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Warnings: SLASH

"Oh yes, cause I can just go waltzing into Gryffindor tower, and no one will notice at all! It's not like I'm a well known Slytherin or anything." Draco Malfoy crossed his arms and turned away from Harry in a bratish manner.

"I told you I had an idea, now if you would just listen to me…" Harry said while turning around his disgruntled boyfriend.

"All right, let's hear it then."

"I'll turn you into a cat, and tell them I found you outside." Harry smiled, obviously very pleased with himself.

"ME?!? DRACO MALFOY?!?! A CAT!?!? Sorry love, I don't think that is gonna wo-"

"mutation cattus" and now at Harry's feet stood an adorable white kitten with big blue eyes. He did not look very happy. Harry picked him up, Draco tried to swat at Harry, but Harry just held down his paws and started to stoke the kitten. Draco just purred.


"Harry! Where have you been, mate?" Harry winced, he was hoping he could just sneak the kitten up stairs, but of course Ron just had to spot him.

"I, uh, found this kitten outside." He showed them the white kitten, who was currently grooming himself.

"OH Harry! It's adorable, can I hold it?" Hermione asked while attempting to take the kitten from Harry. Draco hissed at her.

"Um, he doesn't really like strangers…" Harry said trying to cover up for what he was sure was his boyfriend's disdain for mudbloods.

"Well, what do you name him?"

"Uh, dragon." Then winced at the lameness of his quickthinking.

"You named a cat, dragon?"

"Yes, you know, cause I have that cow named zebra and that fish named koala, and cant forget about my monkey named warthog…" he chuckled nervously and ran up to his room.

"Since when does he have a cow, a fish, and a monkey?" Hermione asked to Ron, who in turn, just shrugged.


"That was close!" Harry calmed his breathing, and turned Draco back into a person.

"Ugh! I can't believe you did that to me! The nerve you have!"

Harry ignored the ramblings and started to kiss his love, but when Draco wouldn't shut up, he decided he made a better cat.

That night, after many hours of attacking his own tail and getting tangled up in some string, Draco fell asleep next to Harry, cuddled next to his elbow, purring lightly…

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