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I ate up the last bit of my outdoor-cooked cheeseburger and took another sip of Coke. Yum. Camping food is the best.

The lovely moment was then ruined by a loud and long burp by Fang.

"Excuse me," he smirked while Iggy and the Gasman laughed uncontrollably. Nudge and Angel let out a disgusted 'ew' and I threw and dirty, crumpled up napkin at him.

"You're so sick. Grow up," I told him. He just gave me a smirk and a shrug of his shoulders while Iggy let out a burp as big as Fang's followed by the Gasman, who let out one not as big or loud but pretty close. They all laughed and gave each other high-fives. Sigh. Boys.

After dinner, we all turned in a little early. We were extremely tired after flying all the way to Lake Casitas, but it was worth it. Lake Casitas was very beautiful and there were a lot more campers camping out here than I thought there would be. Luckily, we blended in quite nicely, looking like normal kids with their dog camping out. Total did a pretty great job as passing for a normal Cairn terrier. I think this was the longest he's ever stayed quiet.

"Cone on, just one more cheeseburger. Please," Total begged, standing on his hind legs and resting his paws on Fang's right leg.

I stand corrected.

The flock and I all stacked fist and got ready for bed while I took the first watch.

Fang walked towards me. "Are you sure you don't want me to take the first watch? You seemed really tired at dinner."

"I'm sure. Go get some rest," I told him.

Fang sighed, "Alright. Goodnight," he said turning and flashing me one of his famous Fang smiles. I tried really hard not to blush.

God he's so cute

Holy crap! I did not just say that!

Don't deny your feelings for him young Maximum. You know you like him.

I groaned in frustration.

For once you damn Voice, could you please shut your pie hole

At that moment, I could've sworn I heard the Voice scoff offended.

How rude!

I rolled my eyes. I gotta stop watching 'Full House'; it's starting to affect the Voice inside my head.

Wow that sentence sounded weird.

Don't worry, be happy.

I groaned.

It was late, really late, and I started to feel my eyes getting heavier by the second. No! I can't fall asleep! Man I wish it was Fang's watch now.

I turned and looked at the flock. Angel was fast asleep with Total snuggling next to her; lying on his back. The Gasman was sleeping right next to her; stirring and snoring in his sleep. I couldn't help but laugh.

Next to Gazzy was Nudge, who was lying on her back just like Total and letting out still breaths. Then came Iggy; snoring quietly and peacefully on his side.

Then, finally came Fang, who just brought his arm up and swung it to the side; rolling on his back.

"Take that Ari!" he yelled in his sleep. "You and your stupid dog breath lackeys don't stand a chance against us!"

I tried so hard not to burst into laughter, but hearing Fang talk in his sleep was freakin' hilarious.

My laughter then came to an end when I heard a twig snap. I turned around looking in all directions: up, down, left, right, hoping there wasn't an Eraser near by.


Another twig.

"Who's their?" I asked becoming alert.


"Whoever's their better show themselves, or they'll have to deal with me."

Still nothing.

Maybe you should wake up the flock just in case it really is an Eraser.

Good idea.

I walked towards the flock about to wake them up, when I saw . . . our leftovers floating?

What the hell?

I couldn't believe my eyes. Our leftover cheeseburgers were floating! I've heard of pigs flying but cheeseburgers flying. What is this world coming to?

"Hey! Floating cheeseburger! Stop floating!"

Boy what a stupid thing to say.

At that moment, I could've sworn I heard the cheeseburger gasp. Then it started to zoom off towards the bushes until I heard an 'oof' come from the levitating cheeseburger. It landed on the ground—with a young girl appearing right behind it.

My eyes went wide in both amazement and confusion.

The little girl looked up at me with her cerulean eyes wide open in fright. She was really pretty. She looked to be about Angel's age, maybe a tiny bit younger. She had beautiful black hair that went down to her hips and shone like the luminous moon. Her skin was rather fair and light, with a few scrapes and bruises showing. She wore a very cute white shirt with a kitty cat on it from that one movie 'Cats Don't Dance' that Angel adored and light pink pants with white sneakers that were starting to look like a very light tan.

I slowly walked towards her, trying not to scare her. Yes, she was just a little girl, but looks can be deceiving. For all I know, she could be a small Eraser in disguise. Or she could just be a regular little girl who was trying to steal food from us. Either way, I had to walk up to her cautiously and then drown her with the questions.

"Listen kid, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to ask you a few questions, okay?"

She gasped in fright, opening her mouth wide open and yelling out at the top of her lungs, "Pehl em! Dene pehl!" (Alright, I'm couldn't really figure out Max and the flock's 'secret code' that Jeb taught them back at the School, so I thought of a secret code of my own. Let's just pretend that this is the flock's secret code also. Oh, and if none of you know what she's saying, try rearranging the letters.)

I stood their in shock and curiosity. Mainly curiosity. That's our secret code! How in the world does she know the secret code that Jeb taught us back at the School?

"Mini! Teoprtc feroyusl!" A mysterious voice yelled into the night sky.

I raised my left eyebrow in bewilderment trying to decipher what the mysterious voice was saying. I think it was; Mini, protect yourself. But from what? Me?

I looked back at the little girl—who's name was probably Mini according to the mysterious voice—and saw her raise her hands up to her face.

Suddenly, a clear bubble appeared around her.

A force field?

Just then, something came from out of the nearest bush around me. It landed on the ground right in the middle of me and the flock and started beeping. A bomb!

I quickly rushed over towards the flock and started yelling and shaking them violently, trying to wake them up. "You guys! Wake up! Wake up! Hurry! Come on! Wake up!"

The Gasman groaned tiredly and looked up at me sounding grumpy. "Max, what'd you wake us up for?"

I looked back at the bomb that was now beginning to beep faster.

"Get down!" I yelled throwing my arms over Fang and Iggy as they started to lift themselves up tiredly and motioned Gazzy, Nudge, Angel, and Total to duck and cover.

They did as they were told right when the bomb blew up.

A puff of smoke came from out of the bomb and surrounded the flock and I. We all started coughing violently and I lost the ability to see where I was and where the flock was.

"Fang! Iggy! Nudge! Gazzy! Angel! Total! Where are you?" I yelled.

"Max! Max where are you?" I heard Angel yelling in a scared tone.

"Max we're lost!" Total barked.

"Gee, ya think?" Fang spat.

Just then, I heard Nudge scream and Iggy yelling, "Let go of me!". I started to panic.

"Iggy! Nudge!" I yelled.

No answer.

That's when I heard Angel scream and Total starting to bark clamorously.

"Angel!" I yelled running towards her cry. I then ran into someone who almost made me fall to the ground. The person reached out their hand and got a hold of me, bringing me close. Fang.

"Where's the flock?" Was the first thing I asked him.

"I don't know," he answered.

"Not what I wanted to hear."

"Here, flap your wings," he ordered, spreading his black wings out.

I looked at him in confusion but then got what he was trying to do when he started flapping his wings with great force. I unfurled my own wings and mimicked Fang, flapping my wings fast and hard.

The smoke then started to disappear and we could see the campsite again. The only problem was: we couldn't see the flock.

"Angel! Gazzy! Total! Nudge! Iggy!" I yelled.

No answer.

"Fang! Where could they be?" I panicked, starting to pace around.

Fang wrapped his arms around me; keeping me close. "Don't worry Max, we'll find them."

"Aww, isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

Fang and I both looked up in unison and saw a mysterious figure up in the tree above us.

I got out of Fang's arms and walked up towards the tree. "What have you done with my family? Release them now!"

The mysterious figure bent down on one knee and looked down at me. "Sorry kid, but for all we know, you and your little 'flock' could be Erasers. And we're not going to take that chance of letting them go."

I raised an eyebrow. "Erasers? How do you know about the Erasers?"

The mysterious figure chuckled a dark and taunting chuckle as he got back to his feet. "We'll be asking the questions around here," he said snapping his fingers.

Suddenly, I was thrust down, crashing to the dirt ground watching Fang get thrust down too. We both looked behind us and saw the little girl who tried to steal our food and a little boy about Gasman's age.

Fang and I squirmed and struggled to break free, but these kids had quite a hold on us. And we were suppose to be stronger than men three times our size, yet we're trapped in the arms of children.

"Dash. Mini. Eaicatvt eth supaerlg," the mysterious voice ordered.

"Did he say something about earplugs?" Fang asked me.

"I think so, but for what?"

I looked up at the two kids and saw them push a small silver button at the bottom of their ears which surrounded a mechanical sphere around their ears.

"Alright Miles. We're good to go," the little boy said holding a thumbs up.

"Alright. Kat, do your stuff."

Fang and I then saw someone come from out of the bushes. It was another little girl—African American; about the same age as Nudge. She looked down at Fang and I and gave us a look of determination.

"When will you dog-breath Erasers ever learn?" she asked sucking in a deep breath and letting out an earsplitting scream.

Fang and I winced in great pain, trying to cover our ears but they were being held down by the two kids.

The cry was unbearable and so loud it made the trees and bushes whoosh back like they were being blown by the wind. I looked back at Fang, whose eyes fluttered down and head falling back unconscious.

I yelled, "Fang!"

No! I wasn't going to lose! I wasn't going to lose!

I kept telling myself that over and over but just felt myself leaving this place. (Groan). Sleep never sounded so good right now.

Max no! You can't go unconscious! You have to stay awake! You have to!

Goodnight Voice. See you in the morning.

And with that said—well, thought—I closed my eyes and fell unconscious.

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