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Wyatt sighed irritated after hearing the doorbell ring. He was already late and didn't have the time for salesmen or neighbors wanting something. He hoped someone else would answer, but after hearing the bell twice more he resigned to his fate and got up. Walking through hall, past the staircase, he heard the rest of the Halliwells living in the Manor moving around upstairs.

He reached the door just as the bell rang a fourth time. He was surprised to see the two girls standing on the other side. He took a wild guess that the eldest couldn't be older then ten and the younger five or six. They both had brown hair, the younger girl a few shades darker then the older, and they both had that kind of a healthy tan of someone who had been out in the sun a lot. They both had green eyes, familiar green eyes, but Wyatt shook it of as wish thinking.

"Can I help you?" he asked, keeping the annoyance at being held up from his voice.

The older girl, whose right hand held the younger, had a paper in her left hand. She looked nervous and scared. "H-hi," she said and held her left hand to Wyatt. "We are looking for these people."

Wyatt took the paper and saw a list of names, Halliwell names, starting with Piper and moving down to her sisters, husband and his own name. "I'm on here. I'm Wyatt."

The girl got a relieved smile but still looked a little scared. "I'm Cassandra Perry and this is my sister Melitta. We were told to go here," she let go of her sister's hand and started going through her pockets. She took out another piece of paper and gave it to him. "Our dad told us to give one of you this."

It was a photograph and seeing who it was of Wyatt suddenly felt like he was going to pass out. The man on the picture looked different and was older but Wyatt had no doubt it was of his brother, who had been missing for eleven years. But he still had to be sure.

"This is your father?" he asked faintly. The girl nodded. "What's his name?"


"Where is he?" Wyatt asked, hope and eagerness surging through him. Hearing the question both girls looked close to tears.

"He told us that if anything ever happened to him or mom, we had to go here," Cassandra said.

"Daddy always said we would be safe here," Melitta spoke up for the first time.

"We don't know where he is. Neither he nor mom came home one day," Cassandra continued, tears now running down her face.

Wyatt paled hearing this. But as he observed the two girls he suddenly remembered they were his nieces.

"You will be safe here. Chris is my brother making me your uncle. Come in and we'll see if we can figure this out."


"For everything that is good, why Chris? Why her? She's a demon."

"She's half and neutral."

"She's an assassin! She kills."

"She and her clan can choose their assignments and we kill too."

"I don't like her."

"You have no say in this."


Closing the door after the two girls Wyatt told them to leave their backpacks on the floor and follow him to the living room. He couldn't keep his eyes of them; they were Chris's children, his own nieces. No one had heard from Chris since that day, eleven years ago, and suddenly his daughters where here, daughters no one knew existed.

Cassandra and Melitta sat down on the sofa, looking out of place and a little uncomfortable, Wyatt sat on a chair opposite of them. "Has Chris said anything about us?" he wondered, "Do you know who the names on the list are?"

Cassandra shook her head. "Dad often talked about his family but never mentioned names."

"Well, I'm Wyatt Chris's brother. Piper is our mother, your grandmother and Leo is our father and your grandfather. Paige and Phoebe are Moms sisters and our Aunts. There are more to our family but that was the names on the list."

Wyatt stopped and let them process it all. Both girls looked happy hearing they had grandparents.

"If you wait here I'll get the others, they will want to meet you and then you can tell us what you know, OK?" the girls nodded and suddenly looked nervous again. Wyatt gave them a calming smile and walked out of the room.

He ran upstairs, forgetting it would be faster to Orb, and started looking for the rest of the family. He found some of them in the attic. Rushing in, he saw Piper, Paige and one of Paige's daughters.

"Hi, sweetie, you still here?" Piper asked. "Who was at the door?"

Wyatt didn't answer instead he turned to Gabrielle, Paige daughter, "Elle, can you Orb and get Phoebe here? It's important." His cousin looked confused but nodded and orbed away. Then he turned to his mom.

"I have news about Chris," Piper paled and Paige looked shocked, "I'll tell you what but I need Phoebe and dad to be here. DAD!"

Piper didn't want to wait, "Wyatt who was at the door? Wyatt!" At that moment Leo Orbed in and Gabrielle did the same with Phoebe a few seconds later.

"Gabrielle, can you leave us for a little while?"

Gabrielle nodded and left.

By now Piper was getting upset, "Wyatt!"

Wyatt sighed. "I have some news about Chris," he said again for Leo and Phoebes benefit who looked confused. "There were two young girls at the door and they are now in the living room. Their names are Cassandra and Melitta Perry…" he saw the confusion in everyone's faces, "… they are Chris's children."

Piper fainted, Phoebe and Paige gasped and Leo stood shocked.


"Are you OK, Chris?"

"I love her. Why can't you understand that Wyatt? You're my brother. You should be on my side, not take mom and dads."

"We're just worried Chris. She is not exactly the normal kind of girl."

"Since when does normal ever work for us? And she has never done anything to anyone in our family so how come you are so distrustful?"

"There is a reason no one date demons…"


"… in this family and you know that."


"I miss mom and dad, Cassie, what if we never see them again?" Melitta said to her older sister. Cassandra looked down and hugged Melitta but didn't say anything about her own fears. She may only be ten years old but she knew the situation was bad enough without scaring her sister any more.

"I miss them too, Litta" she said, "but these people will help us. We will be safe here, Dad said so and has he ever been wrong?"

"He was wrong when we where in Cairo when he said camels were friendly," Melitta giggled.

"His camel probably didn't like him," Cassandra said making Melitta giggled again, "ours were nice, right?" Melitta nodded.

"See, dad was right. Don't worry, Litta. Mom and dad will come back. I promise."


To Be Continued...