This is a prezzie for my bestest friend Debzie...and it is she who persuaded me to post it here for everyone to read!...Hope you all enjoy it as much as her...Let me know!...


Chapter One.

It was his smile that first attracted him to me. He had a great big beaming smile that lit up his face and showed off his whiter than white teeth to perfection. It was the sort of smile that made your heart melt just to witness it. He was always smiling, bestowing that blessing on everyone, except me and the other officers in charge. And I was jealous, and a little bit hurt. I wanted him to smile only for me. Only at me. And I wanted to smash the faces in of everyone he smiled at. It was a special smile. A smile that should only be gifted upon a lover. I was going be his lover. He just didn't know it yet. But I was going to have him. And I knew that by the time I was finished with him, one-one but me would ever see that smile again.

"Sir? General Sir…..you wished to see me?" Oh yes, I wished to see him, but not as he was now, fully clothed and stood to attention….I wanted to see him naked, laying back on my bed, and with something else ramrod straight and standing to attention.

As if reading my mind, the boy began to blush, his cheeks reddening, making him appear even more prettier to me than I could ever have imagined. And imagine I did. I imagined that he was blushing because I had just taken him, and his face was flushed with the aftermath of my lovemaking.

"Sir?" His quivering voice broke into my thoughts, forcing me back into my office. He was staring at me with uncertainty in his big blue eyes. His eyes. They were like vast pools of the deepest water, and I wanted to sink into them.

He shuffled on his feet nervously.

"Excuse me Sir, but….I really need to be going….I don't want to get into any more trouble, Sir" He was so adorable. I wanted to put my arms around him and reassure him that he wouldn't get into any trouble. Well, not the sort he was thinking about, anyway.

"Cadet…..Strife, isn't it?" I asked. As if I didn't know! As if I didn't already know everything I needed to about this boy. Well, no….not everything. I had yet to know what he smelt like up close….How soft his skin felt under my touch….What he tasted like….

"Please, take a seat Cadet Strife," I told him, motioning casually towards the chair opposite my desk. I watched as he sank down into it gracefully, my heart skipping a beat as I saw his dainty pink tongue lick nervously at his lips. I was spellbound, imagining those lips and that tongue working magic on a certain part of my anatomy. I was so glad the huge table hid my erection. I coughed, clearing my throat, hoping my voice didn't give away my excitement.

"I'm going on a mission, Cadet Strife," I loved saying his name. "And we have room to take one novice on board with us. Your name has been mentioned to me." Like hell it had. "Would you be interested in…. coming?" A very important question there. I waited with baited breath to hear his answer.

"I would love to come with you, Sir!" he said excitedly. Right answer, I thought. Now, I had to get him out of the room as quickly as I could, before I exploded into my pants.

"Okay. Leave it with me. I'll send all the details of when we're to leave, and what you're to take, with your commanding officer. See him first thing tomorrow morning," I said, holding out a hand for the young cadet to shake. He stood up, and accepted my hand. I closed my fingers around his, and squeezed, careful not to hold him for too long. Wouldn't pay to arouse his suspicions just yet, not while he still had a chance to run away. "You may go now," I instructed him.

"Yes Sir. Thank-you Sir," he said, and made his way out, shutting the door behind him.

"Oh no….Thank-you, Cadet Strife," I purred, as I finally relieved myself with the hand that had touched him, closing my eyes and imagining that it was his hand, his small soft hand, upon me.