The Doctor Is Leaping

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The Doctor leaped about the TARDIS gleefully, eyes glowing with anticipation. He may have regenerated, but he still got excited over the concept of Time Traveling with his girls. He glanced over slightly to where his companion, Rose Tyler, stood, balancing a tray with a cup of tea in one hand and his suit jacket in the other, a slight frown upon her face, and tried not to stare. It was hard not to.

Boy, was she gorgeous.

Her hair was pure spun gold, very soft, as if waiting for his fingers to stroke it, and her pretty brown eyes that held him captive shone with a luster and glowed with warmth that made his two hearts beat franticly in unison, pushing their way to his throat. He ached to take her into his arms and…

"Doctor, Doctor!" Rose's pretty, musical voice now touched with a bit of impatience and (was it just him?) annoyance shook him from his reverie rather rudely. He glanced up her and shoved his hands in his pant pockets to keep from reaching for her, as he would have liked to as she came closer.

"Ah. Yes, Rose?"

"Here's your jacket. It's no wonder she looks like a pig-sty when all ya do is toss everythin' everywhere once it looses interest," Rose told him, her nose wrinkling slightly as she offered his jacket.

The Doctor rolled his eyes even as he accepted it with a grace that was delightful to behold. "Well, then, Rose, what should I do about it? I'm sure you have some ideas coming from that-" he hesitated to say beautiful and gorgeous, assuming he would most likely be kicked in the head or worse, left behind by himself. "- Ape head of yours."

Rose answered in the best way she could. "I'm sure ya could do some-"

"You mean…clean?" The Doctor swallowed at the thought, and then just as quickly gave a wave of dismissal. "You may, if you wish. I can find everything perfectly already. Besides, you just think it's a…" he made a face as he said the wretched word, "pigsty because you apes…"

Rose just grinned at him, as he couldn't finish. "TARDIS got your tongue, Doctor?"

The TARDIS rumbled slightly.

"I didn't mean it, not really. It's his fault anyway that you look so...bad. I'm sorry," Rose apologized soothingly, patting the TARDIS wall gently. The TARDIS purred in response, telling her that all was forgiven and that she very much agreed with Rose.

The Doctor stood still in amusement, watching in wonder as Rose conversed with the TARDIS. "Are we finished yet?" Rose glanced over at him, a bemused expression on her face.

"Yeah, guess so," came her wistful reply. She sat down slightly away from him and simply watched him tinker, trying not to watch him fiddle with a pen.

"So, Rose! Where to go? Where to go?" the Doctor sang, dancing around wildly. He reminded Rose so much of a schoolboy given chocolate that she admitted a laugh. The Doctor turned upon her and grinned broadly. "What's so funny?" he prodded.

"Nothing," Rose replied, looking down at the floor and wondering how many tiles there were and if she would be able to find the time to count them. She knew full well that she would most likely be executed, brought back and tortured for life on the next planet they arrived at, should she speak her thoughts. To save herself from impending death or immediate expulsion from the TARDIS, she quickly answered his first question. "Somewhere nice, and beautiful." She paused as she gave a shrug. "You pick. Somewhere we've never been."

The Doctor shrugged, with a slight hurt frown, for she usually always told him what she was thinking, but gamely grinned. "Alright!"

He started pushing random buttons that Rose was sure he had told her what they were at some point but for the life of her could not remember and didn't even try. Besides, she was all too ready to stare at him for at least five minutes, watching him spin around in a neat circle, stopping at points to toss her a small, slow, gorgeous smile that left her heart spinning, and admire his physical aspects. All too soon, it seemed, he stopped and she had to direct her attention immediately elsewhere or she would be caught, though the gleam in his eyes was worth it.

"Hang on tight, Rose!" was the inevitable phrase he used, which, of course, always caught her off guard and therefore had no effect on her whatsoever as she went tumbling to the floor, laughing and managing to keep the tea upright.

The Doctor couldn't help but give a chuckle as he reached over to help Rose up. However, he used more force then he expected (or maybe she was lighter than he remembered) and Rose fairly flew up—right into his arms. Rose gave a slight laugh and rested her head on his shoulder to cure her dizziness, a motion that had the Doctor's head spinning at the fact that he loved the closeness to her.

Her scent reached him and he inhaled deeply as Rose stumbled slightly, thinking the world had stopped spinning, and he put an arm tightly around her waist to steady her. "Are you all right?"the Doctor asked, all concern.

"Um, yeah, ya can let me go now, Doctor," Rose said, getting as red as a tomato.

"Do I want to?" he asked teasingly, taking the risk by wishing to imply that he enjoyed their closeness and was reluctant to release her.

Rose looked up at him with a soft expression in her gaze and didn't answer him. Instead, she leaned her head on his chest and wrapped both of her arms around his middle, a gesture, that, if not tempted, she never would have done to this Doctor in a thousand years.

The Doctor sighed softly as his arms found their way around her waist as well, and they stood very still for the next few minutes, enjoying the peaceful silence.

"Doctor, are there something wrong with your...heartbeats?" Rose asked, breaking the comfortable silence. The Doctor smiled over her head at her hesitation. "They're…rather rapid," she continued, brushing her cheek against his jacket.

There was an uncomfortable silence now for a few moments, and Rose got the impression that the Doctor was extremely embarrassed. She defiantly needed to see his face. She took the chance and looked up.

He was bright red.

Rose covered a laugh and leaned into him again to rest her cheek against his chest, grinning, hardly daring to speak her next words, but unable to resist.

"Was it something I said?"

Oh, she would remember this.

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