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"I think I know what to do," Leo announced walked inside the attic. As usual the sisters were there with Wyatt. Phoebes and Paige's children all had something else to do although they wanted to help with the search for their missing cousin and his wife.

Everyone looked at Leo with hope which then turned to disbelief when they heard what he had planned. "We will create a magical hole and then summon Chris and Bianca."

"What?" Piper exclaimed. "Didn't you say a magical hole was something dangerous that sucked all magic it can find? How would we possibly be able to control something like that when no one else could?"

Leo noticed that Piper hadn't said no, just wondered what to do. "I have thought about this," he said. "Wyatt and I will create the hole, and Wyatt's shield will contain it while you summon Chris and Bianca with a blood spell." As Wyatt grew so did his powers, he could now create a shield around other things just not himself.

"But Leo, you said a hole doesn't disappear until all magic around is gone. There is a lot of magic around here if you hadn't noticed," Paige said.

"Wyatt can choose how big the shield to be. He can make it smaller and thus making the hole collapse into itself."

"Great," Wyatt exclaimed, impatient to have his brother back, "lets do this."

"I have spotted another problem," Phoebe said. "We are family by blood to Chris. What about Bianca?"

Everyone looked crushed. But then Paige looked hesitant at Piper, "there is always Cassandra and Melitta. They are blood relatives."

"No, it's too dangerous. We can't take the chance that something goes wrong with them here."

"Piper I know you don't want to but it's our only option and I don't think Chris would be happy if we leave her there," Phoebe said. The others agreed and Piper knew she had no choice.

"I'll get them and explain everything," she said clearly not happy.


"You ready?" Leo wondered. He stood facing Wyatt in the middle of the attic. At the side were Piper holding Cassandra's left hand. Phoebe held her right hand. Next to her was Melitta with Paige in the end.

They nodded and Leo and Wyatt both released their most powerful powers; Leo's lightings and Wyatt's energy-lash. The two powers met in the middle and immediately started convulsing and move around like a ball.

"It's not enough," Leo panted two minutes later when nothing more happened, "We need more power, Piper!"

Piper threw up her hands and started blasting the middle. Soon a black hole appeared.

"That's it," Leo shouted over the noise. "Wyatt, the shield!"

Both Leo and Wyatt stopped their powers and Wyatt threw up the shield around the growing hole. "Girls! Your turn," Leo said

As one the five witches started chanting:

Blood to blood I summon thee

Blood by blood come to me.

Blood to blood I summon thee

Blood by blood come to me

Over and over again. They all felt their magic grabbing hold of something and started chanting with more power.


Chris could feel something going on. He didn't know what though. "Bianca?" he called but got no answer.

"Bianca?" he tried again, but nothing. Then suddenly he felt like something was picking him up and moved him in a great speed.


Two bodies fell out of the hole and through Wyatt's shield.

"It's them," Leo said. "Wyatt, kill the hole."

Slowly the blue shield got smaller and suppressed the hole until nothing was left. A calm settled over the attic as all waited for something to happen. Then a voice called out.


A voice they hadn't heard in eleven years but couldn't forget. For the two children it had been six days. So happy and relieved they ran forward screaming, "Daddy!"

Chris looked up and grabbed his daughters as they crashed into him. "Cassie, Litta, are you two okay?"

"Yes, daddy," Cassandra answered. "We missed you so much; you have been gone six days!"

"I'm so sorry, honey. We didn't mean to." Chris looked towards his wife, "I have to check mommy, okay?"

He kneeled next to her, "Bianca?"

"Where is that demon? I want to kill it again," she growled.

"Mommy!" the girls exclaimed and ran to her. As they came she took them and hugged them hard.

"My babies, I've been so worried," she said.

"Don't be," Cassandra said, "We have been having fun."

"Grandma gave us cookies," Melitta said. That's when Chris noticed where they where. And he also saw the people watching them. He slowly stood up, a little shaky considering he hadn't used his legs in six days. Bianca soon followed and tried to give support for her husband for whatever might happen next.

"Chris," Piper said teary eyed.

"Hi, mom," Chris said back. Everything went quiet after that. The event that happened eleven years ago that caused him to flee was hanging over them like a black cloud and no one knew what to do.

The End

But don't worry a sequel is in coming. It will mostly be about Chris and everything that happened eleven years earlier.