to quell any fights against him.

"You wanted to come." He husked, their faces moved closer together.


"Yes, you wanted this." Jeff leaned right in, towards the younger girl before him, their lips meeting as one, tongues exploring the others mouths. Jeff's hands slipped down towards her waist, wrapping his strong arms around the fragile body before him.

Breaking for breath, Isabelle whispered. "Not here. You've got to go and see Lopez." She pulled his arms out from around her middle and slipped her fingers into one of his hands. The other reached up to place a silencing finger on his lips before he could protest. "Later." She lightly kissed his lips while removing her hand and turned to leave the room. Stepping through the doorway, Isabelle nearly collided with the very man she was rushing to meet.

"Miss Douglas. I thought you were fetching me a pilot." The said pilot stepped out of the room sheepishly, knowing they had been caught. Lopez raised an eyebrow and then dismissed the comment rising to his lips. "Tracy. Come with me."

With long confident strides the colonel led the way to his office, with the young, albeit very talented pilot following in his wake.

Closing the door behind him, Colonel Lopez indicated towards a seat. Jeff Tracy sat down. "Would you like a drink Tracy?"

"No sir. I'm fine thank you." His superior muttered something and poured himself a drink deep brown in colour and replaced the stopper in the glass bottle. He walked round to the back of his desk and look out the window for a long moment before turning to face the pilot before him.

"I was sent this by those above us." He casually tossed a letter in the boy's direction and Jeff complied opening the paper to read what was held within. It was written on USAF headed paper: quality paper at that. This wasn't an informal note to the Colonel. The man's eyes widened with every word he read.

"Already?" Was all he said when he had finished reading the piece. The colonel looked up suddenly from the paperwork he was idly staring at.

"You sound like you expected it?" He questioned, shifting paper around his desk with his fingers.

"Well I hoped I might still have a couple more promotions before me, but I just didn't expect one so soon after the last."

"Neither did I, but you're skills are starting to become legendary." The colonel finally took a seat. "I won't lie to you Tracy. Soon you could be leaving us. They need pilots like you elsewhere, for more specialised jobs." Jeff remained silent. "I just hope you don't leave us too soon."

"Thank you sir." Jeff stammered. He had never had such praise from the colonel before. He had been the one to inform him of his promotion to Second Lieutenant, but there had been no such speech then. "May I ask what you mean though sir?"

The colonel sighed. "I can't say it much plainer Tracy. Special missions need skilled pilots, and well you could be once of them, one day. But mind you, keep up your antics with a certain young girl and you could be out on your behind for harassment. Not quite the right way to leave, eh?"

"No sir." He replied, lowering his head to try and hide his blushing cheeks. Taking pity on the tall, dark-haired Romeo before him Lopez added, "Just be careful Tracy."

"Yes sir." Lopez stood and Jeff followed suit. Both looked at each other across the table, weighing up whether or not to voice their thoughts.

Finally the elder man made up his mind. "Congratulations Lieutenant Tracy." The greying man held out his hand, and it was shaken firmly.

"Thank you sir." Jeff turned and left the room, closing the door behind him. He walked stunned towards his room, remembering that he still hadn't washed since his last flight. He never noticed the person hiding in the shadows of the corridor and the first he knew of them was when they shut the door behind him.

Whipping round to face the intruder, he was met with arms snaking around his waist and lips reaching up towards his. Smiling broadly, he pulled back from his childhood sweetheart. "I really need to shower. I've haven't had a chance since I was up in the air."

"Smelling good is more important than me?" she taunted.

"Uh huh." He kissed her lightly on her nose.

"Well then maybe I could help you." She pushed him backwards towards his bathroom, pulling the tee shirt up and over his head as they went. He reached down to undo her shirt and gently prised it from her body. By the time Jeff reached into the shower to turn on the water, they were both undressed and Isabelle was planting kisses all over his exposed body. Stepping into the hot water together, Jeff decided that there was nowhere he'd rather be and no one he'd rather be with.