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"Get away from me you filthy mudblood!"

This was normal talk for Hermione to hear coming from Draco Malfoy's mouth, and this was not the only time she would be upset by it. Those words hurt the very first time she heard them, and they would hurt until the day she died.

Hermione was tired of being hurt by Malfoy. She wanted to scream at him, hex him, hurt him, but he was already gone. It wouldn't have done any good anyway; he just smirked when she yelled, and she wasn't about to get expelled for a worthless piece of slime like Draco Malfoy.

So how could she hurt him? The idea came to her so suddenly she gasped as if in pain. He hates mudbloods does he? Well then, how shameful would it be for him to want one, and then be rejected by one? Hermione had some work to do.

Hermione went up into her dormitory. No one was around, so she examined herself in the full length mirror provided in all girls' rooms. "Not too bad, but definitely not temptress material," Hermione thought aloud to herself. She quickly went into Lavender's things to find her beauty spells. She had enough of them. Hermione didn't want to do anything drastic, just some subtle changes, like her hair. She needed something to make her hair behave.

Twenty minutes later she had golden tinted locks gently cascading across her shoulders. Now for the outfit. The skirt was definitely too long. Another quick spell flawlessly performed had her pleated skirt barely reaching mid-thigh. She pulled on knee-high socks and three and half inch heels. Next she removed her robe and unbuttoned the first three buttons of her shirt. Two coats of mascara and lip gloss finished her look off. Time for potions.

Hermione knew Malfoy was looking for a little action as his current girlfriend was going through a cold spell. Hermione couldn't remember her name at the moment, Malfoy did have so many. He was used to not starving for attention, and gossip told that he was desperate. Hermione could use this to her advantage.

Hermione sauntered into class just before she would have been tardy. Every pair of eyes went in her direction. She knew she was getting the attention she needed to snare Malfoy, yet she gained no pleasure in it. She wasn't putting on this show to get attention, she wanted revenge.

Hermione was partnered today with a slytherin girl, and their workspace was next to Malfoy's. Hermione sweetly asked if she could borrow Malfoy's knife, knowing he would refuse. As he did she slowly reached for it anyway, her breast brushing against his arm. He recoiled, and Hermione pretended not to notice anything.

At dinner that night, she felt all eyes on her again. She had put on more make up, and began carrying herself in a new way. But she only wanted one pair of eyes on her, one pair that couldn't resist her. He was looking right at her now. He was hers.

Draco Malfoy prided himself on being in complete control of his emotions. He could become calm and relaxed in a single instant if he so chose. But Granger was beginning to present a problem. For some time now, he had been noticing her in ways her found incredibly disturbing. He began to torment her with his vile words just so he could see her cheeks flush and lips tremble. And today! She walked in with her short skirt and heels and when she brushed her…

"Get a grip," Malfoy cautioned himself. After all, she was just a filthy mudblood. He had been told over and over again that if someone was not pureblood, then that someone was nothing. And he could never find "nothing" attractive. So why did his pulse quicken when she walked through the door? Why could he not keep his eyes off her?

He knew he shouldn't be looking over at the Gryffindor table so much. Granger looked up at him, he sneered at her, and she winked back.

He felt his face flush, and he quickly took a drink of water. His hands were shaking slightly. He had to get out of here. He made some lame excuse about feeling well and quickly left the great hall.

Hermione saw Draco leave. She got up to follow him, when Ron grabbed her arm.

"What are you doing?" Ron asked in an exaggerated whisper.

"I have some homework to do."

"You've been acting, and dressing, strangely today. Everyone has noticed."

"So I'm not allowed to dress how I want? I need to study."

That last comment was a lie. Hermione never really needed to study. The only reason she did for so many years was because she was insecure in her memory capabilities, but she hadn't actually studied in a year. She still had top marks.

She needed to find Malfoy, and Ron's pestering probably let him get away. She needed to speed things up. She wanted revenge on Malfoy so badly she could almost taste the tanginess of it, a bitter taste in her mouth that nearly made her want to gag.

There he was. She just caught sight of his blonde head escaping up the stairs. Too bad for him she knew her way around this castle. She would be able to cut him off.

Draco couldn't think straight. He was aimlessly wandering around, trying to make sense of what he was feeling. His relationship with Pansy ended, and people expected him to be upset over that. But he had felt nothing for her, and she knew it.

Pansy knew he wanted someone else, she just didn't know who. No one knew, and he intended to make sure no one found out.

He wasn't watching where he was going, and then he heard a voice. Her voice.

"You look lost."

He stopped in his tracks.

"Get away from me you filthy mudblood," he whispered, but his heart was not in it.

"Do you really want me to go?"

"…no." It was the hardest thing Draco had ever said.

"I didn't think so."

Draco tensed as she moved closer to him. She grabbed his arm and his heart started pounding. It was so loud she must hear it!

She was leading him into an empty classroom. Draco's head was spinning, and he had no idea where they were.

Hermione gently pushed him through the door and closed the door behind her. When she turned around she had the faintest of smiles on her lips.

Draco began to tremble. Why was he feeling this way? He didn't have long to ponder.

Hermione knew what Malfoy was thinking. He was so transparent. She moved closer to him whispered gently in his ear, "I know you want me."

Suddenly Malfoy was kissing her, and it took all of Hermione's willpower not to pull away in disgust. She parted her lips and let his tongue enter into her mouth. It was a slow kiss. Malfoy was slowly caressing the inside of her mouth. Hermione thought now would be an ideal time for a slight moan to escape her, and she felt Malfoy get excited.

She felt nothing.

Hermione backed Malfoy up against a wall; she was the one in control. Malfoy's hand snaked up to grab her breast, and Hermione resisted the urge to slap him across the face. She wanted to rip his throat out, and her kisses became more intense and violent.

She broke away.

Malfoy was breathing hard, his silvery-blue eyes locked on her brown ones.

"I…I have never…felt anything like this…ever." Malfoy tried to mumble out, but Hermione placed her hand over his mouth, hating herself for what she was about to say, and whispered to him, "We can feel it together."