Condemning the Innocent: PoI series book II

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter him and his world come from J.K. Rowling and I am not her.

Summary: AU year II Aidan returns to Hogwarts where the harassment continues. Aidan Liam Malfoy is done with games. A new power is raising a balance of Light and Dark. Who will win Dark, Light, or Grey?

Warnings: Language, Violence, very light to the point of non existent pre-slash, discussions of abandonment, and Harassment from an ex-family.

Reminder of true prophecy:

The time for the reign of evil to end draws near

The downfall of the lord will be caused

By the two with minds bound

One marked by darkness

The other marked with love

When trust appears

Powers will awaken

Wary now the dark one holds power

Should he stray from then path of light?

All shall be lost

Chapter One

Blood Ties

Aidan Liam Malfoy was walking in his new family's manor just thinking about what had happened to him over the past few years. When he was just over two years old he had defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort. Unfortunately he was thrown across the room and his siblings Rose and Diarmid got the credit. That very same night he was abandoned by his family. There was a prophecy about his family it warned about the dark one straying from the path of light. Before he had defeated Voldemort the evil wizard had burnt the Dark Mark into his tender flesh.

He was sent to live with his mother's sister. She hated magic and his parents, Dumbledore thought she would help them by humbling Aidan. In a letter he informed her that she had permission to abuse him, as long as he could still fight for the Light it didn't matter what shape he was in.

Their plan might have worked if they hadn't miscalculated on one thing. The person assigned to take him away was Severus Snape. Dumbledore had assumed that the animosity between Snape and Aidan's father would make him not care what happened to the boy. Luckily for Aidan that was not the case. Severus was able to look at Aidan for himself not his father. He took him to his relatives and actually explained what had happened. Petunia and Vernon agreed to take him in and treat Aidan like a second son.

Aidan grew up to be friends with his cousin and Severus came at least once a month to check up on him. When Aidan was old enough Severus taught him magic. Aidan excelled at it he was able to perform wandless magic at a level previously unheard of in one so young.

Hogwarts to put it bluntly was Hell. He met his true family again and it wasn't pleasant. The fame had gone to their heads. His siblings were spoiled brats and his parents were attention seeking extremely shallow people. He was sorted into Slytherin and swiftly disowned.

Rose caused an accident in potions that disfigured Aidan's face. The scars had faded some leaving just a few deep red gases across his face. He had to deal with a Voldemort possessed Defense teacher. He stopped Voldemort from reaching the sorcerer's stone but once again the deed was thought to be done by his siblings who had followed him down to where he fought Voldemort.

The one good thing that happened was his best friend Draco Malfoy's family had adopted him over the Christmas break. That is how Harry James Potter a member of a predominantly Light family ended up Aidan Liam Malfoy son of a death eater. Lucius Malfoy however was not a true death eater. He might agree with some of the Dark Lords ideals he did not think killing was the right way to deal with it. Severus had gone to Dumbledore and had become a spy. Lucius did not, he didn't want to serve Voldemort but he didn't like Dumbledore either.

Plus by all accounts in a few years a third power would rise in the war. Most wizards assumed this third power would be the much touted children who lived. No, that family was firmly with Dumbledore. The third power would come from the one who was cast aside. His power grew by the day. Aidan already knew what his destiny was too bad the rest of the world was condemning an innocent. He knew the world would come dangerously close to destruction before people saw past the lies spoon fed to them.

That all led up to what he was doing now. He was searching for his new family. Tonight was special he was to be adopted in a full blood ritual. It had to be done this night. The rituals they needed to perform worked best during a full moon. They waited for this full moon because there would be a lunar eclipse that night. If the ritual was completed in the split second of complete eclipse it would transfer more power then any other time.

The ritual in of itself was fairly simple. The blood of the adopted child had to be mixed with the family he was entering. Once their blood was mixed Aidan would change. His appearance would change slightly to make him look a little more like his adopted family. His magic would change he couldn't lose any power or gifts that he already had but he would gain the magics he would have had if he had been born a Malfoy. In return the Malfoys would receive some of Aidan's gifts to balance the transfer. All in all when it finished Aidan would be irrevocably a Malfoy no test done on him or his new family would reveal his old identity.

Aidan finished his musings just as he reached the sitting room where his new family was at. He got a surprise upon entering the room. His mentor, head of house, and honorary Uncle Severus Snape was there. He apparently had arrived early that morning.

Aidan was glad the person who had helped raise him could be here at his adoption. He went over and sat next to him on the couch. His new father cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Alright does everyone understand what is going to happen tonight?" he asked seriously. Everything had to be worked out in advance. Things had to be done in a very specific amount of time one mess up and the opportunity would be lost.

Everyone nodded so Lucius relaxed a bit. He wanted the best for his family and any other time for the adoption wouldn't be the best. The more power they exchanged the better for all. With some of Aidan's power he could protect his family better and with the gifts he knew Aidan could receive it could keep him alive.


Later that night everyone was tense again. They had spent the afternoon just talking amongst them and Severus had reported a few disturbing things happening at Hogwarts. Dumbledore was changing things around. It was almost like he knew he had chosen the wrong children and was designing a trap for Aidan. Severus reported this with a note of pride in his voice. He had trained Aidan himself and knew the schemes the headmaster was coming up with would not work on Aidan.

Now it was time to get ready for the ritual. They had custom made robes to wear and they each carried a silver dagger. The original Malfoy's robes were silver in color and were unadorned except for the beautifully crafted fastenings that had the Malfoy crest carved into them. Aidan's robes were different to signify he was the one being adopted. His robes were black with the Malfoy crest sewn onto the back in shimmer thread. The fastenings for his robes were carved onyx they bore the Potter crest signifying what he was leaving.

Severus stood off to the side because he had his own part to play in the ritual he also wore a custom robe. It was smoky grey with the Snape crest on quartz fastenings. He would take up the role of Godfather again. He would care for both boys if something happened to the elder Malfoys.

The entire ritual would take exactly an hour with the final step occurring at the exact eclipse. They had ten minutes before they had to start. They got ready to begin, and the set up was easy. The three original Malfoys created an equilateral triangle with Severus in the center. To signify his role as surrogate caregiver Severus would be holding Aidan during the ritual. It wouldn't be hard Aidan barely weighed more then your average eight year old and was very petite. Severus held Aidan the same way you would hold an infant giving Aidan room to do what was needed.

When the time to begin came the three Malfoys all began chanting in Latin at the same pace. When the cadence reached a certain pitch on the third run through of the same chant they all brought their daggers to bare. Lucius was the first to make a cut slicing his palm open and letting the blood hit his spot of the triangle. The next pass Narcissa also cut her palm and let the blood flow. Draco went next and the elders were proud when he didn't even wince at the cut.

After the Malfoys were done the chant changed. After the third pass Aidan drew his own dagger and pulled it across his palm. He also completed the cut with unflinching acceptance. The blood from his wound fell to the ground at his spot on the triangle.

That is when the magic started beams of light shot out from each marked spot connecting to each other with them all coming together at Severus's feet. The Malfoys followed the exact path of light and reached Severus and Aidan. Severus released the boy so he could stand alone for the next part.

They had to work quickly now the eclipse had begun. Aidan made three more wounds on himself; his other hand, his forehead which was tricky because he had to avoid the other scars, and a wound below his neck crossing his clavicle. Draco reached out his bleeding hand and took his brothers left hand combining blood. Narcissa took his right hand and Lucius placed his palm over the one on his clavicle. Just as the blood was going to run into his eyes Severus placed his bleeding palm over the mark on his head.

A bright light shown from all the parties involved just as the moons rays were fully extinguished. They had done it the ritual was done at just the right moment. This was proved when the light was doused from the new family as the moon came back into sight. All five wizards were breathing hard from the sudden influx of magic. No one more then Aidan he finally caught his breath and looked up at his new family.

The changes in his appearance were very subtle but they were their. His Elvin face had gotten a touch more angular but in truth he didn't look unlike a Malfoy to begin with. His Raven black hair now had silver blond streaks joining the red. His beautiful jewel like eyes took on the typical icy look that characterized a Malfoy. His body size did not grow but his musculature did change a bit. In his old body he would have been prone to the bulging muscles of a Greek statue. In his new one he looked to have an inclination for the lean muscle of a runner or a swimmer.

The places each person touched had already healed and scared leaving thin white lines reminders of the magic that had taken place. In fact the place each person grabbed held significance and was planned out before hand. Draco had taken his left had to signify he would always be there for his brother as friend and confidant. Narcissa had taken his right hand to show she would guide and protect him in matters of etiquette and the ways of the heart. Lucius had taken the spot as close to Aidan's heart as possible to say he would protect his new son from any danger including the danger that would come from his own heart. Severus had covered his head because he would guide and protect the boy's intelligence and power. He was also the caregiver if anything went wrong that place signified that role.

He felt a difference in his power levels but knew he would have to wait awhile to test it. Right now the new magics they had all received were still unsettled. Until they calmed down a bit it would be dangerous for any of them to perform magic even if they were as well trained as the adults were. They would just have to wait and see.

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