Alright, I'm sure you guys are so disappointed to see that this isn't a chapter. Eh.

I'll be honest: I'm not enjoying this story nearly as much as I did LIMM, and I wouldn't be surprised if any reader left is losing or has already lost interest as well. So, I have good news and bad news, I suppose.

Bad news: I'm going to put this story on hiatus. Besides, only an idiot wouldn't be able to figure out the ending (except for a few things).

Good news: I'm not done writing. I'm simply going to move onto a new story that I have listed on my profile. Which one it is, I haven't decided it. Whatever it is may just be a one shot to get my thoughts going again. We'll see.

Now, I'm not saying this will never be finished, because I have every intention to see it to its end. Just not yet. So hang in with me, alright? Who ever is still reading. Keep an eye out for something new. : )

Until Next Time,