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Chapter 24

I bit back a sob of relief, as the General pulled himself out and away from my body. The outer ring of my bottom still smarted where he'd pushed himself in, but at least the pain was slowly easing off, now that he had withdrawn. Turning to look over my shoulder, I was about to thank him for releasing me when...

"Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?"

The General sounded annoyed. He had his arms folded, and a scowl on his face.

"I...I..." didn't understand. I thought I had done. He'd only pulled away from me because I was a virgin? Didn't he like virgins? Something else I seemed to have failed him in then, I thought.

Feeling exposed in the way I was positioned there, my vulnerable ass still on show, I eased myself off my hands and knees and sank my bottom into the water, wincing as the coldness of it soothed the burning sensation between my ass cheeks, but not quite managing to stop the burning humiliation on my face cheeks. To try and cover up my embarrassment and shame, I hugged my legs up to me for comfort, and as a shield to hide my nudity.

"You planned to give your virginity to me like a sacrificial lamb, didn't you?"

"I...I..." hadn't planned on giving him my virginity at all. I was more than happy with the touching, the playing, the kissing. Especially the kissing. Thinking again of his soft lips on mine, his tongue flicking around the insides of my mouth, our jaws opening and closing, our hands wandering...I found my floundering erection bobbing back up again, and I lowered my head to my arms, to stifle the groan of dejection I was feeling. It wasn't going to get taken care of...

"Come on…... Let's make you a man."

The Generals words had me lifting my eyes to his. Was he serious? He was going to give me relief? I reached out and grabbed the hand that was held out in front of me, excited, wondering which way he would do it. Would he jerk me off? Or would he suck me? I especially liked that way. It was his lips. I got hard just thinking about them. There was something so special, so sensual, about his mouth.

A little bemused, I let him take me around the shallow pool of water to some rocks on the opposite side to the shelter. His hand was warm in mine, and I missed its heat when he took it away, sitting himself on top of one of the flatter rocks, and patting his legs when he had gotten himself comfortable.

"Sit," he ordered.

There wasn't really anywhere else for me to sit, apart from his legs, and by his tapping upon them, I guessed that meant that was where I was supposed to go. So I did, sitting myself down like a child that has gotten to see Santa Claus. Only, I was a naked boy with a hard on sitting on Santa's knee, and no way did I want him to see that...so I covered myself up with my hands. The General's arms went around me, and he held me tightly. Then he turned his face up to me, and offered me just what I would have wished Santa for...his lips!

All my Christmases, all my birthdays, seemed to have come at once, and I took his gift to me willingly. Grabbing his long, beautiful hair I pulled it, while thrusting my tongue deep inside as he opened his lips wide, claiming his mouth as mine.

His hands seemed to be all over my body, moving quickly from one part to the next. One minute they were cruising the top half of me, one hand stroking my upper back, the other held possessively at the nape of my neck, the next minute they were travelling downwards, caressing my spine, rubbing my thighs.

All too soon the kiss stopped. The General removed his wonderful lips and I just sat there, still feeling the linger of his mouth upon me, my own lips still warm where his had been pressed up tight against mine.

I opened my eyes, and stared down into his beautiful green ones. Everything about the man was beautiful. I couldn't believe my luck. Normally so ill fated, I couldn't believe that he thought I was worthy of attention from him, for being allowed kisses from him.

My cock was worthy of attention too, it seemed, and I sat there, afraid to move in case he took his hand away, as I felt his fingers close around my stiffness. I gazed at him in adoration, as he began torturously stroking me...not hard and fast like I always did to myself, but slow and controlled, sending wave after wave of ecstasy shuddering through my body. Having someone else wank you was so much better than masturbating on your own...

His other hand slid around to my butt, and he squeezed and dug his fingers into my soft flesh. I thought at first it would hurt, the hard way he was rubbing and massaging the fleshy globes of my ass, but actually...it was quite nice. I liked it. I wasn't too sure though, when he manoeuvred me back off his lap a little ways and insisted on pushing a finger inside me, adding another finger once the first one had slid in.

But I soon relaxed, as his fisted hand continued with its ministrations to my needy cock. Truth be told, having him administer attention to both my private body parts at one and the same time felt...pretty darn good.

While enjoying the pleasurable sensations flooding me, I became aware of a slightly more painful prodding at my behind. I gripped hold of the General. I knew what he was doing. He was adding yet another finger to my body. A part of me wanted to panic, but another part of me thought, if it was this good with two of his fingers in me...think how much better it would be with three!

He stopped when it was partly in me. I was grateful, for I needed the time to catch my breath. My head was spinning and my world was turning upside down. But even with all these new emotions flooding me, I was slowly becoming aware of something else. I knew, somehow, that I needed to move, that I wanted his fingers to go inside of me deeper...further. He still remained unmoving, so I took it upon myself to stir, just the barest, tiniest of motions, just so I could get back the exquisite feeling that was flitting away from my grasp.

As his third finger entered me fully, I felt stretched, stuffed...excited. The delightful heat washing over me now reached my cock, and I felt it swell and pulsate.

My head was spinning, my heart was racing...and I wanted more. I claimed his lips.

I wanted really, to talk to him, to tell him to push inside me harder...to force his fingers farther...to keep increasing the pleasure that was building up inside of me. But I knew the words would never have come out coherent. So instead of moving my jaws to speak, I moved my jaws to kiss his face off.

His kissing me back, the way his fingers were spreading inside my body, the way my inners radiated...

"Ah, I'm going to...I'm going to..."

Shuddering, I shot off the biggest ejaculation of my young life. There seemed to be no end to the pumping and pulsating of my cock, as it propelled my cum out of its slit with such force the General had to cup his hand over the end to stop the mess flying everywhere.

My body was shaking with the force of my orgasm, and it was on unsteady feet that I found myself, as the General slid his fingers out, and removed me from his lap. I had never felt so happy and content in my life, and I couldn't prevent the stupid grin that was spreading over my face as I turned to thank him.

I didn't get a chance to say a word though, as the General took a hold of my hips and turned me around, facing away from him. I glanced back around to see what he was up to.

"Its alright," he said, a smirk on his face. "I just want you to sit back down on my lap again, but this time..."

My eyes followed as he lowered a hand and began to pump his own organ. His erection was huge, much much bigger than mine had been. I felt quite intimidated when I saw it grow even larger as he stroked at it, the purple blue head and the underneath darker veins swelling in size even as I watched. The sheer size of it frightened me, and yet, at the same time, as I stood and watched him masturbate himself, I began to get that tingly, electrical buzz spreading throughout me again.

It was like a million tiny pin prinks seared my skin when he touched me again, his hands pulling me down gently, unresistingly backwards. I had to hold on tightly to his knees in an effort to stop myself from simply plonking back into his lap, falling onto his meaty rod.

With the persistent touch of his hands upon me, I lowered myself down, until I felt the tip of his hard protruding member touch my backside. I braced myself, my arms shaking under the strain of holding my body away from him. I couldn't afford to lose my grip, not knowing what was right underneath me.

As soon as the Generals rampant flesh touched me, he let go of my hips and used his hands to open my bottom up. I stared at him, frozen in place, as I felt him begin to poke at my hole with his cock.

"Can you feel me?" he asked.

How could I not feel him, I thought, as the oversized head of him continued to push and prod at my opening. I dared not open my mouth to reply, in case I begged him not to do this. So I simply nodded instead.

"Good. Now, I want you to... slowly...let yourself down on top of me, let me...penetrate you."

He was giving me an order, and I had no other choice but to obey. That's what I tried to tell myself anyway, but as I felt his wetted cock touch again the outside of my ass, I shivered in delightful anticipation. I wanted this...yet I didn't want this. I was scared. But only because I knew it was going to hurt. And yet, even knowing about the pain to come, I still wanted him to take me. I still wanted him to go inside of me with that huge weapon of his.

I turned my face away from him. I didn't want him to see my fear and to stop. I had decided. Tonight was the night I lost my virginity. And my heart swelled with pride that I was losing it to a sexy General, and not someone like Buttonboy. Taking a deep breath, I began to lower myself down...

With his hands moving all over my lower body, working me up, making the heat inside me rise again, I pressed my ass down, forcing myself to push upon him. It was hard for me to breathe, my heart pumping against my ribs as I concentrated on trying to get past the pain threshold, forcing myself to relax as my body finally yielded and the tip of him slid inside. I found it was much easier to lift and drop in slow, small dips, rather than to try pushing myself down on him in one swoop. It seemed not to hurt so much that way, my ass seemed to accept the intruding monster the slower I let it enter.

"You can do it...Take your time...Yes like that, push yourself back like that... Backwards...Now forwards...Ohhh that's it, that's it, the heads in...Well done, well done...Now, just a little bit more...Come on, a little bit further...You can take more of me than that, surely?"

Losing ones virginity was bloody hard, painful, work, and by the tone of the Generals voice, he didn't appear to appreciate the effort I was making. Perhaps, by going slowly, I was doing it wrong?

Catching my lower lip between my teeth in an attempt not to cry out, I did what I thought he wanted, and pushed myself determinedly all the way down what was left of his pole, feeling it slide up inside me, going in far deeper than what his fingers had done, the broad shaft widening as it entered, opening me further, making me catch my breath.

For a moment I just settled there on his lap, feeling the strange sensation of his stiff hard cock up inside my body, and panted. My whole world seemed to be focused on what I was sat upon, and for a few minutes I even forgot my own name. I tried to remember what it was. I knew that it began with a C. I would have gotten the rest of it too but then, the bastard moved...

Holding me in a tight grip, making escape impossible, the general propelled his hips upward, sending his cock straight up into my guts. My breath hitched in my throat. I didn't know someone could be penetrated so far, and still live to tell the tale.

I could feel it, every single swollen itch of it, embedded within me. The strange feeling of fullness, the thrilling sensation of stretching... both were giving me an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain, and the clashing of the two conflicting emotions was intensifying all my emotions. I wanted more. I needed more. I wanted to take him into my body totally, balls and all, so I began to move, feeling his pubic hairs brush up against my ass every time I lowered myself back onto him.

The General suddenly emitted a roar. Just the sound of it caused my skin to tingle all over. And as he bellowed, he grabbed one of my nipples in a pinching grip and clamped his teeth down on the side of my throat. The extra pain that the bite and the pinch gave, counter measured with the pleasure pain sensation that I was already receiving from his cock penetrating my ass, caused me to let out a yelp of my own, as I felt my inner muscles clench around his shaft, feeling its invading presence in me ever more intensely.

I sensed a pulsing up inside, a measured tempo, and I knew the General was delivering his hot sperm into my bowels. I felt him as he held himself poised, hips straining upwards, pushing himself deeper, further in. And I waited for him to finish, because I wanted every single drop of him inside me. It was like my butt hole was thirsty for his cum.

As the pressure up inside me eased, and the Generals body relaxed beneath me, I congratulated myself. I'd just had sex. I was no longer a virgin. I had finally lost my virginity, and it had been to a hot, drop dead gorgeous general. I couldn't believe my luck, and as I felt the Generals now soft cock slide from my body, I turned to look at him, smiling.

"Do it again," I begged, as I stood up to face him. "Make me cum again, please sir."

My cock was still achingly hard, and I couldn't wait for the relief I knew was coming. Now it would be my turn to do it to him. It was going to be my cock that was going to pump up inside his ass, and it was my seed that was going to be released inside his body.

I didn't think he was going to let me take him. All he did was sit there and stare at me. But the throbbing in my scrotum wasn't going to be denied. My balls needed to find their release, and if he weren't going to let me have him, then I would have to take care of things myself. And so I lowered my hand down to take a hold of my stiff member, and nearly came all over him, as he grabbed hold of my now slippery ass again, his fingers touching me, tormenting the highly sensitized skin around my opening. I wanted them back up in me, to feel that desirable pleasure again, so I pushed myself against them, trying to catch them, trying to make them slip inside.

The General knew what I was trying vainly to do, and he gave a little laugh before smacking my ass. I might have taken offence at that, but then he stood up...and taking my pumping hand off my member, he replaced my fingers with his own, and led me seductively back to the shelter. Yes!

Entering the small, dimly lit tent, he lay upon the floor, offering himself to me, and my heart almost stopped. I just stood there, gazing at the perfection of him, until he reached up and pulled me down to his side.

His hands were everywhere, setting me on fire, while his lips, his beautiful, wonderful lips, were busy chewing at mine. I knew I couldn't hold back any longer. I had to take this man. I had to stick my cock in him, like he had done to me. I wanted to feel the friction his hole would offer, to cum while buried deep inside him.

Keeping my mouth clamped on his I climbed on top of him, positioning myself, ready to thrust into him, until a thought crossed my mind. I no longer cared now that everyone would see the markings on my neck, that I hadn't managed to obtain the special cream from Button Boy before his enforced departure and eradicate them. I didn't care because I wanted to mark this man back, like he had done to me. I wanted everyone to know that I, a mere cadet, had given pleasure to him, a general.

But no sooner had my lips touched his neck, I found myself being rolled underneath him, my arms being forced above my head and held tight. He was pinning me to the floor, trapping me, stopping me from moving. And I loved it. I loved the dominant way he held me, the forceful way he pushed me down deeper into the floor and pushed his body up against me. I relished the way he restrained me and took control. And when he growled, and bit me for the umpteenth time, pushing his cock into my stomach, letting me know how excited he was, my toes curled up and my stomach released butterflies at the sheer pleasure of it all. I wanted more, so much more. I wanted him to take me, body and soul.

Without being able to help myself, I began to push up to him, to meet his thrusts, feeling our slick lower bodies slide against one another.

He took one of his hands away and lowered it down our tightly moulded bodies, sliding it in between us. The feeling of his fingers pressing against my erection, his hand large enough to encompass us both, squeezing us together, pleasuring us at the same time, was like the most exquisite torture to me. My cock was aching for release, and yet at the same time I didn't want to cum, I didn't want this pleasurable sensation to be over.

Fighting hard against my own body's reactions, I managed to control it, was able to will my balls not to explode. Let me just enjoy it a little longer...please...

His kiss was the undoing of me. As he bent his head and captured my mouth, all thoughts of trying to stay in control vanished, and I succumbed to the ardour that infused me. When the General lifted one of my legs around his hips, I quickly raised the other, presenting myself to him, totally forgetting that it was supposed to be my turn taking him.

As soon as he began pushing himself inside me, I tensed up. The pain that his entrance made was bruising, but I knew it wouldn't last. I just had to get him inside me quickly. Then the pain would end, and the pleasure would return. I forced myself to stay calm, to concentrate, as I deliberately pushed my rear end up, forcing more and more of him inside, the pain actually lessening with each drive inwards.

That was, until the General took over and plunged into me totally, not caring to be gentle, not waiting till I was ready. I couldn't hold back a scream. At first, I wanted to get away from him again, to extract myself from his painful intrusion. But then...

Then, I saw stars...

Somewhere deep inside me, he seemed to hit a certain spot, and my head spun, my vision blurred, and my tummy ignited with a heat of fire the likes of which I had never experienced before. The whole world for me as I knew it ceased to exist. All I wanted to feel, all I ever wanted to feel again for the rest of my life, was that pleasurable sensation of warmth taking over my body. A soft warmth, a glowing warmth, that was building up into a raging inferno inside of me.

As he pounded into me I could feel a bolt of lightening strike me from within. It was as if his prodding cock had found a switch somewhere buried inside of me, and had turned multi coloured lights on in my brain. I swear I heard music...or it might have been me, singing.

For a moment, the General seemed to pause in his lovemaking, his cock just missing that special place within me that made the lights flash, that made my world perfect, as he slipped in and out of me much more gently than he had done. But I didn't want him to be gentle. I needed him to pound into me again, to touch that particular spot again. I wanted to feel like I could fly...

"More...Oh please more..."

I had never begged for anything in my life. But for him to grant me that wish, I would beg him on my hands and knees, if that was what it took.

But I didn't have to worry about going that far. He seemed to take pity on me, and he began to resume with the pounding again, sending my mind soaring as he hit it over and over again. And I still wanted more. I wanted him to reach my heart with his lengthy weapon. I wanted his whole body to go up inside me. I wanted to consume him...It was like I couldn't get enough of him. The more he pumped of himself into me, the more I wanted. I was becoming addicted to him.

It was with a sense of dismay that I felt him climaxing inside me. I still hadn't come. I was still as hard as rock. Which meant that, if my cock was going to have its discharge, I was the one that was going to have to take care of it. Taking hold of my stiffness, I pumped while he still resided inside me, trying vainly to push myself on him, to get his limp growing member to brush up against that magical area in me again, to get me high again.

The feeling I wanted kept ebbing from my grasp, and I almost cried at my sense of frustration. Until I felt one of his hands encircle mine, squeezing me almost painfully, jerking me up and down harder and faster than I could ever have done on my own. And thankfully, I felt the familiar tightening in my groin, before the pressure of releasing my own pent up essence erupted out. I thanked him over and over again as my cum shot all over his hand, expressing my gratitude to him, apologising for the mess I was making, but unable to stop the fountain that poured out of me and over his fingers.

As he released his hold on my cock, and lay beside me, I pressed up against him, still wanting to feel the warmth of his body on mine, wanting to feel close to him.

"So good...so good..." It was all I could think of to say to describe the way I was feeling at that moment, as he held me close as the pleasure slowly dissipated from my body, his hands gently rubbing over me, his fingers trailing sparks of static over my skin, making my whole body tingle again at his touch.

At his tender administrations, my lower half reacted yet again. This time, I was determined to fuck him. As I felt my cock rising again, I knew I couldn't wait to take his ass.

But time after time I was thwarted in my attempts. He seemed determined to show me first all the many different ways one man could take another. I learned how to take a man on all fours, how to do it standing up, bending over... I was grateful to him for showing me but... I wanted to have a go...

Come the end of the night though, in the wee small hours of the morning, I was too knackered to pursue him any further. My ass ached, my arms and legs felt boneless. I stank to high heaven of sweat and spunk. And yet, I had never felt better in my entire life. There was a warmness inside of me that seemed to radiate from my heart and flow out to heat all my extremities, from my toes to my fingertips. I felt sated, contented... complete.

I turned and nestled against the strong man that had taken me, my eyes finally drooping, succumbing to the sleep that my body craved.

And as I drifted off into a peaceful, well earned slumber, there was just one thought echoing round and round my mind...

Me, coming in the Generals ass...that was now, my obsession.



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